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  1. i'll translate damn thing because previous korean translate team has been afk for several years. the developer Johnathon Tinsley just allowed me to translate this is not duplicated Korean translations topic we were able to create a new one. Thx, Johnathon Tinsley progress Recommended Fonts if you guys can change font, I recommend to use NanumBarunGothic.ttf . This is free to use. if you can't, also i recommend guilm.ttc font. the basic font of this game is too hard to read i think. Batang font very reduced readability so i don't recommend Batang font Click to font download NanumBarunGothic.ttf guilm.ttc Translators ContextMenu_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin Farming_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin IG_UI_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin Items_KO NEKTWORK Moodles_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin Recipes_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin Sandbox_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin SurvivalGuide_KO NEKTWORK ToolTip_KO NEKTWORK, Homeguards, Cherurin UI_KO NEKTWORK, Banilafake Muldraugh, KY NEKTWORK West Point, KY NEKTWORK Suppoter Banilafake CELL tjrwls0826 Cherurin Homeguards Eun Arang
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