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  1. I agree, it would also make learning them more dynamic.
  2. I don't know about you, but if I was to pick up a detailed magazine on how to do something I've never done before, like creating a metal crate from scrap or knowing the basic ins-and-outs about a certain vehicle, I wouldn't be able to know how to do it perfectly, forever, after one quick glance. Currently the 'recipe' magazines in-game that you learn new abilities after one read are a bit powerful and quite a bit of clutter. To help make the magazines more than fire tinder, they should instead be limited time recipes added that stay longer the more times you read the article, up until it stays forever. This way you'd have a reason to collect and read them several times. Reading it repeatedly in one sitting should not, however, add extra to the retention time, instead it should only add to it after X many in-game hours (perhaps between 1 to 3). Starting with say, a generous 3 hour retention span it could double each time you read it. Traits like Slow Learner and (I think it is) Fast Learner would make it take more and less rereads respectively to finally commit the recipe/information to the character's memory. It of course would have to be tuned so it isn't too micromanage-y or tedious, perhaps a timer when hovering the magazine letting you know how long until you forget (either with an actual time amount or a generic, Already Read, Getting Fuzzy, Forgotten, status) Thoughts, Opinions?
  3. Figured out what I was doing wrong with the worlds, so I now have multiple spawn regions working. However, I still would like to know if anyone has any tips for multiple spawn regions in Worlded. Edit: Also, is there a way to name the worlds so they aren't just 'World 1' and 'World 2'
  4. Hello everyone! I've been working on making a (will be) large standalone map (not connected to Muldraugh). I was wondering how I could effectively add more spawn regions to it (ones for each 'town'), currently it just bugs out and adds another world which isn't what I want. I was also curious how one might efficiently create multiple spawnpoints regions in Worlded as it currently seems I can create one and then would have to go and manually add the spawnpoints to all the other regions as it doesn't differentiate them. I imagine I could do this by creating multiple maps and merging them together, but I want to avoid splitting the .lots and such between multiple folders. Appreciate any and all help! Here are a couple map teasers for those curious, will be posting in WIP fairly soon.
  5. Greatly appreciate the guide, was able to smoothly get them in-game. Only issue is that according to the console 'farm' doesn't exist as a vehicle spawn definition, so perhaps the list is out of date? Edit: Looked in the game files, list does appear to be a little outdated. Might not be a complete list because the "rtrafficjam" definition doesn't send errors and spawns traffic jams normally but isn't listed in the file. "parkingstall" "trailerpark" "bad" "medium" "good" "sport" "junkyard" "trafficjamVehicles" "trafficjamw" "trafficjame" "trafficjamn" "trafficjams" "police" "fire" "ranger" "mccoy" "postal" "spiffo" "ambulance" "radio" "fossil" "normalburnt" "specialburnt"
  6. I've been using the non-steam version for a while now, as I don't seem to have access to the "Project Zomboid Modding Tools." Which isn't the end of the world, I'm making due, however there is this rather annoying bug on (might be windows 10 related, not sure) where WorldEd doesn't remember to open the tiles in tilezed, so I have to do pick an app every time, which isn't too bad, but the issue is the pick an app option goes away but doesn't. Looking in my task manager they keep stacking up.
  7. 946. Vehicle QOL: Vehicles retain speed for greater distances. IRL your car can travel quite a ways at roughly the same speed before bothering to use the accelerator. PZ, and most games, make you have to use the accelerator much more than the break when that just isn't reality. 947. South and East facing stairs? a bit limiting with only north and west. 948. Make the ladders seen climbable like sheet ropes, or make them clearly unclimbable. 949. Guns are way too inaccurate. I can understand not getting a headshot in the first few shots, but not even hitting? Especially for the danger of the gun's noise they should be more effective. Edit: Remembered a few more 950. Rarely spawning 'survivor' cars that start with their engines running and lights randomly on or off. Perhaps a little bit of fuel in the tank and some loot caches too, but honestly just rarely spawning running cars would be ideal. They'd most likely spawn at the traffic jams and in poor condition. 951. Tying into my last idea, corpses should randomly spawn in any seat of a car (and possibly an option to remove body from the car so you can get in it if all the seats are filled)
  8. I really do think this is a great idea, and in the devs case with them trying to make things harder, this is a story of How You Died. Everyone dies, and in all reality, a zombie apocalypse if done right, is pretty easy to survive. The main reason someone would die irl is because of their stupid mistakes, and well, that's whats happening right now. Also, dieing of old age is just as good an answer towards the story of how you died, you still died in the end.
  9. Hello, I am here to make several suggestions about bags. 1. Backpacks should also be able to be broken/ripped. They would wear-down however, only when you are almost at their weight limit/at the weight limit. If a bag broke, all the contents could drop onto the ground, or items could slowly fall out depending if it was torn or ripped. These could also make it so you could no longer carry it on your back. 2. You know when you go on a scavenging run, and you load up with tons of pointy little objects like hunting/kitchen knifes, well, if you had them in a bag on your back they could have a very small chance of when you are running of them poking/cutting you. The worst they could do would make you bleed and get scratched. This would be very uncommon. 3.If you had a lot of sharp things in your backpack as well, sprinting with them could make the bag deterorate quicker. 4.Sheaths and other containers for knifes and other blade weapons could be implemented to make the chance for the bladed weapons to damage your bag lower if at all. 5. Also, I'd like to see clothing items such as Shorts, Athletic Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Pants, Hoodies, and Rain Jackets. Cargo shorts could have a bag option on the side but only be able to hold like 2 lbs, and cargo pants 3lbs. Same with the hoodie. 6. Also, I'd like some more canned foods such as Peaches and Chili. Thank you for reading these, please, post your opinions in the comments on these suggestions! PS: Sorry if any of this is planned or has been commonly suggested, I didn't see anything on it however.
  10. Goddamn map creation, work already!

  11. Hmmm, I'm probably just missing something very simple but... I can't add my files, it wont let me add my starting map, I don't have my vegetation map yet but I'm just trying to add the initial one first with he roads and such, I made it in paint.net, I have saved it as a bmp and a png but it will not let me add it to my cells, any idea why this wont work? help would be much appreciated. Otherwise, great job on the guide!
  12. Totally, all for it, and even though they said they wouldn't add full auto weapons, I think why not? Yes they are overpowered but no at the same time. Have you read Max Brooks zombie survival guide? What does he say about them? It's the head that counts right? So, as I said they are not and are overpowered at the same time, same with semi as well. The the full auto, it is not the ideal zombie weapon, it uses to much ammo, and it's inaccurate. As long as they are rare I think they are all fine.
  13. I mean, if it disturbs you, which I can understand, as the quote says, just replace it with something, like I dunno, do you believe in magic the song when you die, actually, that idea disturbs me more . . .
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