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  1. To interject a bit of science here, rotting corpses themselves are not actually dangerous to the living unless they died of an infectious disease (typhoid or the like) that is then released upon death. The bacteria contained in otherwise healthy corpses poses no immediate cause for concern. That being said, I still like this idea.
  2. The direction this thread has taken just makes me think of rowdy kids in the backseat of a car and the parents in the front saying "we get there when we get there!!".
  3. While you're right about that "hunting" doesn't really fit with the lore, I find myself often cornered from zombies. When there are more than 3 zombies, atleast one always comes from the side while the others go from the front. I guess thats for gameplay reasons that they do this. However I find it very challenging (in the good way).I could definitely be wrong about this, as I have no insights into the actual programming behind the z's, but I'm willing to bet there is no code in place that causes zombies to flank you or attack from different angles. From what I've seen, the z's all move towards you in the same manner, as simply as their (relatively basic) path finding allows. I would be so bold as to say observations to the contrary are suffering from a bit of confirmation bias (I.e., you see what you're looking for rather than what's there). I assume the same could be said for zombies "targeting" windows, doors, and player made structures. While it seems logical to say "all these doors and windows are broken, the z's must be seeking them out purposefully", and this seems observable through the sheer number of broken windows and doors around you, the devs (Lemmy, I believe) out right stated there is nothing in the coding that tells them to do so.
  4. I did something very similar to this (very, very low population start multiplier, insane peak) and set the zombies to tough-as-nails sprinters with incredible hearing, sight, and smell. The first few weeks were....tense and mellow at the same time. I would go most days without even seeing a Z, but the few times I did they were pretty much on top of me before I saw them. Once the cities started filling up, it was a scramble and mad dash every time I poked my head out. Three weeks in I was dead. Have fun!
  5. Ban Lucy the Axe for not getting Green Fur from the Meeps for me.
  6. I like your ideas for freezing food, with a few adjustments: -Rather than increasing how much drinks quench your thirst, perhaps it could add a small Happiness bonus when ice is added -After something has been frozen for enough time, add the Freezer Burn title to the item, and add a small Happiness loss when consumed.
  7. I'm hoping I don't come across as dismissive towards your suggestions, LeetgamerBoi, but I have to disagree with the ability to halt the zombie virus. When you get right down to it, we don't know if it even is a virus. Truth be told, we don't know the first thing about whatever causes zombification other than the fact that it's passed through bites and scratches. It's entirely plausible that there is no antidote, cure, mitigation, or other manner of prevention. I always assumed the virus transferred directly to your plasma, and there's no way to cut that out of your body. Regardless, it's sort of a moot point. I'm fully open to discussion, but given that the devs have stated repeatedly there is NO WAY to kill the virus, we've sort of just hijacked a thread to discuss something with no merit in discussion. If you're passionate about your ideas for prevention and cure, feel free to PM me and I'll happily continue this discussion in private. Otherwise we're just clogging up the forums with something that's been repeatedly discussed. Cheers!
  8. The devs themselves have stated that, while there is a chance you may not contract the virus, If you do it is 100% fatal. No amount of medical care will stop it.
  9. While it most likely is coming in one of the next few updates, I would be so bold as to say do NOT expect it in B33...that way, if it's there it's a pleasant surprise, and if it's not, no harm done. I feel like that's the basic idea behind TIS's No ETA policy. While they didn't give an ETA, they did give the build number that it is supposed to be released in. http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2015/09/and-workshop-for-all/ Oh, I realize that I just tend to lean towards expecting delays and such, in regards to any game development. Then it's a really nice "bonus" if it does happen, in my mind anyway. "Small desire, big happy." - Some Buddhist Dude
  10. While you don't necessarily die from every scratch (theoretically you ought to survive about 2/3rds of scratches) I agree with the idea that there aren't enough ways to injure yourself other than zeke. I had considered the possibility of smaller injuries, such as cutting your finger while dicing vegetables or nicking yourself with a saw, slamming your finger with a hammer, etc. Injuries like that could be mitigated by, for example, high skill in Cooking and Nimble, as someone who's not comfortable in the kitchen and generally klutzy is more likely to slip while performing fairly mundane tasks. Even slightly more debilitating injuries, such a sprained ankle from sprinting in the rain while exerted and tired, would be welcome additions on my end. I think the main problem with things like that are their unpredictability and lack of player control: if I didn't actually do something wrong, why should there be a potential penalty? I've seen suggestions like this pop up now and then, and the majority of the community seems to balk at the idea of an RNG causing their character harm. I'm in the minority here, for the record: in real life, stupid mistakes and random chance play a large factor in any survival situation.
  11. While it most likely is coming in one of the next few updates, I would be so bold as to say do NOT expect it in B33...that way, if it's there it's a pleasant surprise, and if it's not, no harm done. I feel like that's the basic idea behind TIS's No ETA policy.
  12. This video, taken from a Mondoid, may interest you: Its more centered around decorating rather than barricades, but it's a glimpse.
  13. I fully endorse the idea of food preservation and the like. While I understand that you aren't meant to live until old age takes you, there's always the desire to improve the quality of life. You can already preserve food with jars, so I see no reason not to be able to smoke/salt that rabbit you just diced up and save it for a stew on a rainy night a few months in. Of course the zombie apocalypse is supposed to kill you, and in many cases it will be the zombies themselves that do you in. In the meantime, though, I would personally be taking every measure possible to elongate my own timetable. It would be pretty cool as well in multiplayer to find someone's player crafted cabin in the middle of the woods, and after taking out the zombified tenant, find a store of preserved foods. From a RP perspective, it would seem even more grim: in spite of all their preparations, everyone eventually succumbs to circumstance.
  14. Thanks blindcoder! That works perfectly for what I need it for. Cheers!
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