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  1. Passive Safe House Defences! Over the years of planning my perfect zombie safe house I have come up with some ideas that I think would be nice to be implemented. Not all of them may be practical mind you but a few would be and the rest would at least spark some other ideas within the community. I do understand that some of these ideas while being true to real life could make the game easier or even too easy for players to survive but that would then at least prompt the developers to devise new ways to make the game interesting such as implementing deterioration through wear and tear o
  2. Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff. It is inspired by survival crafting games like Haven and Hearth. It is very much a WIP and will be tweaked and added onto. Please try it out and let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions/ideas. Download Features Credits Permission Wiki Reviews HC Add-On Mods Recommended Hydrocraft Servers Patreon
  3. Hyzo

    Ammocraft B41

    Adds ammocrafting to Project Zomboid Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2245813444 GitHub: https://github.com/AccountHyzo/Ammocraft To make any one round of any weapon caliber you will need a bullet tip, a casing of corresponding caliber and an amount of gunpowder depending on the caliber and then bring it together with a Reloader press. You can find boxes of both tips and casings scattered around Knox county, but you can also re-use your old casings and make your own gunpowder as well as cast your own bullets if you fi
  4. Hello, I would like to suggest 'wire clamps' to be added to the game. It is a simple tool which consumes wire, and be used to reinforce your weapons or tools to increase its durability. A wire clamp works by threading and twisting wire around any object which you would like to secure. The result is a coil of wire which has a really tight grip around the object. I know I probably did a bad job explaining how it works but I found a video which shows how it can be used clearly: Thank you and I would like to hear you thoughts.
  5. Figure you could probably do it in real life, so why not let us do it in this game? The Brotherhood of Steel has been suggesting this since 2008.
  6. Hello everyone. A mod I wrote allows players to sew upgraded hiking bags using existing hiking bags. I've found a bug where if one of the hiking bags used to make the upgraded version is equipped on the player's back, the resulting backpack is unequipped, and the player no longer has an option to equip anything on his/her back, as if the original bag is still equipped. There are no options to unequip, as the game thinks nothing is equipped. The resulting bag (and any others) can only be equipped as primary and secondary. The only solution is starting a new game. I've just tested
  7. Currently, and especially with mods; it is a pain knowing what things you can and cannot currently make. You have to check each and every crafting category tab in order to find out what you currently can craft. I would therefore like a new tab that only lists the "currently craft-able" items. The recipes that you currently do have the materials for.
  8. ZomboidXBow Hey fellow zomboiders, This mod aims at bringing the crossbow experience to Project Zomboid. It offers a variety of craftable crossbow models and ammunition types with different properties. All of these recipes force you to continuously scavenge for resources to keep you ammunition supplies up and maintain your crossbows. As your character progresses he will get access to better recipes and crossbows will become more efficient. In the beginning you will miss often, be constantly out of ammo and probably want to go back to your Axe. But if you survive long enou
  9. I recently looked into PZ modding, particularly crafting recipes. Being familiar with how this works in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, I realize that the current design in PZ makes the life of modders pretty awkward, and I imagine it's even worse for whoever at Indie Stone that is working on items/recipes. I think it is best explained with an example: The recipe for "Slice Watermelon" is: Watermelon keep HuntingKnife/KitchenKnife/Saw/Axe So whenever another tool that should be able to slice watermelons is added, it has to be added to this recipe (and all other relevant recipes)
  10. Hello, I have some troubles finding Hydrocraft trees to cut them down through craft menu. Can anyone tell me where should I try to find them? Thanks.
  11. So, a rant in another post gave me this idea : molding structures to pour more permanent materials into the definitive structure. Essentially : wood rot, metal rust. To a lesser extent concrete delaminate. What if you could make rain collector, composter, and a lot of the other existing crafting recipe out of other materials by molding them, then pouring the definitive material in place (then removing the temp mold gathering part of it's mats back). You could make rain collector out of molten plastics (or concrete), same for composters... but also walls, fen
  12. So I've built for the first time a composter since it's available and I was bewildered by the recipe : planks + nails. When you craft rain collector, you obviously need an impermeable liner so the water does not leak (in theory, I've seen pure wooden barrel hold water in the past). But another obvious reason is that you want to prevent wood decay from all the humidity. Composter should use the same principle to protect against moisture from the decaying food, maybe not as critical as water seeping out, but as necessary for long term preservation. Composter s
  13. The Last of Us 1.5 DUE TO A SERVER BUG, TO PLAY IT ON YOUR SERVER YOU HAVE TO DISABLE DoCheckSum under INI! 1.5 Features! Wiki: here is my shitty wiki http://project-zomboid-mod-the-last-of-us.wikia.com/?wiki-welcome=1 Screenshots in Workshop page!!! Workshop Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=869169809 New Clothes New Backpacks New Items/Weapons New Food New High-Quality icons! 3D Models! Clicker rests system that allows
  14. I've accidently dismantled/disassembled my digital watch far too many times. I think if you have favourited an item, the crafting menu should automatically prevent you from dismantling that item.
  15. Simply i want raincoats in the vanilla game without using an mod some to find and some as an crafting item
  16. Prelude So I'm not the proud owner of 229 stones or more*. Got me thinking there should be more uses for them then making crude stone hammer... especially when I'm the proud owner of 260 hammer (most of them in mint condition). Below you'll see a list of suggestions that I'll try to update with community input to give an ongoing list. List of suggestion for stone use - Crafting Campfire kit Make this an ingredient in the campfire kit as there is already some in the sprite when you place it on the ground. No need to go crazy... just a couple of them as they are fai
  17. With the advent of the new Nutrition System on Build 34, I was thinking that maybe we should gather our suggestions for this build here rather than on the Food Tracker thread. Feel free to add your own. (Disclaimer, only suggest things RELATED TO THE FOOD SYSTEM, not just some thing you'd rather see added in this build) So, with that said, here come mine: -New Dishes and Recipes 1. Fruit Jams This is something that I'm sure has been suggested before; we should be able to make Jam out of some fruits and berries as a way to preserve the fruits other than the good ol' ''Jars of Pickle
  18. I have been thinking for a while that the selection of stuff we can paint with the paintbrush is quite limited; just a Skull and some arrows, and nothing else. So, I was thinking that we should have some more stuff we could paint, both on the walls and signs. Here are a few ideas. - LOOT Pretty self-explanatory; this is a place that still has some loot left. It could be used by helpful survivors pointing you to a place that had stuff they didn't need, just as it could be used by some evil ones leading you to a place ridden with traps or with a horde inside. - $$$ Someone inside i
  19. TL:DR - In the simplest of terms I'd love to see simple things available from the start (based on your characters previous experience) and the rest should be hidden from sight until unlocked by a book or another player. It's important that obvious things be highlighted and easy to find for the character so they can be created/cooked easily. The purpose of this thread is to address a lack of obviousness. I am trying to bring attention to something which irks me and may irk others too. I'm talking about the inability to do very simple things because of the restrictive nature of crafting and co
  20. why not crafting gunpowder? And it is technically possible so why not making that option in the game? it is needed 3 fundamentals ingredients, charcoal - potassium nitrate - sulfur. the potassium is found in fertilizes or cold packs by , filtering in water solution, or you could get grass, pee on it, let it dry for 1 week, take all the grass,mix it with hot water, then by boiling the water, you would get the potassium nitrate. the sulfur is more difficult, foraging pyrite(common kind of rock), you would have to heat it in a metal pipe, after burning, you just take the sulfur acid deposited aro
  21. Greetings PZ survivors. Alas it's a been a while since I've gotten some good PZ play time in. How long a has the zombie cam been in play when you die(Watching your survivor who just turned go shuffling around was rather interesting). That one was new to me last time I fired up PZ. Anyway, Just wanted to let you know that my company is making a sequel to our original zombie themed game ZPocalypse. You start off on the loan apocalyptic streets having just escaped the recently nuked urban zombie infested wasteland. You’re tired, wounded, and hungry. You need SHELTER, a safe house, where you c
  22. What: Bags and storage containers specificaly created to store\haul only specific Item categories. Example for bags: Toolbox (tools\nails\screws\electronic scrap\other crafting components) Foodbag (food and water bottles) Log hauling bag (Excellent weight reduction for logs but you can only carry this bag - its like you carrying a generator) suggested by mads232 Suitcase (sheets\pillows\clothes\shoes\hats if ever added etc) Weapon case (firearms\ammo\weapon accessories) doctor bag (meds\bamdages\scalpel\tweezers etc) Should be only hand-held imo Should have better capacity\weight reduction tha
  23. Here are three new items with their respective mechanics that would flawlessly fit this game: 1. Ladders Ever seen one of these? These foldable metal ladders (which are rather commonplace in garages, construction sites and tool shops) would make quite a great addition to the game. First, they could be used to access the second-floor window of a house you were trying to get into. The downside would be that the zeds could knock it down as you are climbing and send you to your death (or a lot of fractures if you happen to survive). Also, they could be useful for building roofs to our base
  24. Please Note: This is not too be confused with bringing back the wheelie bins from previous versions, this suggestion is about having it so we can possibly make a wheelburrow ourselves with the carpentry skill. It is that time of the year now (at least where I live) where you start to put your snow stuff away and start bringing out the lawn mowers, etc. I was kind of thinking what we do not have yet is like a wheelburrow that can be useful for moving wooden logs around and I think that wheelburrows don't seem to be that complicated so I think we should be able to craft our own. I think to m
  25. Hello, I thought I'd share an idea I thought would be: easy to implement logical rewarding interestingSo, instead of being able/not able to craft a certain item at a certain level, it should be possible to try at any level. This is how real life works, so... it makes sense. The rate of success could follow an exponential function such as: Of course there must be a penalty for failure, right? Suggestions: crafting materials are destroyedcrafting materials produce some unwanted productyou hurt yourself (clyde) ps. It could be even be made so that the "quality" of a produced it
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