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  1. Previously I had planned animations in Build 37 and Npcs in 38, I think I was wrong ... meanwhile I play naruto online and "job search simulator"
  2. But who at the end of the world will be choosing food? Like if the person is vegetarian and only ha s a chicken to eat it eats. Idea is good only if it involves misery when eating there I agree but not being able to eat is very out of context By google Translator
  3. MrDeliberto

    Survivors Mod

    I know we have the option of pvp but have some way to leave off because I can not play the mod because I'm going to hit a zombie and the survivor picks it up and gets pissed at me !!!
  4. I can not imagine neutral traits or they have a positive or negative effect, but I'm open to knowing more about it, but can not be cheap traits like 1 point?
  5. I agree with you but imagine a combination of a sentry gun of zombies and the event of the Helicopter LOL = D
  6. Hey anyone ever thought how cool gunships would be on the zomboid project? I've seen modifications of cars and survivors but no sentry gun = (, I opened this topic in case some modder who has no ideas meets my request. Well, a mod of that level will earn 5 or 4 stars on Steam = D
  7. Ei cara,atualmente não tem outros sobreviventes,os tiros a noite são feitos para migrar os zumbis e espalhar eles pelo mapa e o Helicóptero,bem e o jogo tentando te matar. Primeira vez que não tenho que usar o google tradutor = D For menbers Hey guy, there are no other survivors at the moment, the night shots are made to migrate the zombies and spread them around the map and the Helicopter as well and the game trying to kill you.
  8. Minecraft é muito bem sucedido porque qualquer computador possa funcionar, as pessoas com PCs poderosos não se preocupam com jogos isométricos como projeto Zomboid eles dizem "que os graficos merda eu quero um mundo 3D em Ultra, para que eles didicarem para manter os jogos Tudo computadores Else funcionais não é uma má idéia By:Google translator:changing completely my words when I read it again
  9. You may think that is news helicopters filming you, as it is in the early days and the military say that "the infection is controlled" "Knox event is being controlled"
  10. Comment deleted, Google translator did not do a good job, maybe you can try to read edited. Note delete the comment is a good idea
  11. I always expect the updates of IWBUMS and start playing when they are more stable side than unstable, and never had any problems with it.
  12. Flying cars that shoot lasers and can travel back in time to prevent the infection and kill dragons (not NPC's) DRAGONS same!
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