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    I want the game having a dab action that kills 10000 zombies, someone please do this.

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  1. so the current explosion system is just spawning fires everywhere, I want a explosion system where it actually is a explosion, and can fling stuff back like zombies, etc, and leave extreme damage. Not just spawning 10 fires or so and hurting everything in radius. I want actual explosions, like, real explosions. that look good.
  2. woah........ this soud epic XD I'll try to join later
  3. i'm not sure what to say about that additional complexity part, if the sprites were just like 8/16 sides or something of the car and not always rendered every angle and it sounds easy to code tbh also on my desktop this works fine, i wish the coders would aim more (they do aim already, but they could do more.) for users who don't have very great computers too
  4. well, then is there any chance that there will be 2d sprites?
  5. that did not work, i still don't see 3d models.
  6. no models at all specs : intel 450m cpu 8 gb ram intel hd graphics with 1760 MB video memory (doesn't show model in dxdiag, just intel hd graphics core i5 something) open gl 2.1.0 probs my computer is too weak, it would be nice if you guys had 2d sprites for these. fps is always 40-50-60 and i guess that's fine haven't tested yet on my desktop
  7. Is there any good server hosting that is GOOD enough for 10-12 players because i don't want to use all my ram because of me hosting a server... I dont need any cheap but something between $25 or higher is good and it would be better if it was private server so only my friends could join... Just asking because i dont wanna end up with shitty customer service..
  8. I died because of running out of food (fuck electricity shutoff tbh)
  9. Here's an alternate solution!! Just grab a old version (1.5d and 0.2.0q are dead. get 2.0r 2.5) Alternate Solution #2 Try to code a NPC mod yourself. You'll have to deal with the game's limitations though. Alternate Solution #3 Just wait. be patient.
  10. All old versions seem to be dead, because desura sometimes goes down or fails. This is easy to fix, you have to have some .key files and a .log one on the installed folder, the game@projectzomboid.com email won't work either. Would it be also okay if i uploaded 0.2.0l to here? Also, here's 0.1.4c if it matters. http://www.moddb.com/games/project-zomboid/downloads/project-zomboid-tech-demo-014c (it's a demo anyways) Edit : 2.9.7 RC2.5 http://www.moddb.com/games/project-zomboid/downloads/project-zomboid-297-latest-build-pc (it requires a desura key so you better hope you have one lying around-- nevermind, desura is dead anyways.) Edit : Can some mod PM me if i would be able to post a way to bypass the desura login? I found a way to do it to play 2.9.7 only.
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