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  1. Hello folks! Now I've informed me about this suggestion and i know its comming but i have a few ideas for it (hope you dont mind). My idea is, that you can find a bow (example a Compound- and/or a Recurve-Bow) and some arrows like carbon arrow, wich are very light and fast and some makeshift arrows(wooden arrows, wich are slower and heavier). You also can craft an makeshift bow, wich is lighter than all the other bows but makes not as much damage, because of the shooting strenght. An arrow can break with the time and all arrows have an chance to break if you shoot one, when carbon arrow are full life they have an chance to break from 0% when makeshift arrows are full life they have an chance to break from 20% (they only break after hitting a target or a, as an example - a wall, not in the moment when you shoot). You also could pick up the arrow from corpses and the ground. The shooting system could be so: you have a loading bar over your head (like when you read a book) and when the bar is full, than the bow is taut and now it makes more damage, the accuracy is increased and you can shoot further. When the bar is'nt full you can anyhow shoot. The more the bar is filled, the stronger are the effects mentioned above. Each time you shoot you are loosing stamina and when you shoot to often you can suffer from exhaustion. Maybe you could carry off injuries on the hand from shooting (all that have shooted with a bow in real life earlier does know what i mean ) There it is worth considering that you have to wear archery gloves to counteract that above The crafting recipe: Makeshift bow: 1x Sturdy Stick 1x String 1x Ripped Sheet (crafting with a saw) Makeshift arrow: 1x Sturdy Stick 1x Chipped Stone (another option is that you sharp the arrow with an knife) 1x String or 1x Duct Tape 1x Empty Bottle or Paper (crafting with sissors and saw) And here a few pic's Thats an archery glove Recurvebow Compoundbow ~Syrax
  2. Syrax

    Cause of the death

    Thats an really good idea i would like to see it too
  3. Syrax

    Weight system

    you can gain weight what xD i didnt realized that yet, I mean iam eating pots full of spaghetti and I've haven't noticed it xD
  4. Syrax

    automatic water drinking

    Thanks for understanding I understand you guys to Thats why i would find it great if there was an possibility to turn it on and off
  5. Syrax

    automatic water drinking

    because it would be more realistic and i dont know why you drink water automatically but you must eat food manual in my sight it make no sense
  6. Syrax

    Cooking is difficult

    yeah i have also a lot of fun when iam cooking
  7. Syrax

    Zombies in my house

    Ive barricated my full house and closed the door and i woke up in the middle of the night Ive slept earlier because i was very tired.
  8. Syrax

    Can you move a car without a key?

    okay I thank you but there another question Iam skilling the mechanic lvl only really slow even though i rode an bock fpr lvl 1 + 2 can you give me a hint how it is going easier (faster) thanks
  9. Syrax

    automatic water drinking

    Yeah I can understand what you mean but i dont know why its only the water and the u must alle the other stuff by your self has that any reason ?
  10. Syrax

    realistic clothing change

    Ouw sry ok i will do it next time where can i find the rules about suggestions?
  11. Syrax

    automatic water drinking

    Okay thanks But I would like to see an option soon where you can turn it off it makes the game slightly easier ;D No blame nice game guys <3
  12. Hello together, today i had a good idea I think How would it be, if you kill a Zombie with a baseballbat and now your clothes aare covert with blood same if you walk in the rain there it could be full with mud if you walk in the grass/forest. It also could be weapon specialiced example that when you kill someone with a knife that the chance of covering your clothes with blood is lower. Another example is whene you do fuel into your car that the clothes also be dirty. What do you think about my idea? Please comment Syrax
  13. Hallo everyone, I've noticed that you drink automatically some water if you have a bottle of water in your inv. Is this a new feature or can you disable it in the options ?(i didn't found it there) Thanks in advance Syrax