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  1. Ach. Bloomin' dropbox for you, changing things and all that without any consideration. Link should be fixed! (Thanks for the reminder)
  2. Random Mapzoid: UNFORTUNATE SUBTITLE v0.60 Mapzoid is a little utility provided for the purposes of generating arbitrary, organic looking BMP files to use as the input for the WorldEd BMPtoTMX feature. It works alongside EasyPickins' Mapping Tools, hopefully fairly well. It's currently in a fairly workable state, but I would appreciate some feedback, bug reports and general feature requests that anybody can think of. I'm personally not exactly swimming in spare time, but I will do what I can to fix any bugs or anything that may be raised. The Python Code, or Windows Executable Package, can be found in the links below. SOURCE (Python 2.7) EXECUTABLE SOURCE NOTES: Current Change List: Read the readme.txt for some instructions on how to work the program, or just ask here. Alternatively check out the following youtube video: EXAMPLE OUTPUT: IN WORLDED: This program is released open source under a permissive BSD license. Contributions or wholesale rip-offs are more than welcome, if you should so desire to join in.
  3. Hi Happyteacup; Apologies but I'm not really up to speed with the current processes of getting a functional Worlded map implemented in to the game. I'd suggest heading on over to the general map modding section where more specific - and current - advice would be better sought. Sorry I can't be more help, and thanks for your interest in this little program
  4. Sorry for the delay in response ... I seem to still have not figured out this forum when I visit (and now it's changed again .. ha!) ... I didn't realise this thread had a couple of extra replies. Thanks! Python 2 was a bit of a non-choice as that's pretty much all I can (could) do, including the use of Libtcod as the library. Basically toyed about a few years back with making a sort-of-roguelike, got used to the various bits, and then in a fit of inspiration created this one week whilst I was getting paid by my work to do something else entirely unrelated ...
  5. mendonca

    Operation Roboid

    Looking great Nickenstein! Thanks for the update, Yay!
  6. Sorry about the delay, I missed this question previously. 1. No. It is a ***** nightmare, I can't even remember how this thing works (the script I have set up to package this works, and that's all I can tell you about it). I'm not saying that to be difficult, I'm just saying that I struggled to understand what I was doing when I was doing it - and it was very hit and miss for me to get py2exe to reliably work (I might have even 'frigged' some of the dependencies in the Python standard library to actually make it work, if I recall correctly). 2. Familiarity - personally I do not know what tkinter is - or what it does. On the other hand I have spent a long time messing with libtcod, and can reasonably quickly carry out the sorts of tasks I want to do.
  7. mendonca

    Project Chernaurus: (Suspended...) Check the above tutorial out ... It was written a while ago and the image links are broken, but it might be a reasonable start. I'll dig out the template files I had set up and share them here. (Nice rubble walls, Grivcin ! ) Edit: Try either of these files in Paint dot net, it might give you a pointer on how to lay out tilesheets. (note I do not know how to make tilesets work for the new Zomboid - just managed to do it for previous versions - Thuztor is the man for that )
  8. mendonca

    Project Chernaurus: (Suspended...)

    Wait, i can edit it in the program without me even knowing? *Brain shrinks* It's not that straightforward, to be fair. There is a separate config file called 'init.cfg' that has a few variables you can play about with. One of those is the width of 'major' roads (the roads which run from town to town, and sometimes in the centre of larger towns).
  9. mendonca

    Project Chernaurus: (Suspended...)

    You can edit the width of the 'major' roads in mapzoid, if you want.
  10. mendonca

    More Buildings

    So I've got a few buildings that I've been making. They ain't as beautiful or ambitious as some of the others already posted, but hopefully it's better that I post them here rather than leave them on my computer never to see the light of day. Also I'm not tending to detail things like gardens etc. - if you use these files you'll get the chance to do this yourself I'll keep the OP updated as more appear. RESIDENTIAL: MODERN LARGE HOUSE SMALL DETACHED HOUSES including variations (rotated): SOME WOODEN HOUSES (2-bed, 2-storey) variations on a theme ONE BED FLATS INDUSTRIAL: MACHINE SHEDS (NS or EW) A LITTLE HUT / STORAGE UNIT THINGY COMMERCIAL / LEISURE:
  11. mendonca

    More Buildings

    New little block of single bed flats. Also reformatted the OP so that it can take a few more buildings and remain semi-readable.
  12. mendonca

    More Buildings

    Another house added, and some variations of the small detached. Ninjaedit: Thanks Maklane, you too!
  13. mendonca

    Project Chernaurus: (Suspended...)

    Love the 'home sweet home', looks great!
  14. I see what you mean, but I would still say you are much better off doing them individually and modifying anything iteratively as you go. The small gains in productivity you make will be offset hugely by the added benefit of having individual building files available at a later date. Get some graph paper (or just use excel or something), and plan and sketch your general buildings prior to starting. Whichever way you go, you'll find it a huge benefit to getting it done correctly and to your own vision.
  15. mendonca

    Mapping Tools - Problem whit Tiles

    Cool, glad you got it fixed
  16. Not sure if there is anything stopping you doing it this way, but I personally wouldn't. What do you hope to gain? Marginal levels of convenience? I think this would be blown out of the water by the added utility of being able to duplicate / tweak positions of buildings etc, plus you can reuse significantly generic stuff for your next map.
  17. mendonca

    General Creativity

    Best I could do in twenty minutes with a pencil ... (Needs a lot of work, obviously)
  18. mendonca

    Rezzed 2014

    Whenever anyone says 'Populous' my body unconsciously thrums with the rhythm of the title music.
  19. Single doors are about 900mm in real life, so I would say anywhere between 1m to 1.2m is about right. Definitely just work on what feels right, though.
  20. mendonca

    How to use different types of exterior Wall?

    Just a slight warning on adding information using the 'tile' mode ... All this info would be lost if you wanted to rotate / mirror your building. As such, generally it's best left for final detailing etc.
  21. mendonca

    Rezzed 2014

    Speedos and a ball-gag
  22. mendonca

    Rotate stairs ?

    Because of the isometric view, the 'other' two directions would be very unclear as stairs (just like straight lines) so they don't exist unfortunately.
  23. Just checked out the .tbx files for interest. They are pretty simply formatted and this would probably be reasonably easy to achieve for the right person. I can't help but think that most of the output would be pretty lacking, to the point where it MAY less work to just create 10-15 reasonably simple and straightforward house types, then save down 10-15 iterations of each house type (rotated, furnished, decoration change, small tweaks to walls, little extensions etc.). You could probably get 100-255 'different' houses in about 15-20 hours work, all hand crafted. Granted it might need a briefcase full of Orbital mix-tapes, various synthetic chemicals and some kind of Dwarven Martial Trance if you wanted to attack it in one go, but I reckon you'd get there. I bet it would take at least that in programmer time to get a first iteration that would produce absolute garbage, lacking in soul as well as coherence. I'm more inclined to suggest we need a 'Drive For Mundanity' in the buildings section, in preference to a random house creator. (Would be cool to see somebody have a crack at it, though).