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  1. How about rapidly pressing E will make you jump through the window, so if you are panicked you can jump out. Much like breaking a window.
  2. I just think you should need to be strong enough to climb a sheet rope especially when wearing a 50 lb backpack while exhausted.
  3. I really enjoy the idea of putting stakes in the ground at 45 degree's, sharpened sticks jammed into the ground for zombies to get stuck on. Then you can go up to them and finish them off. You could have them break once in a while so you would have to replace them every so often. It would be really cool to have them around your base. You could use a knife on logs to carve stakes, then you would have to dig a hole and put them in the hole.
  4. It would be cool if Radios could play custom music on survival singleplayer, like have a folder on our computer that plays MP3's from that folder, would be cool to hear radios playing our music in the distance or luring zombies with "Never Gonna Give You Up." GTA and The Sims do this, seems like a cool idea, even though it probably wouldn't work for multiplayer. Singleplayer is good enough for me.
  5. Yes garage doors are loud and noisy and actually reopen if you trip the sensor imagine hitting the shut button as zombies approach hoping they don't get to the door before it shuts.
  6. I like the weak and tired idea.
  7. As it is now its too hard to find barricade material. In the 1.5 days and around. Barricading was the first thing you do. Much more realistic than singlehandedly walling off a city block.
  8. I think she is adding snow. Think about it they said it could either be really big or small which means possibly snow tiles where every tile has to have a snowy or icy variant of it. Some people might think it's a small touch but it is a lot of work and other people might think its game-changing. Especially with the winter and having warmer clothing already being confirmed.
  9. Ohhhh each cluster of zombies could spawn with different settings. Neat idea for sandbox.
  10. I didn't mean that it couldn't hurt you I just meant if youre too heavy its more likely that it'll break faster. We could also make regular ropes work as a stronger sheet rope.
  11. Well perhaps the sheet rope would break before you are far off the ground. No damage but youre doomed if chased.
  12. I think you shouldn't be able to climb sheet ropes if you're too heavy or exhausted or more weight increases the chance of the rope tearing or the nail coming undone. Maybe have strength have something to do with it. Currently with one nail you can be carrying max weight on top of human weight while max exertion and no strength and climb a sheet rope.
  13. My monitors are touching so that would still be possible
  14. As it stands you can stand behind most counters. Especially twiggys and just watch them at the other end safely. They do not usually path around them. I suggest they try to climb over them and fall and become crawlers temporarily before getting up if they can. Same for fences. Currently they parkour over them. If they could get over them it should be clumbsy and they should pretty much go headfirst over the fence. Also if its a tall fence they should press against it and maybe with enough force knock it over. Rarely path around them.
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