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  1. Enjoy home cooking, understand that my hermitage is necessary and trust that I would never, ever hurt them. How much time has your smartphone added to your average trip to the bathroom?
  2. You know you play too much Project Zomboid when you make Chef characters to pretend that your icon is a shotgun shell.
  3. I love being weird, unless there are children or doppelsoldner drug friends hanging around my house. However this doesn't prevent them from noticing the strange things that try butt chocolate. I'm a curious hadephobic pagan who buys people from Japanese traffic-rings freedom, that is kinda hagiophobic with that, but what a wonderful cute dog operates time-zones, specifically votes for Tybug0rz cause, it's Cthulhu adept clown memes.

    HEADLINE: Beautiful amateur singer at audio Carnival pursues participating in forum games!
  5. This lovely portrait brought to you by Neon Talon Claw.
  6. Competition

    This looks fun. Well, not this, exactly... but this forum game!
  7. Today I learned that I can only like 25 things a day. This has given me new appreciation of the likes I have gotten as well as perspective on the likes I've given.
  8. Given how I rely on butter knives, I too am a little put off that the favorite weapon thingy doesn't give it credit.
  9. I love this dude. His video on farming yams was super informative.
  10. You know, I always considered this to be normal. I will sometimes spend upwards of an hour thinking about and going back to dogeared pages in a book that I am reading after I have finished it. Could very well be a bug though. Sweet catch.
  11. Set yourself to 'log walls are ridiculous and I won't use them'. Shit gets real and stays that way, most plays. I find myself crying over smashed tomatoes.
  12. Sweet dumpster lockup. This is very realistic. Where I live, they keep the dumpsters in storage-facility style lockups with the roll-up steel doors and everything. The homeless here are very aggressive.
  13. But buttery yellow is my natural skin tone. How cool would it be if there were a way to darken your skin tone over time?
  14. Sit in solemn contemplation that a dry summer thunderstorm could start fires that destroy your world. Me likey.
  15. Finally, a use for gasoline.