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  1. It is done. Sent you a message with dropbox link. TCO
  2. I should be able to connect it for you if you so desire. TCO
  3. I have left all files enclosed in this thread, through dropbox for anyone to complete as they see fit. TCO
  4. From Rico https://postimg.org/gallery/i61w1978/4f349eae/ TCO
  5. Ship is fixed, there was NONE applied to those floors. Changed to grate floor texture. Should be perfect. Any problems getting into the ship after the outside stair adjusment from the shore? TCO
  6. Here is the stadium top down. Where do I need to mod flooring? This is the First FLoor TCO
  7. Did the tile flooring change on ground floor that was spoken and pictured above help? TCO
  8. I have changed the floor tiles in the Security room of the Stadium (Bottom Floor) to see if it will fix the black floor. TCO
  9. Pretty much knocked this out. Next List. The FLooring issue is killing me. I cannot understand why it wont work. TCO Still need to work on Stadium as I have no idea what could be causing the problem.
  10. Finished all room defs for the Football stadium, there shouldn't be a problem anymore, but please let me know. This Stadium is beautiful. TCO
  11. Good. Trying to wrap up touches on buildings. TCO
  12. Replaced Ship with another Ship in Cell 26,21 Added entrance to ship also. TCO
  13. Is this file available on dropbox? Hydromancerx is looking for me to add to California Project? TCO
  14. Both have been modded and fixed. I duplicated and changed the room def inside of the Confederate mansion for the kitchen and bedroom definitions to work. TCO
  15. Looking at building properties, and also buildings in 25,22 that are partially finished. Trying to add furniture, etc... TCO
  16. Really??? Where about in the map? What type of buildings. I can check the room definitions to combat this. TCO
  17. Multiple Spawn points added. TCO
  18. Ground Floor Textures in Stadium need to be changed. Compliments of Hicks. That floor texture was changed to white tile. Feedback to see if it works now? TCO
  19. 28,20 Burnt building was showing as black tiles, Replaced with barn for outhouse. TCO
  20. All Main river water (LIght Blue Tiles) Have been replaced. Still need to do pools and the lake. EDIT Lake Fixed as well. 26,22 and 27,19 Had Water tiles Modified. TCO
  21. In 26,23 and 30,19 I changed the tiles that are around the Military road block. Let me know if this works for ground to appear. Like So And here TCO
  22. Cell 30,21 Has had the Light Blue Water cells removed and replaced with Stock Water Tiles. Please Report to me and let me know if this prevents the ground from showing. TCO
  23. Thanks a ton, Kind of Working out the kinks here before working on the Bugs. Appreciate that! TCO
  24. Keep them coming, I will do an update once I have most bugs pointed out. Not so much worried about spawning there as I am the terrain issues. The Football stadium should be an easy fix, as I have yet to look at the actual build files. Ship Containers... Eh.... I will see what I can come up with. I think the Military Checkpoint tiles on the ground were my fault. I will go over the patches with regular road tiles and see if that is the fix. I will check out the Water tiles by the shoreline, just unsure what would cause that. TCO
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