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  1. Yeah, I agree with the fact that zombies have annoyingly good hearing even at Normal Hearing settings. I get that they might be able to hear the TV on if it's loud and they're right outside the wall, but how can they hear me closing a door upstairs from the street? They're supposed to have base level human hearing. When I'm outside a house, I can't hear much inside unless people are yelling, listening to loud entertainment, or doing some handy work. Kids manage to have quiet parties that even cops can't hear if they're worried about getting busted. How can zombies mindlessly hear better than humans trying to listen for loud teens?? Definitely needs work. I like the idea of zombies having different states but I don't think that they are supposed to have rational thoughts. They just follow the last noise they heard until something new grabs their attention. They are like forces of nature. Doesn't really make sense for them to be curious. It might also mess with the strategy of the game. You couldn't use sirens, noise makers, or alarms to distract zombies if they would walk away when not seeing a survivor and you wouldn't have safe looting. Maybe, instead, they could define the noise reduction of each type of wall, floor, window, and door. Trailer and cabin walls could be very thin. Even listening to quiet radio in a shack would be audible to zombies. On the flip side, concrete walls would be essentially soundproof. Certain stone-type buildings would be safe to watch loud tv or build things inside even if surrounded by zombies. Normal houses would have insulation and should be decently soundproof. Player-built structures should scale with skill level, probably never maxing out at normal house noise reduction. I would assume metal walls would have better soundproofing, so maybe max level metal walls could be slightly better than prefab house walls. Doors would have the best sound dampening, windows the worst. I would imagine something over the window would help the low noise reduction. Blinds would probably have a minor effect, sheets would have a moderate effect, and curtains could keep the most sound in. Maybe we would even find or craft an item that could help block even more, but I think that would be kinda dumb lol
  2. No need to add this when NPCs are coming in the next few years. Realtime metagame events will occur using persistent survivors and factions. You could go to your favorite trader's base to find it completely overrun. Will you find him again someday in a new base? Maybe he's one of the zombies. Or he could run to a different location and commit suicide and you later find his body. The devs have also mentioned real quests. These could be emergent via maps or journals like you said. They could also be fixed side quests given by NPCs like making some sandwiches or getting 50 logs or retrieving an old family photo from an overrun house.
  3. The virus is already an airborne strain. That's why the infection spreads worldwide. In the lore, PCs are immune from this airborne strain. That's why we're all alone and can only die from scratches/bites. Wouldn't really make sense to worry about that strain. However, contamination zones where zombie bodily fluids have covered every surface would be a fun challenge. Gas masks would be required and you would have to wash with soap/disinfectant afterwards. If desiring better protection or if you have open wounds, a hazmat suit would be required. This could be a CDC field HQ or maybe a quarantine zone that become contaminated.
  4. Just edit the sandbox settings bro. Not very hard. Apocalypse is built the way it is for a reason.
  5. Good to know, but maybe a yoga mat could still be a good idea?
  6. The issue currently, is that probably only 20% of the playerbase is surviving until the "late game." The other 80% are dying in the "early game" or winter at latest. It is more important to fill the early and mid game with content atm, since that is most people's experience with the game. Early game and Day 1 are also player's first impression so that is a huge priority. The devs are caught in a place where they have to make the late game more full by creating systems that carry from the early game onward, and can be expanded infinitely with a branching progression tree. This way, they can create a lot of content for the casual majority, but also create fulfilling systems and mechanics for hardcore fans. They've laid the groundwork for a lot of these, but haven't made a lot of them as complex as they could be. This is currently the PZ meta as of current IWBUMS: Day One) Trying to find weapons and food, looking for a bag. Clearing out campsites. Moving furniture. Watching lots of TV. Early Game) Decent loadout and good gear. Semi-permanent base with relatively good security. Scouting out buildings for better base. One vehicle, probably crap. Reading Beginner Skill Books. Disassembling things. Crafting basic items. Scaving food from urban areas. Preparing for winter. Mid Game) Most likely decked out survivor survived through the winter with relative ease. Permanent base with good defenses. One good vehicle, and a few part/fixer-upper cars. Might have a generator. Working on chosen skills. Basic farming, foraging, and fishing. Rarely needs to go on food runs. Securing huge area for future base expansion. Late Game) Best gear in the game. High level combat/agility/fitness/strength skills. Building your own base either completely from the ground up, or walling off cleared out prefab areas. High level security and almost no chance for hordes to get you. Multiple good vehicles, generators, and lots of fuel. Maxed out in chosen skills. Self-sufficient/surplus farm with a few traps and no need to scav food. No real incentive to leave your safe haven or do anything further other than watch the days rack up. End Game) ??? Imo, the game is really fun, but there is no real purpose to your playthrough other than RP. There isn't a goal other than indefinite security. The interesting thing about this game, and the pull for me, is that the actual goal is death. It's the only game in the world where you are meant to DIE. That's the only way to end the game. The fun for the player comes from trying to die in the most prolonged, epic, badass, awesome way they can. Will you die on Day 2, cowering in your shack with a spoon in your hand as one zombie takes you out? Or will you die in the mall, blasting hundreds of undead with a shotgun knowing you've done everything else you can. That's the appeal to most of us, I think. This doesn't, however, exclude the game from having an end-game. We just need to get creative. The end-game of Project Zomboid should be to essentially confirm the extinction of humanity. To ensure that, no matter what you do in this game, everyone and everything will die. The goal of the game should be to fight against death for just long enough to strengthen the last bastion of humanity, and watch it get wiped out. Maybe you can survive from there, but you would be alone. The last human hoping for just a few more days or years. The current update schedule seems to aim at furthering the game in this direction. Build 42 will bring in animals. Hopefully this means companion dogs, livestock farming, hunting game, and even feral animal enemies. This update alone would add so much variety to the game that it would extend playthrough lifespans by a lot. These features will definitely fill in more of the tailoring, farming, combat, base building, and survivalist aspects too. Mostly, this will just be adding more fun content and laying the groundwork for more advanced AI, without really addressing the late game problem. B43-45 will supposedly bring NPC survivors back with quests, stories, events, groups, and factions. This is the real meat and potatos of this topic. Suddenly, you have stories and events to diversify gameplay. You have your group to help you survive and develop relationships with. You have raiders and feral animals to attack your base. They could have different strategies than zeds so you would need to prepare for all different kinds of defensive situations. Ally and enemy factions could even give you a reason to build different bases. To secure certain resources or buildings, or to have a more strategic position against an enemy or trade partner. If quests are done right, they would be the perfect middle ground between the bigbrain goals you set, and the micromanagement survival stuff you do on a regular basis. Quests could be little things like making 10 spiked bats or collecting 50 logs or finding a 6 pack of root beer for someone. Small things like this would give players a break from the day to day monotony and the intimidating lofty goals they set for each playthrough. This would essentially pose the game as so: Day One) Trying to find weapons and food, looking for a bag. Clearing out campsites. Moving furniture. Watching lots of TV. Maybe finding an animal or human friend if they're around. Early Game) Decent loadout and good gear. Semi-permanent base with relatively good security. Scouting out buildings for other survivors. Building up a small, tight-knit group. A decent mount or one crap vehicle. Scaving food from urban areas or hunting and foraging from rural areas. Maybe working on some skills and crafting. Preparing for winter. Mid Game) Good survivor loadout and gear, decent group loadout and gear. Difficulty finding enough for for everyone through winter. Permanent base with good defenses. One good vehicle and/or mount. Maybe a few part/fixer-upper cars or some pack animals. Might have a generator. Reading beginner books, disassembling things, and basic crafting. Basic farming, foraging, and fishing. Regular food and supply runs to keep up with higher demand from bigger group. Securing huge area for future base expansion. Might have a specialist in group. Defending from zombies and raiders as more people means more noise. Late Game) Decked out PC. Probably a few decked out NPCs and some lame redshirts too. Several specialists in group (doctor, mechanic, soldier). High level combat/agility/fitness/strength skills. Building your own base either completely from the ground up, or walling off cleared out prefab areas. High level security and almost no chance for hordes to get you. However, strong raiders and enemy factions provide a way larger threat. Multiple good vehicles, generators, and lots of fuel. Multiple good mounts and pack animals. Working on chosen skills. Good food industry from farming/fishing/trapping/hunting, but still need occasional supply runs. NPCs automate a lot of monotonous work. PCs can focus on bigger picture goals and special ops. Bitten NPCs can turn and kill everyone in group if not careful, so no one is ever safe. End Game) PC has best items in game. Lots of high level, decked out NPCs in group. Network of outposts and bases all under one faction. Multiple vehicles, mounts, and pack animals all supporting trade and travel between settlements. Massive walls and traps and defenses protecting humans from zombies and animals. Opposing factions diminished in strength as to no longer pose a threat. Maxed out in all chosen skills. Massive network of industry and agriculture completely handsoff for players. Self-sufficient society means no need for scavenging. Only threat is a group member getting infected and spreading the disease, but this will not be a restart if there are multiple base locations. No real point to continue on other than to push civilization to its absolute limits. At this point, we have extended and expanded the game a lot. Although, we still have the issue of no real conclusion point. No moment you can say, "I WON!" My dream "win condition" that fits the lore and themes of Zomboid is this: The Megahorde. The Megahorde will be the ace up the sleeve of the Sadistic AI Director. If you managed to survive all the hordes, surprise bathroom zombies, feral animals, raiders, faction wars, internal infections, the winter, and all the other survival threats; you would be granted one final challenge. This event could not occur until some threshold like population, faction dominance, time limit, or some combination of the 3. Essentially, once you hit that point it would just be up to RNGesus. It might be the next day, it might be a whole year, but it will come. The Megahorde would be a wave spawning horde of zombies that would keep coming until you were dead. Think Last Stand Mode built into Survival. You could probably get yourself to total safety with some cheeky ingenuity, but there's just no way to save everyone. You would have to watch as everything you've built and everyone you know would be destroyed. No point in adding special infected when you can literally have zombies decked out in the awesome gear you gave them. At this point, you would essentially have a New Game+ where veteran players would see how long they can survive in the Megahorde. It might even develop a cool meta of building up your settlements strategically so you can survive longer after the Megahorde. Eventually, the waves will become super intense meaning there would be a hard cap on how long you could push it. This would essentially be the Ender Dragon of Project Zomboid. The place everyone wants to get to, and then start a new game after.
  7. Lol I meant that you can right click outside when it's raining and wash your clothes but you have to stand still while doing it haha my bad
  8. 1. Devs have said "who washes their car in the zombie apocalypse" but perhaps rain washing would be nice. I'd say, they're looking into it 2. Unreliable 90s cars i guess, it's also just the AI messing with you 4. You can already wash clothes in the rain you just have to stop to do so.
  9. Things like this will probably be added when the Health system is revisited for amputations, psychology, and diseases. Devs have given tentative yes's to deep, realistic systems for all of these things. I would expect Diabetes to even be a health condition you could gain by being overweight and having a high sugar diet.
  10. Would also be fun in sandbox settings where Zeds are more active at day or night. Imagine you're on a scav run and all the sudden the sky goes pitch black and the zombie horde starts coming for you. No warning, no prep, nothing. On the flipside, imagine you're trapped in a house with zombies on all side. The sun goes dark and they all go passive again, giving you the chance to escape. The Sadistic AI Director could definitely have fun with eclipses and horde events at your super secure base.
  11. Definitely will need lots of balancing. Like I said, these are all just ideas based on what we know to be coming soon. I've said for a while that I hope we can't farm "normal" animals. While cows and pigs would be fun, it would fit more with the games atmosphere to farm things like rabbits and pigeons. I like the idea that zombies have all eaten the big animals and we only have small game left. High effort for low reward is the name of the game, and farming rabbits would fit that. Although, I expect fully that we will get sheep and horses because that just fits the game's direction the best. Hopefully, they will be extremely rare. Either way, I think they will be more useful for food with minimal usage for other things. I would expect leather armor and fur coats, but cobbling shoes or knitting homemade yarn seems pretty out there forsure.
  12. Devs have said they would look into Amputation somewhere down the line. Most likely in whatever build brings Diseases/Psychology. A total Health Overhaul maybe. I imagine the general idea would be that if you got bitten on a limb, you might have 10-20 seconds to amputate before infection spreads. Maybe you could have longer if bitten on hand or foot. Obviously, surviving this would be incredibly difficult and blood loss would be extreme. You would need days to recover, and weeks to get back to normal. Pain would be awful and risk of infection would be very high. This would also need to be predicated on cauterizing wounds (also confirmed), since I can't imagine being able to survive this in SP without it. More than likely, though, this wouldn't be used to save you from a bite. PZ zombies are based on Romero/Brooks lore. Even though, in WWZ, a limb was removed after a bite to save the survivor, I don't think this fits Zomboid. It would be fun, but I would rather a less cheeky system be put in to possibly prevent death by zombification. I think MP servers would quickly fill up with amputees and it would just look weird and would instantly break immersion. If anything, amputations would probably be used to save survivors from frostbite, necrosis, blood rot, really bad infections, etc. These health conditions and more are likely to come to the game at some point, and I imagine that forcing players to amputate their limbs to survive a little longer fits the atmosphere of the game to a tee. That said, I like the idea of prosthetic limbs being added to the game. I think the mod Hydrocraft has them spawn on random zombies and you can use them for scrap. That alone is a fun idea. But if we can take prosthesis from corpses and use them to replace our amputated body parts, that would be pretty grotesque and definitely fit the games mood. Maybe even craftable peg legs or hook hands like you said would be nice. Idk about chainsaw hands, even though I love the Evil Dead and playing a PZ playthrough as Ash is now on my list of things to do LOL They did say chainsaws were coming at some point and thats good enough for me! I would say a hunting knife hand attachment, a la Sgt. Four Leaf Tayback, isn't unrealistic and could definitely be on the table.
  13. Exactly how I felt coming back to Vehicle Update after not playing since 2014. This Build has been the best probably ever. Each minor update to it has been so jampacked with new content, bugfixes, and balancing changes. It's been so awesome. Can't wait for B41 to finally have a stable release so we can have it all there in MP
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/games/108600/announcements/detail/2675590778917592354 Posted this in another thread the other day. Devs have confirmed vehicle modifications and enhancements are coming. Same with military vehicles, firetrucks, and maybe big rigs. So hopefully having a firetruck with a turret and plow some day could be a reality.
  15. Armor is a tentative yes from the devs. Leather armor is predicated on cows or at least hunting animals for pelts. Metal armor would need a whole mining system to make it actually functional and renewable. I wouldn't expect makeshift armor until then, but I would love to see a progression system that includes something like this included. Maybe there could be a type of makeshift armor for each part of the body, and this would be the chestplate piece. I don't know how I feel about locking it behind a magazine, but I do think it should require a moderate tailoring skill to pull off effectively. Imagine a survivor with a sheet breastplate, bubble wrap guards, a football helmet, tin foil boots, and leggings made from book covers. Would be epicly pathetic and desperate. Definitely fitting of the PZ atmosphere
  16. I can't remember any exact quotes, but I know that making your own clothes is planned forsure. Being able to make basic clothes from thread is a given, but hopefully higher level tailors will be able to make denim and leather clothes as well. Armor is a tentative yes, so unless leatherworking is a unique skill, I would expect this to be covered under the tailoring tree. There's a maybe on makeshift armor (i.e. bubblewrap guards, sheet bracers, book binding chestplate) that could also use the skill. I assume sewing machines would come when handsewn clothes come, as that would make the most sense. I'm not sure when it will come because a lot of the furthering of the mechanic is predicated on the Animal/Hunting Update. I could imagine a whole list of fun tailoring expansions and updates if we add animal husbandry and hunting into the mix. Cows could be killed for leather. Leather jackets, leather pants, shoes/boots, leather gloves, and armor would all be an option. Sheep could be sheared for their wool. This could be turned into yarn, and further knitted into wool beanies, knitted hoodies/cardigans, and warm socks. Hell, imagine hunting wild animals for their pelts and making fur coats and caps for the winter! The animal update is expected in Build 42, and the devs have mentioned a complete farming overhaul is also coming very soon. Perhaps these will be linked together, as I would imagine farming would need to be reworked to keep balance with new animals and other food sources. Maybe they will even add cotton crops, and we can make our own thread farm.
  17. That's why I think if they implemented a deeper TV/radio system it would have to have extremely low rates. Just like irl, those are more mindless distractions to help relax or procrastinate. I don't think they should be able to pull you out of a deep depression or anything. Either way, it would have to be heavily tested and tweaked. Now that you have explained it a little more, I definitely get where you're coming from! I find it really funny that your character can be Severely Depressed, yet basically just act like a lazy fuck. Are we 13 year old girl depressed or zombie apocalypse survivor depressed? Maybe they make the movement speed penalty a little more intense. I think adding a driving speed penalty would be nice as well. Ever driven in a sad mood? You don't speed around lol. Then, they link each stage of depression to different mechanics. Feeling A Little Sad: At this stage, only movement/transfer/driving speed it affected. Getting A Tad Weepy (btw needs a better name): Speed penalties increased. Survivor won't eat anything heavy, i.e. only chips, pop, chocolate, fruit, etc. Depressed: Speed penalties heavily increased. Survivor won't eat anything at all. They will refuse to build anything major, i.e. walls, doors. They won't dismantle anything either. Tiredness will not lower below Drowsy. Severely Depressed: Survivor won't eat, they won't build anything, they will refuse to carry anything they aren't equipping. They will move at a snail's pace and cannot decrease Tiredness below Tired. These could be too extreme so I'll wait for the devs to test any ways, but I agree that this could easily change the meta and make the game more realistic and exciting. Imagine getting Severely Depressed and basically being at risk of starving to death if you don't find a way to become happy again. The problem is that I think NPC and animal companions will be a big way of renewable happiness. So I wouldn't expect this kind of change to the system until after those are added. The devs have also mentioned a Psychology system. So expect Stress and Unhappiness to actually be expanded upon a lot there. Hopefully, things like Depression and Anxiety will be actual mental health "injuries" that you can gain and lose more dynamically and realistically. This would also open the door for other things like Mania, Psychosis, and Schizophrenia that could all lead to the hallucinations and insanity that would make sense in a desperately hopeless zombieland like Knox Country. On the point about animations, I agree 100%. The list of animations still missing from B41 isn't too long, and some of these would be really nice to include. There are definitely some more necessary animations that I would prioritize first, but all of these are on the top of my wishlist. If not in this build, these will most likely be added with the Disease/Psychology Update build whenever that comes. And at the very least, they should probably come before the full release.
  18. I think this is a planned feature because right now, all houses have moderate temperatures in summer, but will be too cold in winter without heat. Would be fun to scav car AC and ceiling fan parts to create your own cooling system. Maybe they would even add full AC units that could be moved with enough electrical.
  19. Would be cool but I think they may be saving this for some kind of mining feature someday. Right now there is no renewable source of gravel or metal. Probably because you don't find lots of rock and ore on the Kentucky plains. However, if mountains ever came to the game (or at least mines), they could add in a mechanic where survivors can mine stone, gravel, coal, and iron.
  20. That would be awesome, especially if they fuctioned like stairs and could be ascended and descended. Would be awesome to get up to the high point of the roof and use it as a lookout point. Yes make it an alternative rather than the new "preferred" method.
  21. Digging spike pits, building electric fences, landmines, and hot oil falls would be nice too. I've seen a lot of these in suggestions and mods, but I've never thought about the easy tin can sound tap. Would be really useful even against zombies.
  22. I've been using the VCR mod and it is AMAZING. Changes a lot of things about the early game forsure. Finding VHS tapes of an episode you haven't seen and bringing it home for that sweet XP is a godsend. In the mod you can't record shows, but you can only use a VHS on the Valutech and PT TV. Maybe you could find blank tapes and record shows, but only on a Premium Technologies VCR. This would make for a pretty perfect feature however, my one complaint is it makes TV channels obsolete. Which brings up the topic of why these things even exist other than for lore, RP, and Life & Living. Different shows should have different buffs and debuffs. News shows on Triple N, WBLN, NNR, and LBMW could all lower boredom, but increase stress. Talk shows, game shows, and Soap operas like those on TURBO, KnoxTalk, and of course Judge Matt Hass could lower stress, but increase unhappiness. Cartoons and Music like Paws and HitzFM could lower unhappiness, but increase boredom. I imagine that these would be pretty low rates so they aren't OP. This way, TV and radio would be an important part of the meta regardless of your character or playstyle. This also opens the door for the devs to add stuff like functional CD players and Walkmans. Finding rare CDs or recording songs on the radio would be really fun. They could even add a boombox that plays radio stations and casette tapes! Whatever they do, we need need NEED a Blockbuster parody somewhere in Knox Country. I just can't get immersed in this 90s zombie apocalypse until I can raid a video rental store and bring The Lost Element back to my base for me and the homies to watch
  23. I think meditation should be saved for the Psychology System like Nebula said. Yoga, however, sounds like a really cool addition that wouldn't require too much work. Fitness instructors could start out with Yoga poses unlocked, but other players would have to find the magazine. Lunges could help stretch legs and give an XP boost to Fitness based on frequency. Planks could help build your core and gives an XP boost to Strength. Downward Dog could be the middleground one that boosts XP gained to both Strength and Fitness but at a way lower amount than the main ones. Maybe the frequency would go up faster by doing it either outside and/or on a yoga mat. Combined with the current fitness system, doing yoga before your workouts would actually help you skill up even faster.
  24. Yeah, the biggest problem with longterm MP and even SP is that there is no real depth to the late-game. Currently, Early and Mid game are very complex and have a lot of content and progression. But once you build your own base, fix up a car, get a farm and a generator, there's no real incentive to keep building. You either set some crazy goals for fun, or you just see how long you can survive in your fortress. I like the idea of reinforcing wooden walls with metal. I think it would instantly add late game progression and cool new wall textures. Metal walls should just be a matter of skill or preference rather than seen as an upgrade. I don't think it's super unrealistic, but I would rather see electric fences added to the game rather than electrifying walls. Especially since I don't see electricity killing zombies, just stunning them as you said. Still, electrical should be more prominent than just moving appliances around and gen maintenance. Maybe if they made it so that you actually had to wire things and hook them up to the electrical grid. Finding wires or making homemade wiring would be a fun new late game challenge. I've always though high level electricians should be able to uninstall and reinstall light fixtures and switches. Obviously adding new power generation options like wind turbines, water wheels, and scrap generators (made from old car engines) would also enhance this skills usefulness. As for metalworking, it's hard to find new uses for it. Maybe building cages and prison cells for animals and NPCs when they come? I would like Smithing to be its own skill someday, but O think it will have to be combined with metalworking to keep the skill useful.
  25. The devs have confirmed a weather overhaul will come one day. The current stable build is the Weather Update though, so I wouldn't expect it for some time. Hydroplaning in general could be a good addition that wouldn't be too difficult. It could even utilize the dynamic puddle system so you could avoid them with enough skill. Black ice would be welcome some day, but I would hope players and zombies could also slide and fall on it. Blizzards and tornadoes would be terrifyingly awesome challenges to face. Hopefully these systems would be as in depth as the other weather is. I would love to use my knowledge of the game world to know when and how black ice forms, or to predict and prepare for a blizzard/tornado.
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