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  1. PPanda, the newbie who helped you is actually an official TIS member by the way, it was mentioned that "beard" would be joining the support team in the last dev newsletter. Just an FYI!
  2. I don't have any drop down options at all. hmm I'll figure it out, maybe if I reinstall or something. Thanks
  3. Iaccepttheconsequences. Does this password not work anymore?
  4. Artillery.M does stand for Model in the US military. Although it can get rather confusing and other letters can be used to mean different things. But there is no way of telling what the thing is? You can get- M1 light tank M1 Medium tank M1 heavy tank M1 flamethrower M1 assault rifle M1 Helmet etc... If there is a change made to the production of the model it is designated as A1,A2 etc. So it could be an M1A1 Laser cannon or a M1A1 toothbrush... Or something completely different Don't forget the M1 Garand! Greatest clip ejection sound of all time.
  5. I'll probably get this, heard about it a couple of months ago and was intrigued.
  6. The only thing that bothers me is their stellar visual pathfinding skills and their telepathic path finding skills when you are not visible. Super cheap and unRomero-like but very effective. Or maybe zeds are just good at guessing what's behind door #X Memory and even pathfinding debuffs don't seem to put any kind of dent in their telepathy or pathfinding.
  7. I never realized how worked up people get over this... But man, looking over that steam thread, just wow. Been playing since 2013, absolutely tonnes of progress in the past 2 years and it's really accelerated this year. I'd like to see NPCs too but tbh ever after 350+ hours I still haven't done everything I can do in this game nor have I broke a year of in-game survival. Think I bought it for like 4 other people so far too and that was after initially pirating it out of curiosity. I realized after almost 36 hours of sitting at my keyboard that 36 hours had passed and promptly bought it for being such a well made game. I never even knew that they made this game and it's engine entirely from scratch or that it was only 4 programmers working on the code. Gotta say, it's great to see Mash's hard work on the script finally being implemented and I absolutely can't wait to see Louisville. The animation update is what I'm really looking forward to. I'll never get over that guy running into the wall, it will be the very first thing I do. Great work so far guys, I've lived in Canada for 9 years and I play PZ back home with a friend I went to school with in Ireland. It's a really great game and it's not even 3/4 done!! The only complaint I have is that it's made me feel like other survival games don't have enough depth or complexity. At the moment there are only a handful of games that rank with PZ in terms of content, gameplay and depth.
  8. 1. Consult map for viable 2 storey safehouse 2. Find sledgehammer 3. Destroy stairs 4. Live happily ever after
  9. Immunity... I wonder how much that trait will cost lol jk
  10. I find PZ's sprite for scissors an adequate replacement for just typing in "snip". nice scissors bro
  11. Haha I remember that post and laughing at it... "Survival will be mind-meltingly" more difficult than previous builds. The laughter didn't last long
  12. I used to think of survival as the default core game mode but since they've shifted the difficulty in the past few builds toward more and more extreme levels, it seems survival has become more like the endless wave (survival) mode in other games. If you want a challenge it's good but if you want to experience the game in it's entirety play around with the custom sandbox settings and find something that works for you! That's what sandbox is there for! Your settings will always change as you get more familiar with the game. Until eventually you'll probably have similar settings to the default survival mode so you don't get bored. Survival mode is there for veterans and for when you are finally feeling confident with the game mechanics and want a real challenge. Anything longer than 1 or 2 months survived is a real accomplishment and you should legit be proud of yourself if you manage it
  13. When I get bored I like to make a character with every trait negative and see how long I last. The only traits I don't take are: Deaf and illiterate. Substitute hard of hearing and slow reader instead. Longest so far Build 32 is 3 months, death was caused by waking up to a broken door and full horde and jumping out of a 3 story window at the WP hotel. Death by teeth or death by sudden stop, was an easy choice lol
  14. Just trying to find the right settings to make zombies behave more like they did before the insane difficulty patch of Build 30+ Trying to find the most realistic settings Advanced Zombie Settings Zombie Lore Population X 2.0 Speed Fast Shambler Population Start X 1.0 Strength Normal Population Peak X 2.0 Toughness Weak Population Peak Day 7 Transmission Blood + Saliva Mortality 2-3 Days Respawn Hours 0 Reanimate 0-12 hours Respawn Unseen Hours 0 Cognition Basic Navigation Respawn X 0 Memory Short Redistribute Hours 24 Decomposition Slows + weakens Sight Normal Follow Sound Distance 100 Hearing Normal Rally Group Size 100 Smell Normal Rally Travel Distance 10 Rally Group Separation 15 Rally Group Radius 10 With these settings I find the zombies group and behave a little bit more like they used to. You'll still get hordes but because of the shortened Rally Travel Distance you won't get as many. Zombies will mostly be wandering about, in groups of 3-10 rather than there being massive groups of 100+ zombies at every single house. Weaker toughness brings zombies back to how they were a few patches ago too, zombies got really really tanky a few builds back. Basic Navigation - Zombie pathfinding skills are still a bit OP compared to how they used to be but this is a lot better. Memory Short - A little bit more realistic Any changes you guys can think of making?? The main thing that needs work is the Rally settings, looking to find optimum settings for bunching up and spreading out. Also does anyone know if Population Peak settings even do anything with respawn turned off?
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