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  1. Zombies are hard, yes, but if I can make this just on the edge of town in the last couple steam builds with the hordes just a stone-throw away without cheating, then I'm sure you can manage too. The first picture shows a savegame that started from the first steam build, the second picture is from loading up with the latest build. You can see that the farms have visually vanished but still seem to be there since I can water the exact location a farm was in (As you can see by comparing the two photos). Would be good if the hordes were a lot less as I also played this one on sandbox with some of the easiest settings and had large hordes sitting around after the first reload, however, I was able to keep them away from my building by setting off alarms in the nearby caravan park or by just running through the horde to get their attention. It isn't impossible to survive, just make sure you get the bulk of your looting done before you save and reload; the warehouses in the north, centre, and south of town are the places you should probably go to first since they have the most required items for building a decent safehouse. Just make sure to build on the edges or outside of town, otherwise you are going to get cluster-f**ked. Also, you can kind of see that I tried to put a sheet-rope in the eastern window but it instead got attached to a fence that was next to it even though I clicked on the window and not the fence, didn't matter in the end since I found an alternative way to put the sheet-ropes on the fences instead. That was in the first picture, I tried again on the sheet-rope in the newest build and still couldn't place the rope down on the crafted window. I have not noticed any crashes yet but I still get the very slow loading black fog. Edit: Strange that not all the farms actually vanished from sight, I can't remember what seeds I planted in the farms that are still there but I am pretty sure all the ones still visually there are the same type of seed.
  2. I can confirm sheet-ropes not working properly on crafted windows; I built a walled off area, created a second floor above the wall, built a window facing east, then tried to place a sheet-rope but my character ran downstairs and placed it on a normal crafted wall on the bottom floor instead, I also couldn't place a sheet over the window. The corners of crafted walls that face south east have a large gap that can be walked through from the inside but not the outside. Sometimes there are random areas that crafted things such as floorboards can not be placed on even when there is nothing visually blocking the square, I have been able to place floorboards in those same places on different characters.
  3. I'm sure all these issues are already known but I will post them anyway just in case: Seeing some odd render issues and the game gets quite laggy, often I will be running and approach large black squares that slowly load the map up. Had a random crash that deleted my character on a sandbox save, I loaded the save back up and had to make a new character; zombies were everywhere despite saving the setting to be on low before the first crash and they were all set back to the default settings so that they could detect me from quite a large distance and run after me. Played on that for perhaps 10 to 15 minutes and as I was running back towards my safe house zombies stopped spawning altogether followed by a second crash a minute or so later. Not seeing a bonus after eating food any more, but at least the negative effects are still going away after eating. Various containers around the map are harder to interact with now, particularly fridges and some counters. Mods that create items also no longer appear in game despite everything being in order with the correct folders. Some sheet-ropes instantly kill you if placed on a window that has a roof below them; the sheet-rope will appear on the first floor as if it were dangling through the roof, a good example of this is using a sheet-rope with the north window inside the bedroom with the double bed on the second floor of the house closest to the train station in the north east. Sometimes I see the character appear in the foreground with the object behind him, like a sheet on a south-side window will not fade out of view with the rest of the window and will instead be behind the character even though the character can not see outside that same window, this happens regularly in the same house I mentioned earlier. Somewhat often containers will no longer let you transfer or interact with items inside them, including the inventory, the only way to fix it that I have found (without restarting) is to right click an interactable object in the map and use it, like opening/closing a door or window with the right click menu. There is a similar bug that stops you from being able to interact with world objects using the right click menu, but when you press ESC twice (open and closing the menu), it fixes it. Item condition bars are not displayed in the correct area and appear higher than the object, so it can be a bit confusing at times. Right-click menus often go outside the screen which can make interacting in inventories to be an annoyance, also if you move the inventory and loot windows/tabs then hit the side of the screen they will get stuck to the mouse pointer, can be fixed by spazzing the hell out and clicking everything/button-mashing. I think the sandbox settings not saving and the slow loading/random crashes are probably the most annoying, but other than those issues I am quite enjoying the new build and am pretty happy to see PZ finally on Steam with simple and quick updates. Awesome work, TIS!
  4. Is this compatible with the latest test build (
  5. Playing this with the corpse mod (version 0.9.3 on PZ version I found the rectangle of 'hidden' corpses still spawns somewhat often but temporarily vanishes once restarting, however, there was one time that I played and instead of finding the 'hidden' corpses visual, I had little skin coloured circles permanently appear on the second floor of one of my hideouts in the bank (restarting didn't help, so I made a new game). I am using other mods so perhaps that caused it but this one seemed to be a lot like the previously mentioned bug in a new form. I should have taken a screenshot of it just in case and I will do so if I manage to find it again. Didn't seem to change anything gameplay related, it was just more of a visual annoyance. Another thing I have had a problem with is finding any gloves, I checked the mod files to see where they should spawn but still had a hard time finding any; perhaps they should have a definite chance of spawning in the medical clinic and/or public food-related buildings? Anyway, this mod is fantastic again and even better than the previous versions, keep up the excellent modding! This has to be one of my favourites and consider it to be a must-have mod.
  6. I played this mod on version and found those naked corpses that are mentioned in the thread, whether that is because it is on a version that it wasn't updated for or because the glitch is still an issue I am not sure. Found it in an area that I first used as a safehouse but had to abandon; I am pretty sure it is the same amount of corpses that I disposed of but instead of being outside the building they were all found in an evenly spread pattern, half outside and half inside, in a rectangle formation. I am not sure how long it took for the corpses to appear since I left the area altogether for quite some time. I hope this helped but if not, I at least know of the mod and how useful it is now. I have stopped playing many times in the past purely because there were just so many corpses clogging up the frequently-used areas so this left me wanting a mod just like this. I will be watching this one and hope to soon see it get either implemented into the game or at least see a similar idea. Cleaning up gore (as previously mentioned) and corpse decomposition would also be awesome features to eventually see.
  7. Perhaps the high zombie count is due to some settings not saving? I have noticed that whenever I play through a game, save it, then load it back up, everything seems to have gone back to default values. Maybe I am wrong but I do know that the custom sight option certainly gets reset since they see me a lot easier if I have set it to poor, load it back up after playing for a while, and then get seen from a much further distance away. Loving the updates so far so thanks for the awesome work, TIS!
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