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    Urban TerrorZ

    Congratulations to XeonyX!!! I remember when he helped me out back in the day when I was new to creatin' buildings and tryin' to figure out the maps. He was a real help and I've always been purdy grateful towards him for it. He's a fantastic mapper and I'm sure he'll do a great job helpin' with Louisville. Keep up the good work y'all!!! I hope to get my girlfriend into the game when build 41 multiplayer drops! >:D
  2. So you're telling me it was my fat ass fingers that were removing the keys from the car mid drive THIS WHOLE TIME????
  3. DresdenBBQ

    Taking aim

    Thank you so much for this Thursdoid!!! My friends keep askin' me when multiplayer for build 41 Zomboid is comin' and why it's takin' so long and now I can simply link them this. Can't wait to see what hijinks y'all are workin' on for build 42!!!
  4. Thanks y'all!! I needed the names of those threads so I appreciate ya finding them for me. It's good to know that making buildings itself hasn't changed a lick. I appreciate the help.
  5. I think the broken wood spear/broken huntin' knife into your inventory is the best resolution to this issue. It's possible they haven't overlooked it and just haven't implemented it yet? (Remember that clothes could be damaged before the ability to repair them was added to the game.) Nonetheless it'd be nice to have an official response that they know that's a problem and they have it in the queue!
  6. I really wanna know how long this goes on for too. It'd be cool if at some point in the game it got taken over by survivors instead of cuttin' out completely. Maybe that goes against the game's lore of it being "There's no hope for survival everyone's gonna die" but having it cut out on Day 9 with the T.V and radio would kinda suck and not make it that viable. Like whoopie you get to know the weather for nine days. It's a neat feature but the length it plays will determine its usefulness.
  7. Finding performance parts is one thing but other parts like windshields, gas tanks, hell even engine parts are hard to find if not impossible since they're not on the loot table. How sick would it be if you could play an even harder setting where all cars come by default broken and you have to find engine parts to get one operational? Even if you do find performance parts they're always busted in some way and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you can repair some things like suspensions or brakes?
  8. You can already yoink car parts from cars but I'm purdy sure that every car has the exact same parts default to them. You can't get better car parts unless you get them from a mechanic's shop and install the parts yourself. It'd be nice to find cars with better parts in them but I've never come across any before.
  9. I don't know about y'all but I've always been kinda annoyed that you can only find car parts inside mechanic shops. Of course that makes sense they'd be there, but when you scour the whole map and you don't find a single large or even standard size gas tank or any other upgraded parts for that matter on a save where's there's no loot respawn it's kinda annoying, especially since getting to mechanic shops can be an extremely deadly endeavor and can easily result in death since they're mainly situated deep in towns. Such is the apocalypse but I find it hard to believe that you can search four towns head to toe and still not find the right parts for the car you have. Not sure how many others agree with me, but wouldn't it make sense for warehouses to maybe have some car parts in them? You'd obviously lower the spawn rate dramatically but findin' parts every once in a while when you're scouring warehouses would not only make them more worth your time to check but also offer another way you could potentially find parts that are in high demand. You could even have some garages have car parts in 'em! That's just my two cents, any comments building on or criticizing the idea are more than welcome, they're encouraged!
  10. OH THAT'S GOOD TO KNOW! I totally had no clue, thanks for the heads up. That's definitely the issue.
  11. So I was readin' through some old threads of mine (Mainly my building thread) and it made me realize I really wanna get back into makin' buildings for y'all smart cookies who know how to create maps!!! (Only old folks will remember Queen Glory's building thread.) One small problem though... It's been three years and my memory was never world famous so I've forgotten much of what I've known. If someone can show me where to find the most updated version of Tilezed and the room/building definitions I'd be forever in your debt! It'd also be nice if someone could tell me if the buildings I make will work in Build 41!! Anyway that's all, hope whoever reads this has a fabulous day!
  12. So I was just streamin' the new build and testing out the mechanics earlier and I waltzed upon a few bugs here and there and thought I'd share 'em. The first one I stumbled across was whenever I was lootin' one of the country residence's on the north side of Mauldrough. I entered the kitchen lookin' for some supplies and there were two different sized counters on top of one another. I think it's important to note that I could only access one, the other one acted as if it didn't even exist. I found it here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3797607129818059,0.21250675999632618,585.4751946596091 The second one I found when I was in the northern part of the map with the Pile of Crepe's, mechanic's and gas station. I went into the gas station and found some partially filled cans, so I took 'em outside to fill 'em right up. When I was rummaging through them later I noticed oddly that their weight hadn't changed when I filled them up. They stayed the weight they were when I'd initially found them. The empty cans worked fine so it's only the one's that spawn partially filled. I haven't tested it to see if I empty it if it will fix it or not, but that's just another small bug I noticed illustrated by this picture: Also, not sure if this is a bug or not buy my character is CONSTANTLY depressed and anxious. Which I figured was normal, it's the apocalypse after all. But watchin' other folks play... I dunno, it's weird. Their character's don't seem to get nearly as anxious or depressed as mine. I didn't even question it until I was streamin' in the TIS Discord and someone was like "Damn bro I see you readin' books but you're guy gets stressed right quick after he reads. Not even my guy is that bad." Not even sleeping helps stress values go down, actually it makes him more stressed. Not sure if it's a bug affecting the stress and emotional values of my character or if it's workin' as intended but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless. Anyway hope some of this helps!!! Keep up the good work y'all.
  13. DresdenBBQ

    Sock it to ’em

    Oooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Always love hearin' about the progress on multiplayer. I got a few friends who are interested in buyin' the game and playin' with me but they're holding off until the new update. I can't wait to see next week's update!
  14. DresdenBBQ

    Like, sew cool

    Congratulations to the happy couple! How romantic, meeting during the zombie apocalypse! I hope they have a wonderful future together and wishing them nothing but the best!
  15. So I was just out exploring the world and trying to get my hands on some more loot to prolong my survival and when I was exploring one of the warehouses out of town, I opened the garage and to my surprise was met with a wall! It's not a coding bug as y'all know but just a mistake since the walls on those garage doors were never deleted, since up until this point the garage door had no functionality and was just cosmetic. I'm guessin' y'all will have them all fixed up by the time Build 41 releases since there's still a lot of work to be done. Just thought I should let y'all know and keep up the good work! https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.4180342365140396,0.21824195862031306,197.81359483314137
  16. You're so right Geras. Is it just me or do all the professions seem just a little weak to y'all? How is it that someone who's never even seen a circuit in his life over the span of three months get better at jurryingrigging electrical devices but someone who studied it in college and adopted it as a profession? Who needs college when you can read a few books right? I honestly think that all the professions need a buff and I also agree they need more to make them stand out. Like, you could make the angler profession be able to catch bigger fish more regularly. The farmer profession knows how to get the best yields from a harvest and as y'all said knows when to plant the crops by, Park Ranger is able to get more rarer plants since they know the land and are familiar with where plants would typically be at (Different plants require different conditions even in their ecosystems), hell you could make the burger flipper more endurance cause any fast food job *requires* endurance. I get why they're a little weak, you shouldn't be able to get all the skills right off the bat but I do think they just need a slight buff regardless if not only to make them more unique as well as valuable. There really should be a whole update in general just completely reworking the values on skills and how fast it takes to get certain ones to make the progression more linear and even.
  17. Could we please get a buff for the farmer profession? Farming is honestly one of the easiest skills to upgrade, plus honestly it doesn't really make much sense to them only to have skills in *just* farming. You could give them a +1 to maintenance, since maintainin' and repairing farm equipment, be it a tractor, your power tools or simpler tools is something most rural American farmers do. My godfather's dad who lived on a farm all his life maintained most of his tools instead of buying new ones which is why he's had them for some twenty odd years. Even the chef profession gets maintenance skill but the farmer doesn't??? The most maintenance chef's typically do is sharpening knives! You could even give them a +1 to long blunt skill, since they're used to using shovels, rakes, pickaxes, etc. Which does require some time to aim right since you always wanna hit the dirt at its weakest point and it requires some know how to effectively use those tools. Hell you could give 'em +1 shootin'! I've never known a farmer who didn't own a shotgun down here in rural southern America. Farmers are used to needing one to scare away hogs, deer and on occasion birds who try to eat the crops! As it stands the farming profession is highkey one of the more useless ones which is sad and farmer's know how extends out farther than just knowing about crops, they also have a basic knowledge of the land as well as survival. This is just my two cents and I'd like to see if anyone here agrees with me here. Cause as it stands professions like Carpenter, Engineer, Veteran or even Electrician are objectively better professions to take.
  18. DresdenBBQ

    Runners Return

    My jaw literally fucking dropped when I saw the runner zombies. They look disgustingly brutal and I have no idea how anyone could survive if all the zombies were runners. That's just ridiculous.
  19. So I've been playing the new build recently a goodness gracious is it fun! For the first time in Zomboid I had to actually completely flee the town into the wilderness and now I'm currently dehydrated, starving and about to pass out miles away from any sort of civilization. Lest I go back to Mauldrough which is certain death. Though when I was playing I just thought that two small improvements would be nice. 1: Adding the ability to save a preset for your character's appearance. This wasn't really a huge deal in previous builds since your customization options were extremely limited, but now with the added options the ability to save a character's appearance would be a nice slice of life addition. 2: Thigh high socks! This could actually already be in the game for all I know but I thought I may as well suggest it anyway since i haven't seen them! I wanna be able to bool down the street vibe checkin' zeds as a ripped jock rocking nothing but my underwear and some cute thigh high socks. I think that would really be the cherry on top in terms of immersion! For real though more sock options would be cool. These are just my lil' suggestions.
  20. I don't quite know how it works but I know Hydrocraft has instruments and you can add in music to play on those instruments and it works in game as well as in multiplayer. I don't know if you can change the actual soundtrack music or add on to it so, maybe? That's a question for the modders. In any case they're actually updating the soundtrack with the anims build to add more soundtracks so I'd stay tuned for that!
  21. I don't think that the hotbar has been added yet? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but they're workin' on it as a side project and it'll be released with the whole official update of Build 41.
  22. Sooo, I was just thinkin'. Now that anims is officially in the game, I assume more anims will be updated with time? Including I dunno, maybe the ability to handcuff other players? It'd also be an interesting mechanic whenever NPC's are eventually added. What y'all think? Y'all reckon that's something that's planned for the future?
  23. DresdenBBQ

    Thermal Expansion

    Oh my GOOOOODDDDD I LOVE the way the new holster system works! One thing I've ALWAYS loved the concept of but never really saw any game do is actually having your gear visible and I'm so glad Zomboid is taking this approach! It'll allow for a much more in depth character customization options and maybe, just maybe. I'll get killed by fewer diaper wearing bandits now!
  24. DresdenBBQ

    StreamZed II

    This game has improved so dramatically with the last few builds finally adding in much needed changes like more complex weather and vehicles, and now we're about to get animations!!! I can't wait for this build to drop so I can dive right in and teach all of my newbie friends how to get munched on by zombies in style! I can't wait to see what Mash does too with the art style. The more post-apocalyptic looking, the better!
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