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Better Menus Mod (v5)

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Hi All,


I have made a mod which fixes various glitches with the user interface, and which stops tooltips and context menus from going offscreen.


I have attached an image of it in action below, along with the mod (in the new mod format).

Unzip in your mods directory and enjoy.


UPDATE: v5 now available!


Details of all the changes in the spoiler

v5 -

bug fixed in vanilla pz:
fixed scrollbars getting stuck (e.g. as almost always happens during trait selection)

v4 -


bugs fixed in menuMod:
fixed regression which resulted in options screen going to top left corner

v3 -

bugs fixed in menuMod:
fixed context menu tooltip drawing regression

v2 -
inventory tooltips stay onscreen

bugs fixed from vanilla pz:
tooltip drawing glitch/flicker fixed

v1 - initial release
context menus no longer go offscreen

bugs fixed from vanilla pz:

ISLabel.lua -
removed reference to nonexistent variable in constructor

ISToolTip.lua -
removed reference to nonexistent variables in constructor




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THANK YOU! thanks for this mod and thank you for the easy and simple direct download link with no evil captcha or recaptcha, no evil google link and no annoying junk, just straight to download nice and simple GOD BLESS!

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