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  1. justcrow

    Couple of questions

    I want to prevent players from killing zed by vehicles or when they hit zed by vehicles, I want them to get damaged from impact. Which code could I adjust ? Thanks in advance.
  2. justcrow

    Replay function!

    If the replay function existed, it were very useful for admin as well as players. Especially, admin can catch most cheating in his or her server with the replay function by checking each user. Hope it will come to us
  3. justcrow

    I want to know how to solve it

    Thanks you! I made it on my own.
  4. Hello, I was back to play PZ. It has been almost 2 or 3 years. Many things are changed. I run my own tough server and enjoy PZ. But the problem is that the hunger status seems slow to come to player even they have the "Larger Eater" property. In the past, it wasn't when I ran my server. The sandbox option "Status" is alaways "Very Fast". Is there any mod or code that can make players feel much more hungry than the sandbox option? If so, I beg you please teach me. Thank you in advance.
  5. justcrow

    RELEASED: Build 38.30

    hey, guys. I noticed a problem in a new map, riverside in MP. Once I loot the items there, they no longer respawn. why is that?
  6. justcrow

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Great! Hope it will be released in public shortly as well
  7. justcrow

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    so, when is this mod for the new version supposed to be arriving ?
  8. justcrow

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    oh, did you see my thread ? yup! i'm sure that your mod in MP is the only one to stop that..!!
  9. justcrow

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    haha~ that's enough. it is perfect! I just want to say thank you for coming back and managing this mod. welcome back to forum, buddy!
  10. justcrow

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    Wow..buddy, do you plan to make this mod work in MP in a few days? Great news! I can't wait for it! Thank you so much
  11. justcrow

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    you are my savior! thank you. so you mean, do I need to put the lua file in the server folder not in the client ? and need some fixes for codes?
  12. justcrow

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    I installed it in my mod for my server in MP but sadly it didn't work. function duplicateFunction(this) if this:isOnFire() == true then table.insert(zombieDupe,{0,this:getX(),this:getY(),this:getZ()}); end end after I fixed a few codes, I wanted to make zeds spawn only when they die on fire (etc. campfire kit) but nothing happened.
  13. justcrow

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    not public yet?
  14. justcrow

    RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Thank you very much , RJ & EG
  15. justcrow

    RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Thank you so much! you are my savior But I noticed all safe houses in my server were released and factions too. Why is that? and any problem else?