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  1. Completed the context menu. Will start the farming menu when possible. Not sure about some of the bits of the context menu, whether they're meant to be nouns or verbs so I've just translated them with what I thought best. If someone spots something wrong please let me know!
  2. Update: Not dead! Just ridiculously busy. I hope to get the crafting menu finished tomorrow if not by tonight.
  3. This is the thread for the Japanese translation! I must note that Japanese IS NOT my native language and I am still learning, and I'll be looking for feedback wherever and whenever possible from anyone that can. I realise that Japanese and/or Chinese characters probably aren't supported at the moment, but I imagine that'll change with time! --- ここでは、日本語訳のためのファイルです! 日本語は私の母国語ではありません。それ故に、感想をくれてください。特に、生存ガイドは問題を引き起こすと思います。 漢字がサポートしないかもしれませんことを知るが、多分未来にします! それでは、始めましょうか。 --- Changelog/チェンジログ Context Menu/コンテキストメニュー Translation Notes/翻訳メモ
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