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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I have made a mod which fixes various glitches with the user interface, and which stops tooltips and context menus from going offscreen. I have attached an image of it in action below, along with the mod (in the new mod format). Unzip in your mods directory and enjoy. UPDATE: v5 now available! Details of all the changes in the spoiler menuMod-v5.zip
  2. TRAPPING MOD FOR PZ v2.9.9.17 By Thuztor (sprites & textures), Nelolis (scripting) and Peanuts (code) Well, time to dig out this mod from the old PZ forum! OK. So, you're feeling like a trapper ? Ok let see that...This mod will let you place traps for catching some meaty and delicious preys. DOWNLOAD LINKpz-mods.net : http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Trappingmodxeno-mods.com : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/157/trapping-mod HOW TO USE THIS MOD When installing this mod, you'll have in your inventory a rat trap, a box trap (something like that) and carrots for the bait.What you have to do is right click in some place and choose in hunting menu one of the two options (place rat trap or place box trap). Once done, you'll have to craft some carrots slices (right click on carrots item) to make some baits. Then, right click on the trap you just placed and in the hunting menu, choose the option "load trap with" and carrots slice will appear in the submenu. Once the trap loaded (note that you can unload the trap by right clicking on a loaded trap), you just have to wait if some stupid cute animal will fall into the trap If this is the case (you'll see that the trap's texture has changed), you just have to right click (one more time ) on the trap and then choose the "retrieve" option.Simple ? Yes. But be careful. Choose wisely places for your traps otherwise your chances to catch something will be thin. ACTUAL MOD CONTENTRat trap : this trap can catch rats and chipmunks (don't ask me why I choose chipmunks ). More chance to catch rats in urban zones. Best is in houses (near wall). More chance to catch chipmunks when placed in countryside.Box trap : this trap can catch rabbits and squirrel. For both, placing trap in countryside, far from houses is good idea. Near trees is good choice to catch squirrels.New recipes and items : rabbit, chipmunk, squirrel, carrots slices, cheese slices, apple slices, steak slices for making baits (the 2 last need knife/axe/saw to be crafted).PLANNED CONTENT Preys will disapear (escape or eaten) if not taken earlyTraps will become worn over time and can be damaged (by zeds, predators, etc.)Add field dressing (skinning and gutting)More traps More animals, lures, recipes, items (like fures, etc.)Add trapping and skinning skills and add books/magazines/etc. for learning new trap crafting recipes. Some traps will need a certain level in trapping skill to be crafted.More accurate calculation of chances to catch animals (if needed) As you can see, nothing really new since the last version except the fact that there's now textures for traps items and zeds no more attack traps like if they was doors or windows. Keep in mind that's still WIP. So expect bugs, gameplay balance problems, inconsistency on certain points.Any feedback is welcome
  3. Get bored of pausing game to see if an item is a component of a recipe on your favorite pz wiki site ? This mod is for you. This mod will help you to learn the recipes of Project Zomboid. SCREENSHOTS HOW TO USE IT: CraftHelper offers two ways to learn recipes: See all recipes where an item is usedSee directly the complete list of recipesAll you have to do is : Open your inventoryRight click on an item. If the item is used in or more recipes, the "craft helper" option will appear in the contextual menuClick on the "craft helper" option to see all the recipes where the item is used.Move the mouse over a recipe to see its composition in tooltip boxOr Click on the new available button (to the left of screen, under character info button) to open a window where all recipes (sorted by name) are displayed. Like above, when your mouse is over a recipe, its composition will appear in a tooltip box.NEW In recipes list, recipes shown in green can be crafted. In tooltip box (recipes composition), you'll see [+], [~] or [-] before items name. [+] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory [~] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory but not enough to craft recipe [-] : means that you don't have this item in you inventory FOR MODDERS Modders, you can hide your recipes from craft helper. You'll need to create a module for your recipes. module My_Mod{ recipe Make Foobar Recipe { foo=10, bar, Result: Foobar, Time:80.0, }} Then, you have to put this line in your code: if craftHelper ~= nil then craftHelper.skipModules['My_Mod'] = true;endHOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD: Just extract the media folder and put it in your Project Zomboid game directoryLINKS Available on : Xeno-mods : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/91/craft-helper-modpz-mods : http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/CraftHelperMod/ CHANGELOG v1.1.1 : compatible with new mods loading system of PZ : Show recipes you can craft with what you actually have in your inventory. For each recipes, show in tooltip box what items or not you have in your inventory. For modders, possibility to hide your recipes in Craft Helper (filter by items module name)v1.0.3 : Craft Helper window's background is now opaque (transparent background can make reading difficult recipes when multiple windows are openv1.0.2 : Now that the new PZ version (v2.9.9.10) is released on Desura, hotfix is included in v1.0.2 archiveHotfix : Makes CraftHelper compatible with PZ v2.9.9 (forum test release)v1.0.1 : Now works on Linuxv1.0 : Initial release
  4. Swap swap swap your primary and secondary weapon. Press TAB to swap NOTICE: If you downloaded this mod before, PLEASE REMOVE media/lua/SwapEquipped.lua as the file is deprecated after installing the updated version The 1.1 update was made by RoboMat, thank you dude Download at pz-mods.net
  5. Highlander

    Canning Mod

    Food Canning Mod By: Highlander Nothing is worse than the feeling you get after you grow your own crops only to see them start to rot. It's absolutely devastating when 30+ rot all at once. Wouldn't it be nice if there was some way to preserve your hard work? With this simple Canning Mod you're able to put your blood, sweat, and tears into a little jar for later. Don't let all your hard work turn to dust; preserve your efforts! In version 1.1.0 you have eight new items to can and preserve. “Canning Salt” and “Pectin” have a low spawn rates and are only found in a few places, so we reduced the use per can to make them last longer. It also made more sense to require “Mason Jars” be filled with water before they can be used to can. The mod is now mod loader ready; just drop it in the mods folder. Feedback and ideas are always welcome. Download List of Recipes Future Plans Version 2.0.0 Hand JuicerWatermelon JuiceOrange JuiceApple JuiceGrape JuiceLemonadeCarrot JuiceTomato JuiceV8 JuiceStrawberry Banana JuiceVersion 3.0.0Dehydrating RackDried TomatoDried PotatoDried StrawberryDried BananaDried AppleDried CarrotsCorn NutsRaisinsRat JerkyBeef JerkyChicken JerkyZombie JerkyChange Log:Version 1.1.0Canning Mod is now mod loader ready Canning process will now requre to fill Mason Jar with waterCanning process now uses less Canning Salt & PectinShortened Display Names Added Canned HorseradishAdded Canned EggplantAdded Canned PeasAdded Canned RatAdded Apple ButterAdded Grape JamAdded Watermelon JamAdded Orange JamBug fixesVersion 1.0.1Bug fixesCode OptimizationVersion 1.0.0Initial Release
  6. Metal Forging Mod 1.0.0 By: Highlander Metal Forging Mod is based on Shivster's "Crafting Nails Mod" (with his permission.) In his mod you can craft nails out of pretty much anything metal such as pots, pans, silverware, etc. by smelting them down into an ingot. In the "Metal Forging Mod" we have taken it a step further; not only can you smelt almost everything metal into ingots, but you can forge it into something else. The following items are both smelt-able & forge-able: ShotgunPistolHammerCrowbarAxeSledgehammerPotPanKettleRoasting PanThese items are just forge-able: 9mm BulletsShotgun ShellsHingeDoorknobNails Lastly, these items are just smelt-able: SilverwareBarbed Wire New items in this mod: Forge - Only has so many uses before it is worn out.Brick - Used to Build ForgeConcrete Mold - Only has so many uses before it is worn out. Other items utilized: BucketPlankConcrete Powder Weight System The weights in this mod are relativity balanced for instance an Ingot = 1.0 and Axe = 3.0, so if you smelt an Axe down you will make 3 Ingots and vice versa. The only items that this rule doesn't apply to are 9mm Bullets, Shotgun Shells, and Nails. As of now, an Ingot will forge 100 nails. If I left it relative and forged the amount of nails in weight, you would end up with 1667 nails from a single ingot. As you can see it would be a little over powered. This is also true for the ammo. Other than that everything else stays true to its weight. List of Recipes Download Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback, ideas are welcome too! Change Log: Version 1.0.0 Initial Release
  7. Banjo

    Banjo's Mods

    Sorry, folks! I got delayed by "real life" for a few weeks, but am now back to post my mods as intended. Yay? In an attempt to ensure that my time-sapping "mapping research" project last month wasn't totally in vain, I'm starting my mod posting with my "alternate start" mods... ---------- 1. START MEGA-LIST Mod type: alternate start / modder's resource Starts the player randomly in one of the many interesting locations scattered all over the entire map. This is less of a playable mod and more of a fun-to-mess-around-with one, or a basis for your own mods/coordinate research. Most locations are commercial ones (shops, warehouses, etc.) Included in the file is an Excel spreadsheet with my mapping research data so far (it will also auto-generate spawn code from co-ordinates when entered in the correct columns). Got a favorite map spot or somewhere cool you've found and want to start at? Post/PM me the co-ordinates and I'll update the mod to include it! DOWNLOAD (Apologies to those I promised this weeks ago! Hope it comes in handy!) ---------- 2. START AT DIXIE MOBILE PARK Mod type: alternate start Starts the player somewhere in Dixie Mobile Park, south-east of Muldraugh. For more zombies, play in Sandbox mode with Zombie Distribution set to 'Uniform'. DOWNLOAD (I love this location!) ---------- 3. START AT FARMVILLE Mod type: alternate start Starts the player somewhere in the farming community to the distant northwest of Muldraugh. For more zombies, play in Sandbox mode with Zombie Distribution set to 'Uniform'. DOWNLOAD (Hey, devs... how about placing a small shop or two in that "farmville" map region?) ---------- Also currently in progress: Mod that determines your start location based on your profession (with several random choices for each profession, and supporting popular custom profession mods like Xmod, Action Hero and my own WIP profession mod).---------- Install Notes: Being fairly OCD about mod organization, I always include easy uninstallers, but they will only work if you use my default mod install path ("mods" in the Steam/game subfolder). NOTE: ALL MY MODS UNLESS STATED ARE FOR THE STEAM "BETA" TEST VERSION ( SOME MAY NOT WORK WITH THE VERY RECENT "INTERIM" x64 STEAM TEST BUILDS OR EARLIER (NON-STEAM) BUILDS. I hope to eventually update for compatibility with the interim build, but due to instability and what appears to be a lot of code-breaking differences (or bugs, but I'm leaning towards the former) I just don't have time to figure out what I need to change right now. ---------- I'll update this first post with new mods as I get them updated and playable. My professions one and my "fixes" are next...
  8. Greetings, post-apocalyptic gourmet. Here's my (technically) first mod at pz forums. This mod rebalances the process of cooking soup, so that it's more realistic and complex. > Cooking soup became more realistic, complex and feels more like cooking > Secondary soup ingredients list has been considerably extended. > Soup can now be made from the products of farming > Eating soup uncooked will impact your health > Custom icons, 2 secret soup recipes And more! Extended description can be found in readme.txt My goal in making mods is making them as suitable for vanilla gameplay as possible Your feedback and (constructive) criticism are very important to me Download: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/SoupOverhaul/
  9. slash

    Juices mod (v0.0.1)

    Hello forums, this is my first simple mod: "Juices" It lets you squeeze your own juices out of most fruits and some vegatables. With the help of sheets or a pillow as strainer, you can fill empty pop bottles with fruit juices. Current v 0.0.1 contains: Tomato JuiceCarrot JuiceApple JuiceOrange JuiceGrape JuiceMelon JuiceStrawberry JuiceLemon Juice Download and more infos here: https://github.com/voodoocode/juicesmod Your feedback is welcome, here as well as on github. Thanks!
  10. EDIT: The contents of this mod have all been merged into my new mod CCCP with some changes and many new items and recipes] Alright, here it is, my first mod. Nothing earth-shattering, I just started adding some new items and recipes to the game and figured I might as well share it with the community. So far, everything seems to work fine in the current Beta ( open and hidden beta), the items show up and the recipes work "vanilla" and with "crafthelper" and "lockpicking" mod running. Backup your saves or start a new one if you want to try this, I can't guarantee that it works older versions and/or different mods. Shouldn't cause any issues, it's just a few text files and a lua distribution script, but who knows.... So, without further ado: A mini-disclaimer here: Originally I was using the [sic] Food Expantion: Jerky 1.0 [sic] mod by jerrylwatsonjr, but that one hasn't seen any updates since August and is not set-up to work with the mod loader. So instead I grabbed some pieces, simplified some recipes and absorbed it into this one. If there are any objections to this I will remove the jerky pieces from the mod. New Items: Baking Tray (not new, but added to the distribution list) Canned Apple Canned Peach Canned Pear Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookie Dough Pizza Dough Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Garlic Powder Herring Homemade Bread Jelly and Jam (Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Wildberry, Grape) Jelly Sandwich Peanut-butter Sandwich Peanut-butter and Jelly Sandwich Liquid Smoke Marinade (Simple and yummmy-yummy, for Jerky) Mason Jar Pasta Pasta Bowl Pepper Pie Plate Homemade Pie Pizza (boring, simple and awesome as pie and in slices) Salt Shaker Sliced Onion Sliced Tomato Sliced Apple Soy Sauce Stir-Fry Worcestershire Sauce Yeast New Recipes: Slice Apple Slice Onion Jelly and Jam (Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Wildberry, Grape - cooks a pot, then refill to mason jars) Bread Sandwiches (Ham, Ham and Cheese, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Jelly) Pizza (boring, simple and awesome, makes pizza pie that can be sliced) Pasta (simple and awesome, can be refilled into bowls) Marinades and Jerky (Marinade plus any sort of meat creates Homemade Jerky) Fried Herring Pie (makes whole pie, can be sliced after baking) Chocolate Chip Cookie Stir Fry and probably something else that I missed. I recommend using Crafthelper to see all the combinations Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?xakg33vl9r693n8 Extract the archive to your C:\Users\[user]\Zomboid\mods directory Permission (Click the spiffo for more information): Use it as you like or merge it into your own mods, but if you post it with those items or recipes, mention where it came from. I'm posting this in WIP for now so you guys can test it if you like and give feedback on the balance of items/recipes and any bugs/compatibility issues you may find. Enjoy. -M
  11. Food Canning Mod Overview: This mod offers a method to preserve your crops by making and canning soup (pasturization). Soup can either be canned in empty tin cans, empty bottles or mason jars. Current Features: Ability to can Tasty/Hearty/Complex soups using just a pot1 Pot of Tasty/Hearty/Complex soup will require 4 bottles/cans/jarsObtain empty cans from current items (Tuna/Beans/Soup/Dog Food)Canning soup using empty cans will have an expirary date (maybe 1-2 months, because realistically you can't reseal tin cans)Canning soup using Mason Jars (must be found) will have last indefinitelyThe created canned soup can be eaten straight from the can without cookingCooked canned soup will decrease boredom/unhappiness more than eating it uncookedCooked canned soup will offer some hydration as well Fully compatible with other modsShould be compatible with 2.9.9.x (currently testing on Alpha 21 latest)Planned Features: More realism, I'm considering adding a pressure cookerConsidering if using empty cans should require candles to make a sort of DIY seal out of waxMore cannable itemsEmpty can item distribution Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.
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