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  1. But who at the end of the world will be choosing food? Like if the person is vegetarian and only ha s a chicken to eat it eats. Idea is good only if it involves misery when eating there I agree but not being able to eat is very out of context By google Translator
  2. I know we have the option of pvp but have some way to leave off because I can not play the mod because I'm going to hit a zombie and the survivor picks it up and gets pissed at me !!!
  3. I was in Muldraugh (I do not know how to write the name of the map I hope Google has helped), and I found a map of west point (how did it come here?) I went to read the map and ......... He was in Portuguese from Brazil !!! In addition to updating the game translation for PT-BR I find a map that I can read !!! Thank you The Indie Stone
  4. The problem is gone, whatever it was, it does not happen anymore, I'm playing the beta version 37.6 and I can already know that I survive a maximum of 15 hours in survival mode
  5. I can not imagine neutral traits or they have a positive or negative effect, but I'm open to knowing more about it, but can not be cheap traits like 1 point?
  6. I agree with you but imagine a combination of a sentry gun of zombies and the event of the Helicopter LOL = D
  7. I created another character and he can run! Thank you
  8. I'm going to create a new game without the obese trait and I'll come back to answer you, but the description is current (the Portuguese translation from Brazil has been updated recently)
  9. Hey anyone ever thought how cool gunships would be on the zomboid project? I've seen modifications of cars and survivors but no sentry gun = (, I opened this topic in case some modder who has no ideas meets my request. Well, a mod of that level will earn 5 or 4 stars on Steam = D
  10. Ei cara,atualmente não tem outros sobreviventes,os tiros a noite são feitos para migrar os zumbis e espalhar eles pelo mapa e o Helicóptero,bem e o jogo tentando te matar. Primeira vez que não tenho que usar o google tradutor = D For menbers Hey guy, there are no other survivors at the moment, the night shots are made to migrate the zombies and spread them around the map and the Helicopter as well and the game trying to kill you.
  11. True I had never thought about it, but the description of the trait says that you tire faster when running so I guess that's not it
  12. Yes!Yes!YES!!!
  13. You answered his question in such a good way that you won my admiration
  14. Pipe Bombs are more efficient than North Korean missiles HAHA! = D
  15. Warning The following Post was written with google translator and may contain grotesque errors of your language. It's been a while since I played the game, so I went to play a little bit this afternoon (I have to keep myself up to version 1.0 of the game). I decided to play the "You only have one day" mode, I created an obese sedentary character with problems with sleep and some positive traits, I very well looted the first house and when I left on the street could not run (LSHIFT button) this already happened to me Before and I do not know how this problem went away. I went to save and nothing changed without being able to run yet. I researched the problem in google and found a single person who had the same problem Summary I can not run with the character, I did not do any Bugtracker topic because it goes that someone has already reported something similar By:Google translator