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  1. Does the sink give tainted or untainted water?
  2. You could bury it, that's what most people do when they run power from a house to a shed. The minimum depth irl is 1 foot underground, which isn't very deep and would be quite easy for someone to do.
  3. What are you looking for in a logo? Anything specific?
  4. Bughunter66

    Night Terrors

    I remember really old builds where I would go to sleep only to wake up to zombies in my room, talk about knocking!
  5. In the US, all pills are labeled unless you're getting them illegally, or you are storing them somewhere that isn't a pill bottle.
  6. Moisture and air circulation control are important for root cellars. A home basement is usually quite damp and humid, and finished basements might as well be a part of the actual home. I know for a fact I can't keep food in my basement, if I did, it would go bad pretty fast.
  7. Yes but you can't really just leave food in your basement.
  8. Exactly. Digging an entire room that is 10 feet/3m under the ground is definitely a tough task. The stairs/ladder and other stuff is why I suggested carpentry as an additional skill. The construction of the cellar would be no easy thing to do, and take a lot of time, making fridges more efficient in the early game, but cellars needed in the late game. They would take weeks/a month depending on the time you spent on them.
  9. That or the Farmer occupation. Would probably also need some carpentry skill or something as well.
  10. With refrigerators running out of power, and gas being a limited resource, I agree we need more ways of keeping our food in good condition besides jarring it, as they are super rare currently. Root Cellars are what people used before refrigeration to keep vegetables and such from going bad (Meats were salt cured, dried, or smoked.). A root cellar is basically an underground storage area that is kept cool and well circulated. By digging deep (Usually 3 meters or 10 feet), the temperature is stable, and food can be stored. If you guys need some more information on root cellars, you can google it, or visit this page from the Farmer's Almanac This suggestion was inspired by Immortal Zed's little suggestion (question?), which is located here.
  11. Are we getting new Zombie attack animations as well?
  12. Bughunter66

    Bloody Business

    Any information on whether we are getting door opening/closing animations? It's a bit weird having your character put their face in the door and it magically opens. It could also bring some new mechanics with sound, like opening a door quietly/slowly to reduce noise, and allowing you to peek through the small opening of the door if you only open it a little bit, so zombies inside won't be able to see you as easily.
  13. I think what hes talking about is how nearly every time you pushed, a group of zombies fell over, instead of just being pushed away.
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