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  1. This is so good I wonder what do you fill inside the hill, when I am making hills. I think if I sledgehammer a wall, I can just live inside the hill with lots of space, also it is pretty secure
  2. Woohoo Waited for so long Stable Build player here
  3. wow two updates in these few days!
  4. That weather system is crazy Are we gonna see Humidity affecting our body or drought killing plants?
  5. split the building into two parts then place them in the corresponding cells is the only way I know otherwise the program will tell you it detects error when you try to create lot files
  6. so these tools don't support windows XP? I get the "not a valid win32 application" when I launch either .exe its fine if XP is not supported, just wondering.
  7. wow 30x24 cells your worldEd is gonna have 1 fps lol Keep up the good work and have fun
  8. Matthee


    really nice to see new tools coming out Gonna add some pokeballs to my pokemon map
  9. Your buildings are really good OvO for the worlded part, you need two bmp: one should be called "whateveryoucallit.bmp", you put things like dirt, roads, water(river,pond), grass floor tiles here another one should be called "whateveryoucallit_veg.bmp", it is for vegetation. the background should be black, and layers from your screenshot above "normal trees" "grass on dark grass" should be placed at this bmp. Each grid in worlded is 300x300pixel, hope you know what I mean These two bmp need to be at the same directory. Than drag "whateveryoucallit.bmp" to those grids, you should see your map is placed there immediately. Then go to File -> BMP to TMX -> All cells / Selected Cells only -> choose a export directory -> check the two on the bottom left -> click OK click on a grid, and you shoud be seeing part of your terrain and be able to place buildings on it.
  10. you can try placing those kind of windows in Tile mode
  11. Matthee

    Thirty fivin'

    that prototype lady is actually cute.
  12. Matthee

    My map project

    Hello While waiting for creative mode, I have been working on a pokemon crystal map for fun and here is some screenshots
  13. you are using tile mode you can't remove them because you are on the wrong layers I suggest you redo the whole thing on ortho/iso mode (they are the same mode with different dimension) instead.
  14. Matthee


    nice from the first animation of pistol, I can totally see reloading magazine with the help of a zombie's head. and how about attach a yoyo to the spear for some extended range
  15. Matthee

    Operation Big Tree

    I hope we can sleep on tree, like with a few belts to tie up our legs.
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