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  1. Much like OP's pal, I did this for the longest time thinking it did something. It just made so much sense.
  3. RAAAAGH! OM NOM NOM! Tryin' ta get me to sign my name? FOR WHAT?! So you can sign up for basic cable in my name?! OM NOM NOM NOM!
  4. Finding the rarest and most powerful of horns.
  5. Silly, beautiful creature. You shouldn't regret something that has brought so much joy and bemusement to so many diverse peoples. 'You cannot always be what you want to be. But you can be a hedgehog.' -Granny Zombadger
  6. Holy poopsticks. Thats actually fairly rare. A girl hedgie, and halfway normal looking with no edges. TENOUTTATEN
  7. Maybe you should have bought cars for zombie survivalists and not your adoring fangirls.
  8. Yes. The badger is my favorite. :] You can still find posters of it out there in children's bedrooms. Spiffo is cool and all.... but badgers!
  9. @Hydromancerx Thanks mate. I'll keep that in mind. Should be easy with the foods. I just put the leaves in on that one because the dandelion has such a distinctive shaped green. #plantnerd Here, have a some bread.
  10. When I grow up, I want to be a lesbian blacksmith. I could make high quality scissors.
  11. 1) yeah. did those last night. HOT AND FRESH 2) of course you can use them 3) =( 4) i gotta run out and do errendy things, but will be back and will do that before too long i'll do some more foodstuffs today as well. it was surprisingly fun doodling in a teeny tiny 32x32 box.
  12. Edited for individual pngs.
  13. Sweet dreams. And who is this Grizzly fellow/madame?
  14. Neato. :] These are some of my favorite type of places to loot. You might get lucky and get literally everything you need in just a few days of hard work. Gartz! Gud jorb!
  15. Hatred is a terrible burden. I will pray to Vishnu or maybe burn an offering to the Great Mystery that you overcome this heavy onus. I recently read the Quran. Finished it about a week ago. Before that, The Stand (A re-read. It's just that good of a story.). Before that An American Tragedy. Currently working on The Divine Comedy. After which I will read the collected essays of Charles Peirce, The Pragmatic Maxim. It may not be 600 pages, but it is heavier than most books, if you catch my drift. What keeps you up at night?