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  1. I'm still working on the next update.. in addition to stuff already listed, new traits will be added and new weapons and items.. Will be ready some time after Christmas. By the way, does my mod work in multiplayer?
  2. Even if it does sound shoddy... It would be better than a few hammer sounds then multiple seconds of silence while the crafting finishes..
  3. the sound effect should loop through the entire crafting time..
  4. I'm not sure if i want to keep the jaw stab kill move on the transmorphering bats.. I like it but do others like it? Also added manual install download.. As well as the partially done next version for testing. Also a sneak peak to next version of my mod..
  5. it looks like how my file looks.. except for the require"Items/SuburbsDistributions"; part.. there should be a space.. require "Items/SuburbsDistributions"; this should fix your problem..
  6. it is 2%.. 0.5 would be .5%. at least that's how it seems to work for me .
  7. mod version 1.1.0 released set up files for translations, should people who are fluent share.. fixed more misnamed base items that were spawned on zombies... some cosmetic changes and corrected some names in recipes... balanced some transmorphering bats for weight and damage... balanced other weapons in mod... added more transmorphering bats. changed base pens and pencils to be drainable, use ducttape to make weapons (probably a bad idea...) added jaw stab close combat kill to almost every weapon in mod... everything to me realistically enough to actually do in real life... (still keeping dual hand requirements and unusable at max exertion on some weapons, like the vanilla axe should be...) (added before but never mentioned) new weapons from base items are the fire extinguisher, wooden stick and mop (need knife to craft spear), lamp and metal pipe. The wooden spear now lasts longer than vanilla. wallets are now containers and can hold literature, to store your wallet items ... pop cans now have different names. added new food, bottle of Survival Protein Powder.. empty, it is a water bottle.. can be eaten raw, lasts forever unless prepared with water, then 45 days. (now tweaked to fit drinking real life equivilant... yuck.)
  8. Anyone can update my mods, as long as i'm not around to do it...

  9. 1.0.9 released to fix some bugs..
  10. Added items from old What's in my wallet mod. and finished protein powder.
  11. added no sleep trait, and new circular saw blade addons for bats.
  12. I made a trait in my mod so you never sleep.. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=544230223
  13. I can do it using a new trait.... but i think it would only work in single player.. another way would be to make a new vitamin that reduces fatigue (sleepiness), and you could use NecroForge to spawn them when you need them.. If NecroForge can be used in multiplayer.. I play single player..
  14. Instead of finishing my saw blade modded bats I added a new trait named Buff instead..
  15. kinyoshi

    Hydrocraft Mod

    found a bug.. I highlighted it in pink.. in HCPlantScavengeDefinition.lua local HCHempseeds = {};HCHempseeds.type = "Hydrocraft.HCHempseeds";HCHempseeds.minCount = 1;HCHempseeds.maxCount = 2;HCHempseeds.skill = 7;local HCHempseeds = {}; HCJuteseeds.type = "Hydrocraft.HCJuteseeds";HCJuteseeds.minCount = 1;HCJuteseeds.maxCount = 2;HCJuteseeds.skill = 7;
  16. There you go mads232... Try it out now?
  17. added in my old transmorphering bats.
  18. I got it to work for you. Some values can only be whole numbers, this happens to me a lot with weapons.. Weight reduction is one of those. and Your image file must start with "Item_" Item_SeedContainer.png First file - SeedContainer.lua Change your code to the the pink. Second file - SeedContainer_items.txtThe way you did the item icon here is correct. Just change the weight reduction to 1, which is the lowest. module Base{ item SeedContainer { WeightReduction = 1, Weight = 2.00, Type = Container, Capacity = 50, DisplayName = Seed Container, Icon = SeedContainer, } } Third file - SeedContainer_recipies.txt module Base{ recipe Craft Seed Container { Sheet/Pillow, WoodenStick=3, Result:SeedContainer=1, Time:200.0, } }
  19. At least someone missed me! You could always use NecroForge and look at them, until I post images.. I'm real lazy about screenshots though..
  20. Current Mod Version: 1.1.0 Current Mod Version Tested with Project Zomboid Version: 32.30 Download and Install Manually (into User/Zomboid/mods/): https://sites.google.com/site/kinyoshimods/zombie-stuff/pzmodversion/KinyoshiMods_1.1.0.rar?attredirects=0&d=1 OR Subscribe in Steam Workshop to Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=544230223 (I'm using my brothers steam account to upload the mod..) Download next version for testing here: (some stuff might change on final release) https://sites.google.com/site/kinyoshimods/zombie-stuff/pzmodversion/KinyoshiMods_1.1.01.rar?attredirects=0&d=1 change details in spoiler NecroForge Compatible. (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/3489-) Coming in 1.1.1 Tiny AVC Compatible. (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13014-) (Item list is for mod version 1.0.4, will update soon) Item List: https://sites.google.com/site/kinyoshimods/zombie-stuff OR Gives you the ability to affix upgrade to the baseball bat, most base vanilla items, some new addons... As well as some other weapons that are vanilla replacements or modified from vanilla and some weapons that are crazy... Adds some new ways to have food stored and some new food items. (currently still working on this) Zombies drop loot to simulate survivors gone zombie during a looting run. Tools can now be scavenged. Adds new Traits "Wiseguy", which gives you 100 points to start with, "Anti-Social", which makes you less bored and sad, "Buff" Starts you with more strength, and "No Sleep", which makes it so you don't need to sleep, ever. Update Log: Thank you JJStorm for making me the transmorphering bats sprites to use and others for various code examples..
  21. kinyoshi

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Also, some of your recipes don't make sense with the ingredients.. Like the baseball bat modifiers.. using duct tape to hold a monkey wrench or hedge trimmers on?.. I suggest changing it to belts, or maybe belts and duct tape.. but not just duct tape.. awesome work btw .
  22. kinyoshi

    Hydrocraft Mod

    don't know if you already fixed this.. missing recipes..
  23. One of my earlier suggestions was to hide inside large trash dumpsters.
  24. kinyoshi

    Hydrocraft Mod

    It's neat that my mod ideas are still liked.
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