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  1. Has there been any way to charge a car battery added? I was a little disappointed to realize that I wouldn't be able to use any cars on my 12 months later build.... Every battery is at 0% by now.
  2. Exactly! It would help you make the most out of every single little thing you find. Make sound traps, or just leave yourself a trail to follow home. If there was a safehouse littered with empties and a dead man you would also have to look harder to find anything useful because there would be garbage to sift through.
  3. I've noticed that when you drink a can of soda, eat a bag of chips or a can of food the item conveniently disappears. But if you were to make a soup, or cup of coffee etc it will leave behind an empty bowl or pot. I think that after eating something, it should be replaced with a trash version of that item (empty chip bag, empty can etc.) which you would then have to deal with in some way. Either by dropping it where you stand (which would leave a trail for NPC's or other players), or by placing it in a garbage can or other such container. Adding garbage items would not only give you one more element to consider while surviving, it would also replace some of the abundant food items with trash which is far more realistic than finding an empty cupboard. It would give you more to search through, and change up the looting game. Here's a mod that was created for Build 31 that did exactly this: http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Littering/ It would be awesome if this made it into the final game!
  4. I was bored in my safehouse, and on the verge of depressed. I then read 4 books in about 1 minute, and my character was just fine. Maybe all books should have a set amount of pages, and it takes a much longer time to read them (like skill books), but instead of boosting your XP multiplier, it reduces your boredom and unhappiness. It would have a set amount of pages (i.e. Magazines have 30 pages, newspapers have 20, books have 200.) So for example you could have one book that you've been reading for awhile, but haven't had a chance to finish so you read it in your spare time instead of reading 4 books in one sit-down like in the current game. Just though this would add to the immersion factor a bit! Then maybe when you're done with a book it's benefits are cut in half for you because you've already read it, instead of just disappearing as if you burned it.
  5. In the new sandbox options, will there be an option to remove/modify the rate of helicopters and planes flying over? As well as random world events like people screaming, gunshots etc. Not that I don't love those details, but say for example you are starting a new world with a lot of erosion. It would be, say a year if not years into the apocalypse, so some might like the option to remove helicopter flyovers to give more the feeling of a forgotten world. Knowumsayin?
  6. Pravus, that's so fucking awesome that you did this. Thanks for being a generally badass dude. Also major props to Kjulo for the original and that completely fitting trait art. Also, I'm guessing a new game would be recommended?
  7. Just wondering if you were planning on continuing updates for this in the future. I'm using the .16 build right now (holding out on updates until NPC's), and I'd love to stab a zed in the brain with an ice pick
  8. As unrealistic as it may be for KY, I love the idea of a snowy zombocalypse. No game has given me that, I love the sound of a harsh winter and slow zombies. Maybe someone could do an in depth snow mod? Plus I'm pretty sure TIS developers don't plan on quitting making maps anytime soon... It's very possible that the game may not be set in only Kentucky
  9. PUSSY. DON'T PLAY IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT. Heh just kiddin. I agree with ya, but I'm satisfied by the fact that you can loot your old character and reclaim your safehouse after death. If you want, you could try "zSpawn" which is a menu that pops up allowing you to equip any item available. I use this from time to time to expedite certain building endeavors, so maybe you can use it to, say, equip a pistol and bat after death? I dunno, just spitballin here!
  10. I might be interested in this! What sort of tone were you hoping to set for the game? I don't think the vanilla soundtrack is atmospheric or dark enough, so that might be a start?
  11. Erm... You forgot Postal man... Postal is what you need... Postal 2 was the shit! The third one was shit...
  12. I wouldn't mind maybe a menu option for all of the above? It sounds to me like a personal preference and I like all those ideas. But I'd want to try a few and see which ones worked best for me. I can't be alone on this one
  13. Definitely understand that, you guys have a lot on your plate right now. Which is why I was hoping that some of these kind, generous modders would apply their skillzzz. I fear my sweater may be growing moldy at this point I like the sound of a ninja suit though
  14. Anyone working on some new player clothes? I love my sweater and everything, but I think it'd be neat if someone added new variations on clothes, and maybe some special items i.e. a trenchcoat for rain and protection, boots that give you additional rain protection(and maybe even a stomp ability ), a vest/jacket with a bunch of pockets to increase personal storage space, etc. Function is priority, but it would also be nice to have a little more customization. I would do this myself, but I know zip about modding...
  15. Mrxbath


    It's more of a tradeoff to not getting tired, which means if you need to do something like make a break for it in the middle of the night - you won't suffer any effects for sprinting till morning. If you've barricaded yourself in and feel secure, you can still fast forward til morning. It sounds to me like security is more of a pipe dream in this world.
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