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HI all!


I thought VCR's and video tapes would be a really neat and appropriate addition for the game, considering the time the knox event takes place. By '93 Kentucky had close to 2 dozen Blockbusters, and plenty of other smaller rental locations.


The 80's and 90's had all sorts of educational tapes, so skill tapes would work well too. And the easiest addition, boredom/stress reduction videos. It would give TV's a use after the initial programs are off the air, and players would have to take the risk of turning up the volume to listen to the tape.


Thanks for your time!

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I've been using the VCR mod and it is AMAZING. Changes a lot of things about the early game forsure. Finding VHS tapes of an episode you haven't seen and bringing it home for that sweet XP is a godsend. In the mod you can't record shows, but you can only use a VHS on the Valutech and PT TV. Maybe you could find blank tapes and record shows, but only on a Premium Technologies VCR. This would make for a pretty perfect feature however, my one complaint is it makes TV channels obsolete. Which brings up the topic of why these things even exist other than for lore, RP, and Life & Living. Different shows should have different buffs and debuffs. News shows on Triple N, WBLN, NNR, and LBMW could all lower boredom, but increase stress. Talk shows, game shows, and Soap operas like those on TURBO, KnoxTalk, and of course Judge Matt Hass could lower stress, but increase unhappiness. Cartoons and Music like Paws and HitzFM could lower unhappiness, but increase boredom. I imagine that these would be pretty low rates so they aren't OP. This way, TV and radio would be an important part of the meta regardless of your character or playstyle. This also opens the door for the devs to add stuff like functional CD players and Walkmans. Finding rare CDs or recording songs on the radio would be really fun. They could even add a boombox that plays radio stations and casette tapes! Whatever they do, we need need NEED a Blockbuster parody somewhere in Knox Country. I just can't get immersed in this 90s zombie apocalypse until I can raid a video rental store and bring The Lost Element back to my base for me and the homies to watch8-)

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On 11/18/2020 at 4:17 PM, TrailerParkThor said:

This would make for a pretty perfect feature however, my one complaint is it makes TV channels obsolete


Not entirely, as early game, when those shows might actually run, you possibly haven't found that many of the tapes. I think it's only slightly overpowered.. my VHS collection is huuuge.

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On 1/24/2021 at 12:57 AM, Masmassu said:

And maybe we can link it to oure MP3 list or spotifire to to play good music in game?

There are mods that do this-- I'm not even sure which is which.

The one I'm enjoying currently is a mod for the CD player, where if you insert a battery, and have earbuds equipped, and have found lootable CDs throughout the world, you can listen to music on-the-go. The music is real music appropriate for the time period (shhhh). It's given me a new, serious objective when I go looting-- find good CDs. I think they intentionally put in some crap ones.


Also, the music helps with boredom and unhappiness.


I know one of the other mods allows you to put your own music in for radios (maybe TVs?), but I'm not sure which one it is (I have like 70 going), or where to put the music.


It adds a huuuuuge dimension to the immersion.

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