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  1. You must be fun at parties... I don't go to parties, I train for the Olympics.
  2. If all the recent updates are in the OP... then how recent are we talking? I understand that your policy is no eta's... and i think it's a terrible policy. I know where my recent posts are... thank you. I also know for a fact that at least two of my posts/comments have been deleted. I tell people about this game all the time, and now I can't because I stopped believing in it. Hope you guys finish the game.
  3. please please please I have stopped playing this game entirely... partly due to the irregularity of the updates (slightly out of the your control) partly due to the way that the updates are presented to us (completely in your control) Please... can you provide the update history log or whatever you want to call it in a fashion that is easier on the eyes. I should be able to go through all the past updates and familiarize myself with the changes that have been made since the last time i've played. It is very distracting and unnecessary to have pages and pages of comments when all I am trying to read is the update log... I... like most people.... do not care or need to know what other people have to say. The update log should not be a place for conversations, ideas, arguments. It should just contain the games update history. I know the update log is in the original post, but I want to see all the updates that have been made recently in the same post, being able to scroll down and through the pages, only seeing vital information that a person interested in keeping up with a game in development would want to see. I'm not a dev, not a programmer, not involved in the gaming industry in the slightest.... But I am heavily involved in customer service... and no... not working at a fast food restaurant customer service. You are making it difficult for people to stay updated with the game... and therefor... people are losing interest. Remember that people for the most part, are retarded. I mean literally, the average IQ is classified as "Dull Normal". So why are we making things difficult? I'm sure you know that for every comment like this... one that I've actually taken the time out of my day to write... that there are many others who are feeling this way that will not write about it... they will just stop playing your game, they'll stop talking about it with their friends, they'll eventually stop thinking about it and move on. It seems that there are more people monitoring this stupid forum and deleting my posts than there are working on the game. And really... the whole never giving out a specific date for an update... is a horrible way to conduct business. After visiting theindiestone page day after day and seeing "Upcoming"... along with pages of people putting in their two cents... has completely put me off to even visiting the page to see if there even is an update. I am writing this because I believe you have a good game and I want to play the finished version, not because I'm a wanker.
  4. I'm an average dude, I can pick a lock. I've never used a "lockpick" before... only paper clips and credit cards .
  5. No, that is why the thread title has UPCOMING in it. I was uncertain. The thread was created 23 December and a post about changes was today. Thanks for the clarification. If the post say UPCOMING, it's because it's.... upcoming thats what you guys get for trying to give us a little taste before dinner is ready
  6. I went outside and it wasnt raining and my volume was on too high and baam... thunder very loud. It was a nice surprise.. Just letting you know the thunder is working on my game... I always run on safe mode.
  7. These would be good, guess the bed could just be another container for now. PSA: Please don't try to write with spaces like that. Haha, no..
  8. Hello, I always search before posting ideas. Lots of beds I know i'm not sleeping in, maybe I can remove those sheets and get some good use out of them. Maybe there is some good stuff underneath these beds as well, and maybe if I don't have a shirt I could craft a toga from a sheet. Maybe's- -Remove sheets from bed -Storage underneath bed - Toga clothing item Thanks -Mat
  9. I did a few searches to see if this was brought up somewhere... they yielded no results unless mentioned somewhere in a thread that got off topic. Thought it would be cool to put an item like a candle holder so that we could place a candle on a table or similar surface. Just looking to bring some light into my boarded up house after the electricity goes without opening a curtain and bringing attention to myself. Love the game
  10. awesome mod... works even when using the xbox360 controller... now i dont have to move my inventory boxes to mid screen and block my view of the zeds. Thanks alot
  11. no ive not gotten this to work for me in compatibility or regular mode... maybe in the future update for the game it will work again
  12. Well seeing that I am most definitely the largest and strongest individual in my zip code, and that New Jersey has extremely strict gun ownership laws... I would have prior knowledge and confidence that no one around where I live owns a gun, or could possibly take me in a fight. So I'd take shit from people that I would find no use for... We are all looking out for ourselves... and if you are a useless individual and can offer nothing to a rebuilding society... you are going down. I work with the developmentally disabled and would probably loot their group homes knowing that legally they have to have food, water, and emergency supplies stocked for retarded people. Being in your mid 20's and in supreme physical condition allows me to think like this. If i was someone who needed to rely on other skill-sets, I would most likely have a very different strategy. I am not one of those doomsday preppers you see on tv... i'm the type of guy they are worried about. Of course, I'm not looking to take over the world after the end of it... I'm just looking to live comfortably, safely, and happily throughout the rest of my days. So to reiterate: My Plan- - Bust some ass. (Be faster, stronger, and tougher than the opponent. Fights are won and lost before they've even begun.) - Only the strongest survive (mentally, physically, and emotionally.) - Take from people who cannot defend themselves and are useless, (They will cause more harm then good in the end,) - Endure on a property in the woods and on high ground. (Tons near me) - Use my knowledge of basic survival, farming, carpentry, and engineering to STAY ALIVE. (Cause that's what we're talking about... RIGHT?) Hope you're not offended, and hope you're not unarmed if the time comes... cause I'll be around.
  13. I have only tried it on the latest steam version which has the option to add mods from the start menu... albeit you still have to properly pack the folders in your pz directory. I am not using a mac, I am on pc. I will extract the "itshammertime" folder as you've suggested... but am still confounded as to what you mean by "install the gimme file from the zip".. the only file i see in the gimmehammers folder is a lua titled- gimmehammers. Am i too also extract this to the pz directory. Also.. pressing f8+h... what does this do? is this done in game? thanks for answering me and I love that we have smart people like you who have any clue what they are doing when it comes to stuff like this.
  14. I love the idea of adding more hammers, but i've yet to find any combination of packing and re-packing the folders and files to make this mod work. It has not caused any errors, but i've not found any hammers while playing on sandbox mode with the loot set to abundant. Has anyone gotten this to work and verified that the hammers are showing in-game? Has anyone else had my problem? Thanks
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