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  1. As it is now, if you start a new world, you've got a fresh new character, starting from scratch. You work real hard and spend many days building up that character's skills (and gear), building a base, leveling carpentry. You're at Level 7 carpentry now, and you're 45 days in. Annnn' ya bit. So, this character dies, and we spawn a new character into the same Sandbox. They start, timeline wise, after the first character died-- makes sense-- but their skills are default. That is, they only get the same chance for character points that the first character got, but, lore-wise, it is implied that this character has survived the apocalypse so far-- technically, outlived the first character (and, well, all the other characters). So, why don't they have any skills? My thought is that when you spawn a new character, depending upon how far into the timeline you are, you're given extra character points. In addition, you're given a bunch of skill levels that make sense for your character type, how long it's been in the sandbox, and some of the difficulty settings (if it's a easy setup, you don't want an OP character). I think it would make death less-frustrating, give more reason for people to persist a single game/sandbox and continue building plans, but still allow pretty dangerous minute-to-minute gameplay without having death cost the most time-consuming, grindiest part of the game.
  2. I think I get what you're saying beyond this, but they did add the doors noticeably shaking when someone's banging on it. You can re-make a door, but yeah, you can't do anything about a door that's been damaged except destroy and replace.
  3. I've noticed in my playing that as soon as a moodle appears, I want to "relieve it". I was trying to figure out why having them there bothered me so much, and I realized: it's the color! Currently, the moodles are using shades of red, which are largely indistinguishable, especially at the periphery of my vision. I wind up feeling like I have to take care of the moodle. Proposal: Just recalibrating the color. So, instead of starting with any shade of red, start with a pale yellow-green, then yellow, the the deepening reds as it becomes important to pay attention to. This way, the first appearance of, say, the "thirst" moodle is really just saying that you actually can drink if you want too-- your thirst is no longer slaked-- but it's not a big deal. The other half of this proposal is that for the moodles that have a face on them, draw a different face for each state, reflective of its severity/intensity. Right now, the moodle with both color and face for pain is nearly indistinguishable for me between minor pain and agony. (At least if I'm not seeing another moodle to color colors to). I imagine this is something you're aware of already, but I kind of hope it isn't, so my suggestion is useful.
  4. I don't remember when that would've been-- but this game has been in the works for a long time, so it could be that things have changed a bit (both with Steam, and with player culture). After all, I don't feel like any dev "can" spam me, unless I'm actually looking at their game's page in my Library.
  5. I noticed that last update shown on Steam is from June of 2019-- that is, update notes. If I were a prospective buyer, and I saw that the devs were doing regular updates, but then stopped a year-and-a-half ago, I think I'd conclude that the game was dead/abandoned as opposed to freaking awesome and alive!
  6. I see a lot of posts in this forum that are referencing specific places on the map, which is obviously enormous. Finding it by searching for "House in Muldraugh" or "Fire Station" is probably pretty tough. I can't imagine how much time would be spent (if it's bothered with at all), to track all these things down. Here's what I propose. Create a mod-- an official mod-- that adds a device to the player's inventory (0 weight). When the player encounters an issue like this, they can right click the item, which will pause the game, take a screenshot, give them a text box to fill in any details, and then it will drop a player-visible marker on the floor (so the player doesn't report it again in the future). Then, it sends the player's note, along with the exact coordinates, directly to the devs. Possible expansions: 1) When a player makes a report, it is broadcast to everyone else with the mod, so the other players see that something has already been reported, along with what was in the note. This will cut down on duplicate reports, but not prevent subsequent players from doing another report if they want to add more information. 2) Bind it to a key, and actually capture the local gamestate, if the report isn't simply a map/tile issue, but might actually be an unexpected behavior. Heck, bind it to a key, anyway. 3) Bounties or something. Why I suggest this is that I've seen a few games implement a similar tool (Subnautica comes to mind)-- you can just hit a key and report a big, in situ (with a screenshot). I also used to run the tech side of a bio-medical device startup, and our user feedback was filtered through 9 layers of people who were bad at communicating, and rarely made it back to me (acting product manager). I added a "Feedback" link, tiny, in the top right corner, of every single page of our product's internal website-- anyone clicking that link could write whatever they wanted, and it was emailed directly to me. They didn't have to remember it for later or worry about whether it would get to the right person. I think something like this would help you immmmmmmensely.
  7. Yeah, this is expected behavior. They're just counters with no storage space. The empty inventory there is the floor.
  8. Are you sure it's really broccoli, man? Or does it just say broccoli, if you know what I mean? I also like that the Russian word for broccoli is just broccoli.
  9. I think it was just placed facing the wrong way. Those counters are about 1/2 width, and the soda fountain is also about 1/2 width. So, you get that magic!
  10. Kauffy

    Raven Creek

    Look in the workshop description-- there is a HUGE bitmap image of the entire city (similar to what is on the online map)-- except nothing is marked, so if you can't figure out what it is by zooming, go check it out.
  11. Kauffy

    Raven Creek

    I think it works out pretty well. There is one spawn that is basically pointless, though-- that's for a cop, and spawning near the downtown police station. It's not the station in the NE of the city, and not the one with the huge parking lot, near The Drake. Because the character may spawn with equipment for the profession (per a mod), or even just the baseball bat in a backpack, they are going to be dead in seconds, because they are unarmed and surrounded. The other thing I discovered is that there's really no way in or out of the town with a vehicle (vehicle wrecks have gummed up the gate), unless you spawn in the truck stop. I've turned it into a mission to get a trailer from the outside of the gate to my safehouse.. tremendous fun! Editing to add: the police station I mentioned is kind of in the center of town, East of the river. The spawn is between two black wrought iron fences-- you're pretty much instantly doomed there. I didn't realize it, but there is an additional "doomed" spawn for a cop. I'm not sure where it is, but you begin on a corner-- I assume outside a police station that I can't identify-- there's like a small plaza area with a planter in the middle. If you start there, you'll be dead pretty quickly.
  12. There are mods that do this-- I'm not even sure which is which. The one I'm enjoying currently is a mod for the CD player, where if you insert a battery, and have earbuds equipped, and have found lootable CDs throughout the world, you can listen to music on-the-go. The music is real music appropriate for the time period (shhhh). It's given me a new, serious objective when I go looting-- find good CDs. I think they intentionally put in some crap ones. Also, the music helps with boredom and unhappiness. I know one of the other mods allows you to put your own music in for radios (maybe TVs?), but I'm not sure which one it is (I have like 70 going), or where to put the music. It adds a huuuuuge dimension to the immersion.
  13. This is what is in that mod. They could incorporate it-- the one difference from what you describe is that there is only one kind of lockpick, which you can make from paperclips. For me, this is sufficient. I TAKE THAT BACK! Check out "Better Lockpicking" in the Workshop. It appears to be waaaaay more deep in lockpicking and hotwiring. I've now used it for a few days, and it's pretty great. There's a Lockpicking skill, and picking locks uses the familiar Skyrim/Fallout(?) minigame to pick a lock. I'm not sure if it works 100%, though. Crowbarring something open has a timing mini-game. It livens things up a bit, and will definitely keep you distracted while a zombie comes up behind you and bites your neck.
  14. If it wasn't clear, this is already in the Autotsar towing mod. You can tow with a rope, or a towing bar, attach a wide variety of trailers, and push a vehicle by hand-- and I've since tried the vehicle pushing, and it is definitely not OP-- in fact, it is as frustrating as in real life-- and I just now realized that may be because I didn't turn off the parking brake. I have a situation now where I have a trailer that is completely full of stuff that I've wanted to keep, but I reached the entry gate at Raven Creek (mod map), which is basically impassible, so I've now churned several characters attempting to get that trailer back to my safehouse, inside the town.
  15. Not entirely, as early game, when those shows might actually run, you possibly haven't found that many of the tapes. I think it's only slightly overpowered.. my VHS collection is huuuge.
  16. I think this is because objects only have weight in the game-- there's nothing about bulk or size. The difference in weight may be intended to convey that the bourbon bottle, being smaller and rounder, is easier to store than a wine bottle. Yeah.. it doesn't make a ton of sense, but use it to your advantage.
  17. In the Workshop, there's the Autotsar (I think) Towing mod, which builds upon the now vanilla-in-41 towing. Among other things, it adds to ability to push cars, though I've never used it, so I'm not sure if it's OP or canonable.
  18. Yeah, there is a mod, as someone mentioned, and in the mod there's: Open MRE, which gives you, I think all the different items. Main meal, hot sauce, fruit, snack, spread, coffee packet, beverage packet (sugar), and sugar free beverage. Ohh.. and a flameless heater. Then the actions are: insert(?!) hot sauce, heat meal, eat. Spread peanut butter/cheese onto crackers. Add water to dehydrated fruit. And open the coffee packet. Oh, and make one of the beverages. When you open the coffee packet, I think it contains coffee, sugar, and creamer. It's definitely a bit too detailed, but they're also a bit too abundant. So far, that's not an issue because none of my characters live long enough to depend on them.
  19. It's called pop in some places, soda in other places, and even in other places, everything is just Coke.
  20. Kauffy

    Tow Rope

    There is a mod that expands towing as well as adding a bunch of really interesting trailers. I think it also has a tow rope-- or maybe just a tow bar. I think it's called Autotsar's Better Towing or something. It definitely has Tsar in the name.
  21. This, exactly, exists in a mod called "Lockpicking. Just lockpicking." It's a pair of skills to acquire-- two magazines. 1 teaches making lockpicks from paperclips, 2 teachers opening locks with a crowbar. Burglars already have these skills. Locks vary in difficulty, and to pick them you have to equip both a lockpick and a screwdriver, and it takes a bit of time. Crowbarring a lock is similar, but using the crowbar. It's a well done mod.
  22. I completely agree and this, in addition to sound, are the only two things that feel "fundamentally broken". Line of sight makes a ton of sense, as does having things be invisible to you because they are occluded, but there is no object persistence, as you point out, like a car that was right there a second ago has disappeared. Or, worse, a zombie I'm sneaking up on suddenly becomes invisible because (I think), I passed near a tree. It's also visually unclear what I'm seeing sometimes when combined with lighting-- I use Cat Eyes a lot, so I can almost always see in the dark, but I often can't tell whether what I'm seeing is because a light is on, because of Cat Eyes, or because of light from outside. You also can't (immediately) tell if a tile is dark because it's invisible or because it's just dark. It's clear that the engine can do different colored lighting, so I think that could be handled a bit better-- use, perhaps, a greyish-fog for things you can't see, render objects that are just out of view (like zombies, or cars) as darkened versions, use a slightly greenish color for Cat Eye, and so on. I'm sure they're working on this, but I just wanted to agree and add some points!
  23. This is like reverse camouflage! One thing that would be hilarious would be a Hypercolorâ„¢ shirt-- the dye in it changed colors with temperature, and since they've done this complex character temperature model, why not show it off with a Hypercolorâ„¢ betraying how hot your armpits and manboobs are!
  24. I really do like this idea, for the sake of immersion and adding a challenge. It creates a little bit of a key-hunt, but that's not terrible when it's just a side-action. Add, definitely, a crowbar should allow you to break into the machine with some effort-- and some of them (I think this was even true in 1993) have an alarm.
  25. This should definitely be the case. It should be similar to climbing down a sheet rope-- your character pauses at the top before going down, so you can cancel the movement (I suggested this a million years ago, and I'm sure others did as well). Everything is the same as now, except there's a brief pause at the top of the fence where the player can back down by hitting a key (direction? E again?)
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