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Removed House-Shadow left behind


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I am playing in IWBUMS 40.38 on a MP server, I am not sure how long this could have been around or if anyone has ever noticed it. 

A house burned down near my base and finally after making changes to the base I decided to remove the burned down house. After doing so the interior shadowing is left behind. I have made sure several times that I had removed all of the roofing. Everything has been removed. Is this a known bug?

The house I removed was at:
Coords: 11024x9421
Cell: 36x31
Rel: 224x121



The Second place I tested this was a small awning near by:
Coords: 10972x9448

Cell: 36x31

Rel: 172x148



As you can see I went into Admin mode to remove these and to double check I had removed everything.

Is this some sort of mapping bug??




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The mapping tools bake-in some lighting data to increase the game's performance at runtime, so it's not going to be an easy or quick fix from what I understand of the last times this has been discussed.  You can sort of work around it by deleting the corresponding lot or chunk data files from the /media/map/muldraugh, ky folder, but I really wouldn't recommend trying it.


You'll also see this happen with map mods if they're not placed at the right level; even if they're under the Muldraugh map, their lighting data will still show through as black shadows.

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