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  1. What problem? Can´t say what´s the problem like, but by using the mod, for example, the new craft Menue won´t work (the button is there and there is a response too if you press the hotkey, but the craft windwo won´t open.... Sry4brokenEnglishStyle-yeah, just another german^^ EDIT: Sry, worked again after I downloaded it again... Yesterday it won´t... ThX & Greetz for all your hard work man! I´m sure U spent thousands hours into your fantastic awesome aalpha mod!!! Staaaaiiiiil!!!!(it´s german )
  2. That just sounds like an ideal way to start with an unemployed agoraphobic. He dared outside, flipped out and found himself in the woods. hahahaha^^ niiiceee one!!!!
  3. Niiiceee!!! ThX so much dude - and guess what? The decisions you made by the choise of mods could ??(have)?? been mine^^
  4. For sure, I'[ll re-design it, those were just the first colors I slapped on it. More tweaks ahead. Possibly multiple ones, and a pinball machine once I figure out multi-tile stuffs. Edit: Well since I can't seem to sleep. Made another skin for it, using images from PZ/ui folder. Niiiiiceeee - to all those zeds outside: "i´ll need 5 minutes more - just wanna give the game a try... After that i will play the headless-game with u in the backyard too... just 5 more minutes zeds.... 5 more minutes....^^ hehe
  5. GunJamann


    Yeahhh... I´d loved to smash ZedHeadz with some Survivors of this damn good Server ;D So, please... Let me join... ;D my Steam Acc is: SVZ GunJamann
  6. Hehehe - sooo good! You´re working too hard for us, but I guess, we all appreciate that!!! Ahhja, sry4 my english ;P
  7. Gameplay is identical. Just instead of holding left mouse button to charge, you hold right mouse button. And instead of letting go of left mouse to attack, you just press left mouse while right is pressed. It's identical in terms of depth of the combat system, just hopefully more intuitive. Yeah, thX for response! Testet it out yesterday... Till this morning Works fine! I´m not afraid anymore ;D But if I understand it right, I have now less control about how hard I will hit or is there a trick^^ I mean if I go backward in front of a horde to take one after another out - is there a way to strafe (hold right mousebutton^^) and hit a zombie face with low Power - only to push him back to his group of friends...? I ususally play Survivel Mode, so I´d like to slow the Zombie down without pushing him away... Pushing away is to risky I guess... Hopefully you can follow me more or less...^^ hehe ThX&Greetz 2 all!
  8. I didn´t test the new System yet - and I´m really afraid to do... It soundz for me like downgrading the Game from hardcore to core...^^ Don´t know if I express it good enough to be understandable^^ Sry hehe... And yes, I´m another German without the ability to speak english at all ;D But who knows for example the gameplay of Crysis 2 and the third part - and the changes of the suitenergy... That´s exacly what I tried to explain... In Crysis 3 you need no skill anymore^^ seperate suitenergy for stealh and armor mode, no energy required any more for max speed and strengh^^ what the fuck^^ but if u need the challenge to have fun with gaming - you better don´t holt your breath... Go and by Crysis 2 ;P Maybe u more skillless folks will buy it to start the game on easy oO maybe you gain more money, but for sure you will loose many of your old loyal fanbase... But I can´t imagine that you guys will do unthankfull thinks like this... And it´s truely so that u won´t!!! Or even not.... *ejaculation2God*
  9. Hey 2 Robomat and all of the Windows-using-Zomboiders out there! first of all Sry for my - I think overall more than horrible - english grammar and stuff like this ;D But I think you will be able to follow and understand me at the end... more or less I guess^^ Kay, here´s why I´m writing: With the Windows path direction you will only open your current savegame folder. I don´t know yet if the Steam Version will use this path for its savegamefiles too... I will have a look at this later maybe^^ The following path shouldt guide you to your Steam-Version Zomboid--Mod-Folder... Of course only if iinstalled steam with the common path etc pp^^ C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\mods here you will find the examplemodfolder Robo talked about... Now, have fun ;D Greetz, by Fabz
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