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  1. Onze, Paris district

    Looking real good!
  2. Sassa's Stuff

    Well, you certainly made some really nice things!
  3. These not so scary zombies.

    I feel you man. The first two times I played this game I couldn't survive more than 30 RL minutes. But ever since, I can live for months(in-game) and I don't even get scratched. It's the main reason I've not played for some months. Just waiting for something new so I can do some crazy stuff cuz it's always the same
  4. Movable Furniture

    Gets my support too!
  5. first project: construction of mansion :D

  6. Mac Version of Multiplayer.

    Yea, that works. I posted a bit too quick. Sad that I can't switch between apps by using the JavaAppLauncher in fullscreen
  7. Mac Version of Multiplayer.

    Edit: posted to quick. Solved it.
  8. Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23

    Mondoid's are on monday, sorry to spoil.
  9. Weapons In Your Household?!

    I've got an axe without the axehead
  10. Extra Weapons Mod

    You can find all weapons in the scripts folder. The file should be called TommyGuns Items.txt, this is where you want to be. And you're lucky, the item's right on top.
  11. Detailed Character Stats

    Stats are always fun!
  12. Extra Weapons Mod

    That's exactly what I meant, thanks for clarifying. @Morbo, that's strange. Are you sure you restarted the game after disabling the mod?
  13. Extra Weapons Mod

    Yes, you can't simply turn off a mod which spawned items into your world. Simply because the items are there, and when you start the game it will look for them but the mod's gone, so yeah.. I advise you to keep the mod but to delete the distribution file so there won't spawn any more of them. About the cheating, I've got no idea tbh. You could maybe try it without compatibility mode (on a new save?) to see if it's because of that?
  14. Extra Weapons Mod

    Oh yeah, that's so true, and sad
  15. 'Save & Exit' as opposed to 'Exit'

    ^ great!