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Hello people!

I have been working on this map for several months and finally briefly finished a cell.

So why not make a thread and gather some feedback :)







School and buildings



the Mall





And a fully accessible Bus




Any questions, comments, suggestions are welcome.:-)

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Updated Overview pic

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On 2016/4/1 at 3:45 AM, TheCautiousOne said:

Damn. Thats a big map my friend! The Cell is looking great. A lot of concrete for runnin that's for sure. 




yeah also a lot of buddies will be running with you:lol:


On 2016/4/1 at 4:16 AM, Neutralnz1 said:

Awesome, been waiting for a urban type map. Looking good so far


Thanks! really appreciate your comments.


On 2016/4/11 at 11:47 PM, Queen Glory said:

Only one cell done? Dude i do not envy the work you have to do to finish this thing up but man it's lookin' good.


yeah only finished one cell, spent too much time on everything especially on scales and custom sprites.


On 2016/4/11 at 11:58 PM, jamesorbe0 said:

I need that bus and more of them :D


definitely will make more vehicles:rolleyes:

but that will be after creative mode and other mod related info sort out.


36 minutes ago, Queen Glory said:

I probably should've started making my map long ago because by the time i finish it it would be pointless because the creative mode will be out.


I think maps make by the old tools can be transferred to creative mode, so buildings or vegetation map you make won't go in vain.

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