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  1. I have high hopes for you Svarog, you've become quite the necromancer. Surely NecroForge has a bright future since you've kept it alive thus far.
  2. NF has been updated..."Fresh meat", NecroForge.lua, NecroList.lua, sounds, & ui - 7/31/15Once again, NecroForge can be the end of those who use it recklesslyFixed missing/broken UI buttons for pinning and closingAdded a new "Electronics" category for all electronic itemsFixed as many missing item Icons as possibleRevamped sounds for: opening NF for the first time, spawning an item, and switching a category(There are some issues... Using multiple mod plug-ins can cause weird graphical glitches due to NF having to render too many items at the same time (Applies only when selected Category is "All")Huge thanks goes to Svarog
  3. pz-mods download in the original post has been updated to 1.3 in case the mediafire download from Svarog doesn't work for some.
  4. Well I'm not too sure, I wish there was a way to share a post but in order to do that I would need to make a new account and share the info with someone. I'm stubborn to say the least and would like to hold onto the mod to see if others would like to help contribute to keeping it alive. In the near future here I'll just make it require credit only but till then I want it to only be available to those who ask me since I hold this project very close to my heart. Hope you understand nasKo.
  5. NF has been updated... (sorta) "The Legacy", NecroForge modding rights - 7/12/15Updated mod permissions/rights(This is likely my final words about NF and therefore I see it fit to let the mod be passed on to a select few that ask and show some promise to the mod's future) Permissions list -Svarog
  6. NF has been updated... "New Year, and a new look", NecroList.lua, & ui - 1/2/15Updated NecroList with new medical items and other stuffRevamped UI buttons, a new look for the new yearUpdated description with some silly stuff and real info about the mod(This may not be a big update but it's something to keep the mod breathing)
  7. Aww thanks, I really wish I could call it being worked on but really it's just me slapping on new paint and adding supports to the thing yet it still has the old engine under the hood if you know what I mean. I lack any real talent for coding so it's only a matter of time NF dies again.
  8. I've finished up the new buttons and I think they're an improvement... I have yet t update since I'm currently adding in the new items.
  9. Funny you should mention the window issue (or at least that's what I assume you're saying). The button to force the window to stay pinned open is missing the sprite same goes for the x button that closes it. They're still there but invisible due to the missing pics so I'll see if I can get those to show up again.
  10. Hey there people of the forums I just wanted to give a little dev update on NF it has been so long since I've done one of these. As of recent I have been adding in some of PZ's new items and it has occurred to me that the UI has been a placeholder since the first release back in December of 2013. This being I've decided to give it a refurbished look that it deserves but I'm blocked by a mental wall. Now before I get into this anymore I know this may not seem toO important to NF but it does in-fact define it's look severely and I would like to improve upon it. As of now I have a base box set up for the buttons and still need fourteen pics to fill the blank bases. I need a standalone spawn button that doesn't need a base box and thirteen others that need a new icon in the box to define their section/type of item. I've already completed the favorite button (including the add/minus fav), options, and the all icon. So please give some suggestions for the fourteen I need to fill if you can.
  11. It's back from the dead (barely) so lets hope this guy here doesn't screw it up like he normally does. Yes I am referring to me...
  12. NF is "meh" dead no other way to say it. Since I'm now the only one with the mod I can't offer it much support other than slowly adding in all the items I can till I get bored or just tired as all hell after a hundred items are typed into the mod's required format then I tend to get antsy and do something else. I can say I'll be attempting to update NF's list here and there but other than that I can't do much more unless I take a crack at a new set of icons for the buttons (just because I can since they're sorta placeholders anyway) but I'm not the one to jump into code and try adding in more content excluding the things I just mentioned. NF is supported for the recent builds and I have recently added in a few new items from the past updates I still have plenty to go like the new medical items etc, etc... BUT yes NF is sorta alive in a sense, perhaps UNDEAD!? (lame joke). Hope this helps inform those that want an item spawner of some sort. Latest version - pz-mods.net Oh and last but not least I do understand this is sorta breaking the rules of the forums due to mod advertising but NF's page is locked and I just wanted to reply to this since many were asking about an item spawner so I hope we're at an understanding and hope there's a small exception for this post. After all this is a thread concerning mods that are updated from their old versions to use on current builds is it not? Though If you must remove this post then by all means do so.
  13. Added an edit of the classic Spiffo raccoon.
  14. Would be nice but it would require human NPCs and at the moment we have none to fiddle with. I would wait till human NPCs and custom stories make a return.
  15. Added another Spiffo edit to the collection.
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