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  1. I could be wrong, but i think its against forum rules to start a thread for pictures only. I will take a look at the forum rules.. EDIT: Guess not, but i could have sworn it came up before. Actually think that's when i collected my nick name.
  2. Kidlonewolf


    Nice job! Are there three levels/floors including the bridge? Would be sweet to access the hull.
  3. Looking forward to this update. Thanks TIS!
  4. Not sure if this correction was made later on it this topic, but boiling water doesn't make it safe to drink. Yes boiling is needed to collect the steam which is safe to drink once collected. If you get stranded on an island please don't drink boiled water.. Set up a way to collect the steam to drink. If you have nothing but the shirt on your back, use it. Place it over the container you are heating the water in and it will soak up the steam which can then be wrung out into another container or your mouth if you wanted to do so. I have years of hiking and climbing and this is brought up a lot. Boiling water does kill and separate some of the bacteria, but it stays in the water till it turns to steam.
  5. I actually have ate a few wild plants and mushrooms that past all the tests and still i got the shits from them.. Good times (-TP)
  6. Great job, can't wait for this one! Breaking Bad reference? [tube] [/tube]
  7. No neither are indestructible you just need to use a sledge hammer.
  8. I think it feels empty at its current state. I can't wait to see how it turns out in the months to come.
  9. Kidlonewolf


    Yes, but a lot of people might not be sure which way to go (left or right).
  10. You should post the video in the topic not the link, people are very weary of Youtu.be links because of virus attacks and scammers.
  11. I think I read something similar to this somewhere already, but it would be a great feature. The immersion gained from knowing what you would notice in real life would be welcome.
  12. Makes since, well i will try this one out when i get time to actually game some more.
  13. Kidlonewolf


    Hey, don't post inaccurate links. The first one isn't anywhere near how to get to Dreadwood. Those link were accurate at the time of the post, but since the new map update of build 27 all old links for the project zomboid map project will be inaccurate. oh wow, i had no idea that had changed so much. to update, Bedford is on this road http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.45937420766439735,0.2702261014013426,26.623333280885237 and Dreadwood is on this road http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?#0.5350482510782852,0.13421617664693203,15.407021574586361 The Bedford link for the road is good, maybe put the Dreadwood link closer to the end of the road so people don't get confused
  14. Kidlonewolf


    Can you get to the other part of the island without building a bridge?
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