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  1. I think it'd be really nice if you could use saws to cut trees like in real life. I mean I get a bit tired of having to wack away axes to cut down trees. It's repetitive plus I go through a lot of axes. Be nice to just use a saw to make the tree into logs. I guess for balance you could have the saw lose condition health or make it take awhile longer than using an axe. I guess to saw a tree you'd right click it and select "saw tree" and your survivor would cut in a scripted fashion. You know like using the axe in a scripted fashion.
  2. Okay I've gone though so many axes and similar tools like meat cleavers (mainly for chopping trees to build into plank walls) that it's made me think "Why can't I sharpen this stuff?". Okay so here's the gist: What if you could sharpen bladed weapons/tools to make them last longer? Like sharpening an axe with a stone or sharpening tool? That way the axe could last longer before it breaks. I was thinking sharpening and keeping them weapon sharp can give it temporary invincibility to wearing down or it could reduce the rate at which it wears down with use. If it's the former, there could be a hidden or visible sharp bar that when it goes all the way down the weapon starts to degrade again with use and it's time to sharpen it again. If it's the latter the weapon still loses condition as well as sharpness with use. Sharpen tools can be fount in hardware stores, sheds, garages, anywhere where tools would have to be present including in the factory I'm staying in in Riverside. You could also find a rock to sharpen though it wouldn't sharpen as well as a sharpening tool. Different sharpen tools have different degrees of sharpening. Keep in mind this is different than merely repairing a weapon which merely brings it to working order again. Repairing doesn't increase durability/slow the rate at which it degrades with use. Having to find or make axe after axe gets really tiring so makes sense to make the ones you have last as long as possible. Heck if I could do this I probably would've spent more time building the Scenic Grove Trailer Park wall (and possibly had it done by now) rather than looking for chopping tools. The result of me not having it done by now led to a meta event of gunfire which caused this to happen around 27:37: Yeah my worst fear of that gunfire attracting the zombies from the forest to the west/south west CAME TRUE. But I digress! Anyways until then your best bet is to have many chopping tools on hand as possible even if it means making them from stones, sticks, and rags a.k.a. a stone axe.
  3. I noticed very oddly that a lot of the border fences and walls in Project Zomboid are missing a gate like here in the Riverside Junkyard: I think there should already be one built in because it doesn't make sense to make a border of some sort and then just leave in this gap to get in and out without closing it with a gate. I mean there are some prebuilt gates on the one at the Louisville Military Checkpoint like so: It'd be more appropriate for gates to be built where they realistically should also the player wouldn't have to fill them in on their own.
  4. As a carpenter or metalworker you should be able to build guard towers. Like imagine you're a level 10 carpenter and you want to build something to stand high up in to watch over your base or even shoot from it in an emergency. Well this is where the guard tower comes in. It would require level 10 carpentry for wood users and level 10 metal working for metal users. It would require a ton of materials like if you use wood it could take like 20 planks, and 100 nails. If you use metal like at least 20 metal sheets and 4 propane tanks. You could go up to the tower via staircase or a ladder (should useable ladders be implemented). Then when you get to the top you can attach a sheet rope for an emergency escape! Okay so what are the drawbacks of these guard towers besides requiring a ton of materials as well as a maximum level of carpentry or metal working? Well here's where things get drastic and action packed! If the zombies (or hostile players or NPCs) bang on a guard tower enough it comes toppling over or crashing down! I imagine the guard towers would be rather high. So if the player is in a guard tower while it gets destroyed they're falling down HARD. I was thinking the materials could crush the player in addition to them getting broken bones. Of course that's if they even survive. If they don't topping guard towers could spell instant death for the player inside of them! So if the undead or some survivors with an attitude problem start knocking on your guard tower take care of them quick, otherwise THIS IS HOW YOU DIED.
  5. It'd be really good if you could have the gates and garage doors in the game be remote controlled. Like if you could find a garage door opener for a house and use that to open the door for it. Also for gates it'd be cool to find the remote for those too. As for player built gates it'd be cool to make a remote control to open them. You'd probably need a high electrical skill to do it in addition to the carpentry or metalworking skill to make the gate. Remotes could be built from electronic scrap or found in the game world. This whole thing would not only make getting in and out of gates more convenient but safer too since you wouldn't have to get out of the car and expose yourself to the zombies to open the gate. Heck, if you're on foot you could even open and close the gate faster than manually. Anyways I was thinking there could be menu system for the gate when you have the remote equipped when you press "v". Similar with the garage remotes.
  6. I think you should be able to rebuild garage doors in the game like the ones for the auto shops. The auto shop in Riverside was missing a garage door in my playthrough which leaves the building exposed to zombies. To rebuild garage doors you'd need metal for the metal ones and wood for the wooden ones (not counting nails, screws or hinges. You may have to have level 6 or 7 for either metal working or carpentry to do this. The material requirements for either garage door could be similar to building their respect gate counterparts. Like to build a wooden garage door you may need 4 hinges, 12 nails and 12 planks minus the 2 knobs like a wooden gate. Maybe you'd need screws in place of the nails. You could have different types of garage doors to rebuild like ones for the auto shop would be different than ones for the U-Store It facility. Anyways this would be better than building some wall barrier with a door because it'd fit better and require less material.
  7. As someone who once studied for a bachelor in college towards a field based around electrical and mechanical and another time for construction engineering (even though I dropped out on both), I'm kind of surprised at how little the fields of electrical and mechanical seem to be used for crafting and building currently and how construction besides with wood doesn't even currently exist. I genuinely believe that an "engineering overhaul" could seriously greatly benefit the game a LOT. 1- Research and Development The number 1 thing for this suggestion, that can open a HUGE number of possibilities for the future is this. Whenever you have enough skill level at the needed area, any object of the game should be "researchable". When disassembling an object, there should be a % probability of you learning how to make that object that also grows based on your skill level. For example: When disassembling a door, there should be a certain percentage probability for you to learn how to make that door design that grows to 100% when at carpentry level 10. Some door designs would need extra materials &/or tools, like "glass" or "paint" and "paintbrush" in order to build. 2- More than just cars The field of "Mechanics" in the game seems to currently be related exclusively to cars, but in all honesty, mechanics encompasses a lot more than just automotive vehicles, even though they are a HUGE part of it. For example, the "generator" is an entity that belongs equally to the electrical field as it does to the mechanical field. It is a mechanical engine that produces electrical power. I've always wondered, for example, why I can disassemble a digital watch to get "Electrical" xp but I can't disassemble a mechanical watch to get "Mechanics" xp. There are many things you should be able to build using both for your base. As such, instead of "Carpentry", by right-clicking and opening the menu, it should simply be written "Build". Image example: The #1 "R&D" wouldn't be limited to carpentry, but to anything. For example, at Electrical & Mechanical level 10 (because I genuinely believe it takes expertise in both areas) you should have 100% chance to learn how build your own and with as many objects that exist in the world, this would open a lot of possibilities even with interacting with the pre-existing world. For the "Construction" section, new possibilities of materials would be needed and also one new skills... "Construction" skill. This new skill would gain xp by its own VHS or by building walls(with carpentry) or tearing down walls. The "Carpentry" skill would still handle everything it does related to wood, but this new menu organization would open the way to adding metal gates and metal doors that would use the "Metalworking" skill in the same menu besides other things that might use other skills, like adding "flags" to: Build > Construction > Misc > Flags || That would require dyes and tailoring skill. Materials like "Bricks" and "Concrete" would be possible to make thick and strong walls that zombies can't break by simply hitting them. "Brick wall" would require "bricks"[new], "concrete bucket" and a "trowel" while a "Concrete wall" would need "concrete", "metal bars", wires and a Propane torch. There would need to be a new "glass" material, that could be acquired by disassembling windows or made with its own process. Or metal bars, for "metal bar windows"/"cell window". Also, windows would be either in the "Misc" section of the "Construction" menu, be fused with Door for "Doors & Windows" or have a section of its own and put "Doors & Gates" together. Windows would need to be placed on a wall with a "Window Frame", similar to how doors can only be placed on a wall or fence with a "Door Frame". Wall and Fence could also be fused into a single "Walls & Fences" category. This also opens the possibility for remote controlled or motion sensor gates and doors by crafting small motors and remote controllers or motion sensors and installing them on gates and doors that you built, be them of any type or material, as long as powered with electricity. Things like a sofa, armchair or benches and stools with pillows in the "Furniture" category would require "tailoring" skill levels to craft and provide tailoring XP when disassembled. In "Generators", the fuel mechanical generator that currently we can only find would need several engine parts, metal pipes, Electronics Scrap and both Mechanics and Electrical skill levels. But also, there would be the possibility of wind generators and solar panels (which the modern solar panel exists since around 1950, so is within the timeline)l, each with their own required materials and challenges for maintenance and limitations for energy production. In "Distribution" would be things like: "Utility poles": Would work to extend the power radius of any generator that it is range of. Since the current "Fuel-powered Mechanical Generator" has a 20 tiles 5 floor cylinder radius, as long as this would be within that range, it would extend that power distribution 20 more tiles and also 5 floors, 2 above, 2 below. Limited in distance from the source of electrical power. "Fuse box": Exactly the same as the "Utility poles", but small and intended to be built on walls inside a base, can be useful for bases with many floors, sending the power up the floors or to power multiple houses in a base for players and NPCs alike that are farther from the generator. "Power Substation": Same as above, but distributes the power over a wider area (50 tiles and 11 floors, 5 above, 5 below) and resets the "distance from the source" for the utility poles and fuse boxes. "Battery": Stores power for when the power providers stops working, then it takes over as a new power provider until its charge reaches 0. In "Lighting", would be things like the currently existing Flashlight on a pillar, but also a new more definitive "Light post", that would need a propane torch, metal pipes, wire and Electronics Scrap and a wire cutting tool, but also lamps any other light provider that you can find in the game, such as ceiling lights. These could also have the option of adding "Motion sensors" to them so that they only work when there is a player, NPC or zombie nearby. "Light switch", which would need a way to choose which light sources it is connected to. In "Surveilance", there could be "camera" and those "surveilance stations" that you can find with wall screens inside police stations and a few other areas of the game. By pressing E on them, you would change from character view to the view of the camera, allowing you to see outside your base without needing to go out. Each time you press E it would change camera to another camera within the same electrical grid and pressing any WASD key you would cancel and get back to controlling your character. Also, this would open the possibility of seeing through the security stations already existing in the game which we can only disassemble for now and create a new danger of being attacked by a zombie while paying attention to the cameras. In "Communication" would be the radios and telephones that could become useful with the NPCs update, for talking with NPCs from other bases. In "Industrial" would be any sort of production machines, such as a machine to make nails out of metal plates and/or wires, to make "electronics scraps" and other possibilities, like a machine to make ammunition out of "Lead"[new] and "gunpowder" (which could also have its own crafting recipe, tbh). In "Appliances" would be anything related to home appliances, like fridges, TVs, microwaves and so on. most would require only electrical skill levels, but things like washing machine would require also mechanics skill level and provide both electrical and mechanics XP when disassembling. In "Misc" would be anything that doesn't fit any of these categories, such as alarms(can be used for traps if made to be battery powered and added a timer or used against "raider" enemy NPCs, sending a horde on them), sprinklers (very useful for farming), sewing machine (I'll make a suggestion specific about it and its usefulness soon), wall clocks, fliperama machines and anything else that might fit this category. 3- Very useful professions. As both of its fields of work become more useful, the "Engineer" profession should grow in cost, but also provide more skill points. Instead +1 Electrical and +1 Carpentry, I would suggest that the "Engineer" profession should give: +2 Electrical, +1 Construction, +1 Mechanic, +1 Metalworking & +1 Carpentry || Cost 6 "Can make traps, explosives and operate generators." Similarly, the "Construction Worker" would also have to change. Instead of +1 Carpentry & +3 Short Blunt, it would give: +2 Short Blunt, +2 Construction, +1 Electrical, +1 Carpentry, +1 Strength || Cost 4 "Can build brick walls and knows how to assemble some furniture." These would raise the value of the skills "mechanics" and "electrical", create a very valuable "construction" skill, create huge possibilities for base building and also increase the amount of possible interactions with objects that already exist in the game while exploring.
  8. I was hoping properly building a roof could be implemented in the game as opposed to this makeshift building a staircase to access the top of the house to build floors which serve as a roof.
  9. I just found out that if you have already built a rain barrel (at least the higher level one) then you cannot build a wall next to it. See the screenshots attached below.
  10. After the latest update Carpentry Menu has disappeared from radial Menu. Have tried reinstalling the game and installing on different computer, removing mods, nothing helped. Even barricade windows is not working anymore. Version 41.43, have any ideas what could be done?
  11. We can build walls and doors on level 3 carpentry, but there is for some reason not a single way to make a roof for your own base, unless u wait untill level 6 carpentry, build stairs and build a floor on a second story. So... Can we please get an abbility to build roofs? uwu
  12. 4000+ Downloads ! Thanks for supporting the Dowels ! This mod is an answer to my own suggestion here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1043-les-chevilles-de-bois-carpentry-suggestion/ Handmade Wooden Dowels are pieces of wood that experimented roofmakers and cabinetmakers are using to build some "full wooden furnitures / structures" for cottage furnishing and strong roof structures. If you want to know how does it works or why is it so hard to use and why it's really something reallistic : I invite you to read my suggestion, I have added a lot of pictures and drawings to answer all that questions. MOD UPDATED for BUILD 36 Mod Informations : Download : Download on PZ-MOD : http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/WoodenDowels/ Download on Git-Hub : https://github.com/JulienLaclaverie/PZ_WoodenDowels Download on Steam workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498634342 Installation (if not from Steamworkshop) : Extract in the folder : "C:\Users\USERNAME\Zomboid\mods" Changelog : Version 1.5 (release) - Carpentry level scaled angain to fit all crafts (new values & new crafts) - Compatible with Build 36 - Compatible with the new wall system - Compatible with the new dismantle system - Sawing dowels now makes the saw noise - New recipe ! You can now manage to craft one dowel from a treebrach - In order to make the mod more realistic, you can now use alternatives to the screwdriver to carve your dowels (Kitchen or Hunting knife) Version 1.4 - Carpentry level scaled to fit all crafts - Build 31 compatible Version 1.3 - New crafts added (Shelves, Bed, etc...) - Carpentry level +1 for all crafts (anticipating the Build 31 update) - Build 30 compatible Version 1.2 - Craft with nails bug is now solved you can now build with nails or dowels without bug - Destroying a furniture or wall crafted with dowels now drop dowels (and nails furniture drop nails) Version 1.1 - Now with a mod description - You can now craft drawers with dowels Version 1.0 - Updated for Build 26 - Updated for the last recipes Version 0.7 - fully balanced "Build with Dowels" recipes - level 5 is now required for strategical furnitures - more planks are needed Version 0.6 - balancing the "Build with Dowels" recipes - you need more dowels than nais to build something Version 0.5 - removed inapropriated crafts from the "Build with Dowels" Version 0.4 - Bugfix for the vanilla "build" menu - New build menu renamed "Build with Dowels" Version 0.3 - New "build" menu - Removed ability to find wodden dowels in crates - Added crafting recipe for wooden dowels Version 0.0.2 - Icon fully fonctional (thanks to Eggplanticus tutorial) - One icon selected and resized Version 0.1 - Added the dowel item - Designed 5 icons
  13. This idea popped in my mind as I was barricading one of my safe house exits and didn't really want to do it because I would be essentially going to deny my way out from that direction. So the idea is wooden door latches that could be built on the inside of doors and would allow you to open them from the inside only. something that would look like this: You'd need 2-3 wooden planks and 2-4 nails to build it. It would reinforce the door as much as a normal barricade and the one plank would be removable (when opening). This could also be the only way you could lock a self made door. Now atm doors open south and east? directions so all doors wouldn't work "realistically". so that's why there could be three vertical "bars" one on each side of the door and one on the door, then you'd just place the last plank as a barricade between the bars. This way if the door opens outwards NPCs aren't able to pull it open and it's also harder for the zombies to push it in. Now I think this goes above my mod making skills for now so that's why I put it as a suggestion if someone more experienced in coding could make this happen. I wouldn't mind it in vanilla but I decided to approach it this way... I've got some clydes stashed in my crib that I could share with ya fellas... Here's a taste:
  14. Can allow build because this furniture not set canBeAlwaysPlaced = false. but if set this string to false. Can't place anywhere. I think ISSimpleFurniture needs an extra validation to set canBeAlwaysPlaced to false(in this furniture), and let it place only on not occuppied walls.
  15. I had never built a metal roof until today, and having always used wood floors as roofs, I assumed by the description that the metal roof would be placed above me, not at my feet... It's interesting because the new(ish, for me anyway) system for picking up items is so much better than the building system, it's a shame the same ideas weren't carried across. It's especially difficult to get placement right if you're on a high level and want to line up with a structure below. With the devs saying they're adding underground levels sometime, it makes sense that the building system is upgraded to show more clearly what level you are building at. I suggest the current one-tile highlight is expanded vertically into a sort of wireframe column, with the ghost of the piece you are building at the same level as the player model. There should be keys to rotate or raise/lower the ghost before building. If the column is over the player, the player should be highlighted to indicate that the column is on the same tile, so if you're on a higher level it's easier to get oriented. The section of the column indicating the underground level could be in red, whilst those above could be varying shades of green to indicate height. Also, the same system that's used for destroying with a sledgehammer should be used for painting, as it's easy to paint through the wall you want to paint and paint the wall behind, even though you have no physical access. Some items - such as the aforementioned Metal Roof - should by default be placed at a certain position, i.e. above. Please just add wooden roofs too! It's not clear for example where wooden columns (under Walls) can be placed, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, depending on whether they intersect a fence at a certain corner or something, I haven't worked it out. Maybe some info in the tooltip? Also, could there be an option to pause while building, so you can get the placement right without wasting time? THIS: (where is it going?) vs. THIS: (a bit clearer)
  16. IMHO a master carpenter should be able to uninstall a window 100% of the time, not 50%. In any case, it seems the chance is far lower. EDIT: 7 windows in this house, all failed and smashed... that doesn't seem like 50%.
  17. Hello, I have some troubles finding Hydrocraft trees to cut them down through craft menu. Can anyone tell me where should I try to find them? Thanks.
  18. Not sure whether it's the window or not, as there's one window wall I did manage to plaster. The one on the left won't work but the one on the right was OK: EDIT: still no option to plaster even though I removed the window:
  19. For some reason I can't salvage these road barriers, there's no right-click option and when I use the Pick Up Tool "Disassemble" option, it tells me I have the right tools but it's highlighted in red. I have already successfully salvaged similar road barriers, e.g. at the country club.
  20. Two related suggestions: - craftable drawbridge - when cellars are introduced (i.e. underground structures) will players be able to dig trenches? If so, will they fill up with water over time? Trench with water + drawbridge = moat! Also related, if players can dig trenches, surely there must be a max no. of corpses that can fit in it? Therefore there should really be a max no. of corpses that can fill any tile before they stack up enough to block the tile. Maybe then you would have to climb over them, and zombies could... OMG no!
  21. Hi, I have a few multiplayer carpentry bugs to report: 1) When building a new second floor on a server hosted via steam client, I cannot add wood floor tiles to extend the second floor to previous wooden floors that someone else built. If I restart the server, it seems to update the location of the new wooden floor tiles on the 2nd floor which will allow me to continue building from the wooden tiles that were not initially built by me. This seems to also affect wooden wall frames because I cannot build wooden wall frames on second floor wooden floor tiles that were not build by me until the server restart. A trick around this is to build a wooden floor tile on the same location from where there is already a wooden floor tile that was not built by the player in question, which will allow you to extend from that spot. 2) Sheet Rope: When building sheet rope on a server, it will not allow you to quick climb down using the E button until you restart the server? It seems to need to update/save the newly built sheet rope there before it will allow you to quick climb through. You can quick climb up no problem using E when it is built but the problem seems to be with climbing down. 3) You cannot drop antique outdoor lamps that are looted from houses with a screwdriver and electricity. When clicking and dragging to the floor or right clicking and selecting drop, they still stay in inventory. You can only drop them by putting them in a bag and dropping the bag or by building them on a wall.
  22. So I was hoping that at some point someone would introduce a way to make some base improvements that aren't in the game. The ability to move furniture was an AWESOME addition, however I still don't have a way to build or steal a fireplace, build certain kinds of walls and wall details, etc. One of my favorite things in game is making a cool base to show off in multiplayer, but without a bunch of cheats or just making a whole new map, I can't make my base look like a crazy torture dungeon or a medieval tavern, and that defeats the purpose. So if you all could please implement a way to steal fireplaces, or a way to steal wallpapers, or the wall details such as baseboards or wainscoting (I think that's what it's called?) eventually, that would make me pretty happy. =)
  23. So I was laying in bed last night and a thought ran across my mind: "When putting a door together, you don't use nails to put the hinges on, you use screws." I think by giving the door a "dismantle" option with a screwdriver in your inventory, you should be granted a door, two hinges, a door handle, and a few screws. All of these could also drop broken versions, planks and scrap metal, depending on how high your carpentry level is and how the D20 rolls. This would give screws a use in building doors, give players a chance to use the type of door they wanted for aesthetic reasons, and also drop scrap metal for use in the metal crafting (currently in IWBUMS).
  24. I don't know, if it's possible to implement some things in this post, so if I sound stupid, please correct me. The new stage system for carpentry is great, so why not expand it a little bit more? 1. Preparation Some kind of not required pre-buildings on a tile, foundations and other helpful stuff. Trench for the wall. Would require a shovel before and after installation of wall, but no consumables. Minor HP improve. Improved trench with wooden foundation. Requires some planks and a shovel. Moderate HP improve. Even better trench filled with concrete. High HP improvement. Supports from the sides. Requires plank (Or stick) and some sharp thingie like a knife or a saw. Moderate HP improve. Not compatible with concrete trench. Stacks of materials. Piles of logs, planks and metal. Could work like a container-furniture with only 1 time of item allowed (Could it be done? Like the keyrings.) © BayCon 2. Correct tools Bonus points for having all tools needed in inventory! If items like: Hammer. It's a basic item for most building recipes, but it would be cool, if one could use crude tools (Stone hammers, stones, etc), instead, to make less sturdy walls. Saw. Isn't usually required, but could be an additional tool, that can improve wall's HP. Ruler. Could come in 3 versions - school ruler, smallest HP improvement; rolling ruler, small HP improvement, but has very low "weight"; special ruler for building, that has some liquid in it, so you couldn't make a wry wall for the best HP. Chisel. Both for metal and woodworking. Pencil/pen and paper, simulating that character is making blueprints, thus decreasing building time. Toolbox. Similar to current First Aid Kit, contains all needed tools for building, but is very rare loot. 3. The last, but not least Repairing walls. with some planks/metal in exchange for unusable wood/metal. What do you think about it? Leave a like and subscribe!
  25. Inspired by zombie flipping fence on it's side instead of completely ripping it to shreds. I like current wall HP system, but what if very large horde just pushed it with all it's might? It wouldn't be completely destroyed, it would just lie on the ground, without any point. So, I suggest to add to zombies and walls something like this: Each tile of wall has some "Stability". When on a tile near it attacks it looses x points of stability per some amout of time. Or when zombie walks into the wall. When there is no zombies nearby stability slowly regenerates to some point. When wall looses all it's stability points it flips on the side, allowing to walk through, without vanishing. So the player could repair with less materials than crafting new wall. Supports could add stability points to any wall, depending on the direction it facing. And, bring some eye-candy to the fortifications.
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