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  1. Hello. With last update 41.42 some bad news came for me - now I can fish only from the ground. And this is not a bug, as I understand. I don't have a clue why did you bring this up. This is a first thing I build after my carpentry became level 7 - a safe place for fishing. Yes, I know, I can fish from the car, but it's not so atmospheric.
  2. Well, if enemy was bad guy with negative reputation - the rep of winner grows up. If they both are neutral - grow down. Its balanced with some times. Killers become red-nick, and self-defense builders becomes green.
  3. Hello! As a server kepper i need to protect my builders from the hordes of pvp-scoolboys. So, there is idea for mod: apparent for other players reputation. Maybe its a color of nickname - more people die from your hands - more red in color of your nickname. And if you kill someone "bad" with red nick, then your reputation is grow and colorize nickname with green. Sorry for my English
  4. Hello! It`s would be i nice to move some world items, like cheirs, barbecue, boxes, tables. For exaple, moving dresser can only two person, becouse its too heavy. First person chouse "move" in context menu, come to the dresser and grab it, then second person do the same, and the first one moving with wasd for both.
  5. Hello! Brilliant game, thanx for it. About my suggestion. For example i have 10 planks and saw in my primary inventory and want to make sticks from all of this planks. So i need 10 times RMB click, picking "make stick", then LMB click and so on. A little boring. If there a hotkey - "R" (repiet) for example, which repiet my last action. Maybe this hotkey may be more complicated. Its remember any last action (sowing log), and if i come near an other log, and press R, its automatically sowing it. Or "take all". Or something else. Well, i am a keyboard hotkey maniac and wont more. More hotkeys, plz! P.S. And possibility to appoint 2 or 3 or how many i wont keys to standart action (its one for now). I want run with MMB and with Shift both, but for now i can only choose one. No, i make simple autohotkey script But in-game possibility can be nice. Good luck with game.
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