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Project Zomboid No Hope Challenge!

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Sweet Jesus that's an amazing survival time! I'll be adding this to the leaderboard when I get home from work!! I'm finally a week into the No Hope challenge with one character so looking forward to giving the Rotten Cookie to somwone else when I get home lol biding time for MP?? you should check out my Unstoppable challenge if you're bored enough ^_^ it should be much harder... I'm at 3 days right now for that one!

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So after many an attempt to get past the 10 day mark finally made it. What is with getting scratched and dieing from an infection from ankle biters on exactly the ten day mark?


Meet Matt Watts, I have big plans for him IF he manages to live. Below is the fight to get the saw. I'm hoping the trowel will be easier to get.




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Am chuffed to bits about Matt. He must be the longest I've ever managed to keep anyone alive in PZ. One problem though; Windows 8 (the wonderful thing it is) decides to blue screen on me so when I got back into PZ the date was reset to some time in January with the lights and water on. So if that counts as a cheat he only lasted a month.


Trying to get into the warehouses east of tattoo 42 and west of the church I bumped into these guys, it must have taken a week to try and get in there. Every time I started making headway a gunshot would draw more to the fence or a chopper would force me to double back. In the end there were no box's of nails which is what I was after.





Spent almost a month getting the community set up. Thought it would be an awesome place for people to set up base. My second project so far. Wish multiplayer was in already T_T. So here is Matt still alive with the wall of the community at 2 months, 2 days and 19 hours ^_^





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I actually was being lovely! :) A slow clap is a very, very good thing in my book! Saemunder, we should team up on a No Hope server and see what we can pull off.

I always interpret the slow clap as ironic/sarcastic. Always a cause of misinterpretation since there are two uses :P

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1 Month, 18 Days, 2 Hours.



I died the next day trying to the horde trying to find food as all my crops died. I made some poor decisions my 3rd week which could have possibly let to me still being alive.


Some things I didn't expect to be a problem in No Hope, but were:


  • Save all your towels
  • Find a sledgehammer & trowel asap. Finding a trowel should be your #1 priority. You need to get gardening leveled fast or you will likely perish as I did. I waited too long to start gardening to skill up & I believe this was my downfall.
  • You don't need to kill every zombie you find. Every encounter is a chance for you to get scratched & with No Hope if you get scratched there's a good chance you're just going to die. =/
  • One of the first things you need to do is decide where you're going to setup camp & get that area cleared ASAP. You don't want to spend 4+ hours collecting gear only to die clearing out your safehouse. (This happened to me twice =/ I learned the third time to do that first, and if I die, oh well. Start over.)


I'd like to thank my good friend Kiwion for telling me about this!

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I decided to give it a go with a new character named "Lester the unlikely"


Day 1:

Lester goes to Cortman Medical to stock up on supplies. He attempts to use beta blockers to calm his nerves, but they have no effect. He gathers food and supplies from surrounding houses in the neighborhood. Spends a tense night in Cortman.


Day 2:

Heads north towards the warehouse. Evading the zombies is a pretty huge challenge for Lester, but he manages to hole up in a house just south of the warehouse before nightfall. Tomorrow morning he will raid the warehouse.


Day 3:

Lester travels to the warehouse. After a bit of scouting, he determines only possible entrance not swarming with zeds is a door on the south wall, which of course is locked. Lester beats on the door with his frying pan, hoping it will eventually give way. It begins to rain, but Lester has spent too long beating on the door to turn back now. He gets drenched, but eventually the pounding pays off and the door crumbles.


Lester searches frantically in the crates for any useful supplies. He finds an axe, a sledgehammer, a saw, a watering can, hammer and nails, and other useful items. But no trowel. This is a huge setback, as it means Lester must make plans to scavenge more areas and make more supply runs, which could be very dangerous indeed.


Day 4,5,6,7:

Lester is pretty well set up at this point. He found a trowel in the storage buildings next to the warehouse. He is holed up in the large warehouse and is making minor supply runs to get food, seeds and nails.  He has everything he needs to begin farming on the rooftop of the warehouse. The mid-game has begun.





I'll keep updating this post as Lester's adventure continues.

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I really liked the idea of this challenge -  so much that i created this account to honor that ugly guy i met in muldraugh. May i introduce:

Frank Turner aka the "Hopeless Frank".



This Screenshots were taken aprox. 10 hours after the infectious scratch. But as Hopeless his view onto life was before the apocalypse, confronted with his immediate death after all that weeks of survining against all odds, Frank found a new will to live! Relying on a healthy diet of pottato soup and cabbage stew spiced up with all Cortman Medical had in stock Franks final last day hasn't come yet.


Maybe this incredible will to live, wich is so far able to fight against zombification, has it's roots in Franks bittersweet realisation about himself, that in the end his new found childlike curiosity killed him. A trait he missed his whole life before that day 14 Weeks ago. A trait wich served him well in that 14 weeks as he was all set to survive as long as he wanted, having a nicely working horticultural rotation of crops, plenty of tools, weapons, nonperishable foods and his safe house far enough to the east, out of the way of hordes.


But he couldn't stand to just sit there and wait for rescue wich may never come. He went on a search for information on practical skills, trying to find part 3 and 4 of "Meyers Compendium of Carpentry" when he waited just a split second to long before backing away from a walker while spliting the head of another one.


The anger and self-hatred that Frank feels about this foolish overestimation of his fighting skills and the fact he couldn't just keep siting on his lower back, like he did the better part of his lifetime may well be the fuel wich keeps him going on - day for day, hour for hour, just him and the agony...



...to be continued... (if i don't lose interest in juggeling zombification ;) )


edit: english isn't my first language so i tried to to hunt down some typos...

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