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Persony Persony Rhymey Timey


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I wanted to go with "Roald Dahl has a road stall", but according to Google that's not a 'thing'.



The scandalous university mural artist's hair was styled in a shallow sawtooth fashion.


The only thing I know about this is that the hair style is called Crimping. I thought i'd found the artist but Thomas Benton doesnt rhyme with crimping :(


Edit: Unless its something like Gustav Klimt has his hair Crimped


but my brain is telling me no.

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6 hours ago, Nickenstein79 said:

Yes! Tooks is indeed (and has been for *ahem* ... some time) utterly correct!


Gustav Klimt's hair is crimped!



I won? I won! Aaaaah!


Well, I dont know if this game is still going on but lets try throwing out one for you guys (lets make it kinda easy)


An american presidential candidate gets their phone stolen at knife point whilst visiting Greater Manchester.

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23 hours ago, Nickenstein79 said:


Hmmm, after staring at Google maps for a bit, the best I've managed to come up with is:


Hillary Rodham Clinton is chillingly robbed in Swinton.


Yep! I was thinking Hillary Clinton got mugged in Swinton but that's pretty much close enough :D

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