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    Union City

    UNION CITY With Louisville a still a while off I decided to take up the task of getting a good sized city into the game. Also, Yes the map does borrow the name from the last stand web browser games but otherwise has no relation If anyone would like to help out with buildings, comment here or PM me. I don't have alot of time to work on the map these days, every now and then i will post updates though It has many buildings made by myself and other contributors, i have also made alot of custom tiles for the map. Most recent progress Residential Housing High School A Victorian mansion. Just one of Legoland99's many creations, Custom Sprites This map includes new sprites and variations made by myself I have made a bunch of clutter objects to make the world feel more lived in and immersive Thanks to the following This map will also contain buildings from the community. Thanks to the following forum members for your creations Legoland99 Atoxwarrior 956Texas BeastlyBean Blackbeard06 cmseter dko112 DoctahWong Doublebrain EUDOXIO fluffe9911 GothicGhost grivcin Jela331 kaizokuroof Leolvanov mads232 Mainulainen Project Zomboid (for 2 example buildings) rsdworker Sieben The googlator Traya Aclus Valindil Veged VikiDikRUS Way2sp00ky Z3759xy IndigoRebel zoeyflower
  2. Neutz

    Union City

    Been finishing up bits and pieces of the map that have been half done while i was working on other areas, here is a bunch of apartments on the outskirts.
  3. Neutz


    So good to hear, I posted a long loooong way back in the suggestions about using the commandos style sniper rifle scope as an idea for aiming, I think it will fit PZ pretty well. Really excited for all the bits and pieces that have needed updating for ages finally getting overhauled, hunting, fire effects, aiming etc.
  4. Neutz

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Just some outfit ideas I can think of on the spot Pilot (general airline and military variations) Hospital patient (hospital gown etc) Nurse Trucker Hazmat suit soldier (I think this is in but not sure?) Hunter (camo pants and hat + high vis, found in forests) Also as another person mentioned a ghillie suit. Will it be possible to have special outfits like this give you + to sneak or are we going to far RPG with this?
  5. Original designing an area for the redboid servers safezone, Not sure if i will post it to the workshop at this stage or it will be exclusive to the server. Taking inspiration from TWD's Alexandria this is a survivor community meant for Mulitplayer servers. The houses will be mostly unfurnished to alow players to furnish the interiors how they like. I will add Solar panels at some point, hopefuly once the new power grid system is in this place will have legit solar power 24/7/ New Perimeter walls also.
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    A suggestion would be to give maybe metalworking the ability to craft a water tank/rain collector or something, which could then be connected to buildings the same way generators are. Giving the whole structure water I would like to see washing machines usable, I never bother to clean my clothes as the downside of wearing dirty clothes is too minor and washing them currently is tedious when they get dirty so fast
  7. Neutz

    Build 40.40 - Patch Released

    Did this fix players getting wet in player made constructions? I thought I read in a previous mondoid it was getting fixed for this build
  8. Neutz

    Z Spawn Density in Large Buildings

    Did you find a solution for this? On my first redstone map for some reason the hospital is packed with zombies but the main base building is almost empty.... I could never figure out what controlled indoor zombie spawn rates..
  9. Neutz

    Mist Me

    I have to agree, the soldiers need some sort of vest. An armor system or just the shirt modeled that way would do.
  10. Neutz

    POI Fort Redstone, KY

    Having a break from my Union City map, as i was getting really burnt out. I didn't like some of the community maps because they add too much and some of them just don't fit right and are too big with no online map. So i decided to start some small POI type maps with alot of detail that fit right into the original map and only replace a few cells First up is Fort Redstone, a Military Base located just North of Rosewood. Some buildings are from the community pack but edited and the others i made myself. It includes custom tiles and spawnpoints for FilibusterRhymes military vehicles.
  11. Neutz

    POI Fort Redstone, KY

    Updated a new version, i moved the treeline back slightly and fixed a few other map errors.
  12. Neutz

    Union City

    Alright i got there in the end, i updated the original post and here is the map today.
  13. Neutz

    Union City

    Hahaha sorry been busy with my other map, I'll update it soom
  14. Neutz

    Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (May 17 2018)

    Is there an updated newtilesdefinitions.tiles file, the most recent one doesn't have definitions for the new double gates that were added for vehicles, I want to make some custom ones but not sure what definitions to set?
  15. Just following uo on this, is it possible now I tried adding a "military" zone to the file for filibusterrhymes vehicle mod but it didnt seem to work in game, not sure if I was doing it right? Thanks
  16. Neutz

    POI Fort Redstone, KY

    Some people have a found a couple errors in the map ill have these fixed tommorrow, also thought of another Idea that I will try get working shortly, I know people have been requesting it from the devs for a while so stay tuned.
  17. Neutz

    POI Fort Redstone, KY

    Maps completed, link in original post. Let me know if you find any errors.
  18. Neutz

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Really nice map, great idea taking PZ to another part of the world
  19. Neutz

    Union City

    I hope it sees the light of day as well. The most recent progress photo is a lie, I have done alot more and its almost 3x the amount of buildings placed I just havent got around to updating the photo. Ill post a new one tonight
  20. Neutz

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    Wondering was this done yet, as I want to make new vehicle zones for custom map but im assuming the current good, bad, police etc are hardcoded and we cant make our own ones yet?
  21. Neutz

    How to create new vehicle mods

    Quick question, is it possible to add in custom parkingstall zones, Looking to make a custom "military" zone instead of using the original ones. Tried just adding it to the vehicles distribution file. (The one that controls their spawn chance) but i think im missing something.
  22. Neutz

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Thanks for letting me know, wanted to make sure it was even possible before I even attempted it, will try it with the furnace and see how I get on
  23. Neutz


    Was just reading up on dead matter, another zombie upcoming survival game and they posted in their blog about upgrades to vehicles as well and posted some pics. Please let us do this to the vans in zomboid as well, roof racks to vehicles would be a good idea too... More storage space.
  24. Neutz


    I like the idea of a modular system to upgrade cars, being able to choose which piece I want to upgrade first etc. Please add an upgrade to protect the lights so I no longer have to carry 30 spare bulbs in the glove box lol. One thing that I think would be important is to tie this in with metalworking, at the moment there is really no reason to take metalworking over carpentry.
  25. Neutz

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Is it possible to still use the forge in the same way if I were to make it into a solid placed object or would it not work since it currently considered a item, is this possible. I dont like the way some objects can be walked through but I have made some of my own custom placeables for my map, so if its doable ill consider doing this for the mod