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  1. Basically it's stupid that it shows like 20 salts and peppers in the crafting cooking menu (maybe cooking needs its own UI to begin with..), it should just show 1 and use whichever item that has the smallest amount, also show the number of ingredient remaining in the crafting UI, maybe on hover-over.
  2. Passive Safe House Defences! Over the years of planning my perfect zombie safe house I have come up with some ideas that I think would be nice to be implemented. Not all of them may be practical mind you but a few would be and the rest would at least spark some other ideas within the community. I do understand that some of these ideas while being true to real life could make the game easier or even too easy for players to survive but that would then at least prompt the developers to devise new ways to make the game interesting such as implementing deterioration through wear and tear on buildings instead of just weapons. 1 The ability to dig a moat! Now having a moat or a deep pit around your home would prevent most zombies from gaining access much like a wall would. Having a big hole outside your home creates other issues however creating the need for such things as draw bridges and the ability to raise and lower it from both sides. This could also allow you to have a safe haven from other survivors in a PvP multiplayer map but then you would have to be able to create a type of control for the drawbridge that you could carry with you preventing others from gaining access to your house. Issues in constructing the pit like constructing stairs to get in and out while you dig it and then destroying them once you are finished, bracing for the sides of the pit so it doesn't collapse in on you, having to maintain it over time due to wear and tear or damage caused by zombies, having hordes of zombies in it over time could cause your player to become scared as they walk over it making them un-easy as they cross affecting controls, The zombie corpse once killed could be made into a stackable item so that other roaming zombies could climb onto their backs so they could climb out of the pit, etc... 2 A Community above ground level! One of my ideas is to have a building which is completely sealed off at ground level where the only access is via a stair case that descends from the next story up accessed by a grabbing hook carried on your character or via a pull cord. This would raise you above the zombie hordes allowing you to sit out on the deck sipping tea while they are unable to reach you. As part of this idea, you could build bridges between buildings, (in more densely built locations), so that you can travel from location to location easily gaining supplies as and when you need them. This gives an added bonus that if one of your building does become overrun you can destroy the bridges,(this would mean that you would be able to destroy constructed floors which currently is not possible I believe, or the bridges could be a different item to be constructed aside from floors so they could then be destroyed), enabling you to segregate the rest of your safe house network from the infected building. This building technique would allow players to stay within the centre of town while having a safe location to stay within. 3 Basements and Bunkers! If the ability to dig pits is implemented that the next logical step would be to allow the players to dig and build basements in existing buildings. Along with the issues of bracing the walls of the pit until you build retaining walls, columns to support the building above, possibly having to think about a pumping system either electrical or manual to pump out the basement if flooded by rain during and after construction etc ... How about the ability to build a bunker in the middle of nowhere. Having UV lights so you could grow plants within the bunker. Having the bunker underground could allow you to have a cool room deep down for storing foods that would normally need to be refrigerated. Multiple levels? You could build your entrance within the forest making it harder for zombies and other players to locate your safe house while in PvP games. 4 Mobile walls and barricades. In a real zombie apocalypse most people would eventually create a safe zone of a few buildings, farm land and so on which are surrounded by high walls. An idea I had a few years ago was to take a derelict car, (due to its wheels, solid metal construction and ability to be dismantled and built in a different configuration with a bit of tinkering), and make it into a wall section on wheels that can be locked into place using the hand break but them moved out slowly into a new position, (along with others alongside it), allowing for the reclamation of land outside of the wall line while not exposing the players to the zombies beyond it. The players would then be able to clear new buildings or build new defensive walls behind this ever moving threshold allowing for the expansion of the safe zone. This idea would seem to work better in a multiplayer game where people could set up tribes, or guilds, or groups of survivors or whatever they wish to call themselves as they would need to work together to keep the wall in a single line so gaps do not appear which would allow the horde to break through. Again the need for maintenance, possibly having to swap out sections at a time so that they can be repaired, etc.. With the addition of NPCs down the line and the possible increased numbers of zombies on the map to balance the scales if a few of these ideas in one form or another are implemented I believe the need for a safe location for the players and the NPCs to be located would be ideal. If the game started to lean towards the number of zombies that you see in Dawn or the Dead for example where they stretch as far as the characters can see in all directions then they won't feel safe running out into the mass of them and would find other ways to get around and survive. I hope these ideas spark people's imaginations and help to develop the game into a true work of art! Additional note. Would you be able to store your fridge/freezer food out in the snow during the winter months? Would it be possible to be snowed in for several weeks causing you to plan ahead and stock up on supplies, food, water, blankets, camp fire materials, etc... Risk of being attacked by wild animals, wolves, bears, etc... Could there be a risk of flooding? Part of the town is on a flood plain causing issue during extreme raining seasons or when the snow melts? Some things to think about. Comments welcome. Edit: Doors. We can already build doors for our safe house but with the screwdriver enabled why cant we unscrew existing doors and relocate them to new locations, for example your starting door that you have the keys for. In the real world people are more likely to reuse existing doors before they would attempt to build a new one hense the current crafting level of 3 to build a new door! Relocating a door could present its own problems, you would have to carry it in much the same way as you currently would carry a corpse or a generator. There could be different ways to carry the door with different animations to support them for example, you could carry the door on your back. This would require both hands, greatly reduce your movement speed, turning speed and field of vision as you would be bent over looking at your feet. This option would have the lowest risk of dammage to the door which could have the same maintanance properties as weapons even after installation. You could have two different was of putting the door down, slowly and carefully which would require time or just dump it instantly for a quick responce to zombies which would result in dammage to the door. The second way to carry the door would be to walk backwards dragging the door along the ground behind you. Again this would require both hands, have a slightly faster movement and turning speed than the last option but the risk of dammage to the door would be increased. Your field of vision would be where you are coming from as you are walking backwards making zombie detection more difficult. Those are the tradeoffs! The third option would be to throw a rope around it in the same way that you can with logs and just carry it behind you. This would provide faster moving and turning speeds along with normal vision but with the high risk of dammaging the door greatly. All of these ideas would require the player to rely on listning out for signs of zombies. These penalties could also apply to log moving to make it a little more realistic. RVPatrick.
  3. Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff. It is inspired by survival crafting games like Haven and Hearth. It is very much a WIP and will be tweaked and added onto. Please try it out and let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions/ideas. Download Features Credits Permission Wiki Reviews HC Add-On Mods Recommended Hydrocraft Servers Patreon
  4. Hyzo

    Ammocraft B41

    Adds ammocrafting to Project Zomboid Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2245813444 GitHub: https://github.com/AccountHyzo/Ammocraft To make any one round of any weapon caliber you will need a bullet tip, a casing of corresponding caliber and an amount of gunpowder depending on the caliber and then bring it together with a Reloader press. You can find boxes of both tips and casings scattered around Knox county, but you can also re-use your old casings and make your own gunpowder as well as cast your own bullets if you find the right book with the knowledge to do so! Gunpowder runs out quite quick so I added Jars of gunpowder that hold 10 regular gunpowder so this mod might make the game unbalanced for those who like to use pipe bombs. -Adds several magazines with the recipes for dismantling ammo. -Adds new icons for all magazines and ammo types. -Two new tools with icons and 3D models: Reloading press and a pair of pliers. Any feedback is appreciated! It's hard to get spawn rates to be balanced.
  5. Hello, I would like to suggest 'wire clamps' to be added to the game. It is a simple tool which consumes wire, and be used to reinforce your weapons or tools to increase its durability. A wire clamp works by threading and twisting wire around any object which you would like to secure. The result is a coil of wire which has a really tight grip around the object. I know I probably did a bad job explaining how it works but I found a video which shows how it can be used clearly: Thank you and I would like to hear you thoughts.
  6. Figure you could probably do it in real life, so why not let us do it in this game? The Brotherhood of Steel has been suggesting this since 2008.
  7. Hello everyone. A mod I wrote allows players to sew upgraded hiking bags using existing hiking bags. I've found a bug where if one of the hiking bags used to make the upgraded version is equipped on the player's back, the resulting backpack is unequipped, and the player no longer has an option to equip anything on his/her back, as if the original bag is still equipped. There are no options to unequip, as the game thinks nothing is equipped. The resulting bag (and any others) can only be equipped as primary and secondary. The only solution is starting a new game. I've just tested again, and this issue does not occur when the bag is equipped as primary and secondary, only when it is equipped on the player's back. Here is the code I used for the upgraded bag, and for creating the recipe: item SmallUpgradedHikingBag { WeightReduction = 85, Weight = 0.6, Type = Container, Capacity = 27, DisplayName = Small Upgraded Hiking Bag, Icon = SmallUpgradedHikingBag, CanBeEquipped = Back, OpenSound = PZ_OpenBag, CloseSound = PZ_CloseBag, PutInSound = PZ_PutInBag, } recipe Make Small Upgraded Hiking Bag { keep Needle, keep Scissors, Thread=2, NormalHikingBag=2, Result:SmallUpgradedHikingBag, Time:250.0 } Has anyone seen or been able to fix this? What am I missing? Sorry if this has already been covered. I've tried searching but couldn't find anything related. Thanks in advance!
  8. Currently, and especially with mods; it is a pain knowing what things you can and cannot currently make. You have to check each and every crafting category tab in order to find out what you currently can craft. I would therefore like a new tab that only lists the "currently craft-able" items. The recipes that you currently do have the materials for.
  9. ZomboidXBow Hey fellow zomboiders, This mod aims at bringing the crossbow experience to Project Zomboid. It offers a variety of craftable crossbow models and ammunition types with different properties. All of these recipes force you to continuously scavenge for resources to keep you ammunition supplies up and maintain your crossbows. As your character progresses he will get access to better recipes and crossbows will become more efficient. In the beginning you will miss often, be constantly out of ammo and probably want to go back to your Axe. But if you survive long enough to get your hands on a Repeater Crossbow with Aluminum Bolts ... Quick Features Supports Single Player and Multiplayer Mechanics Retrieve your bolts from zombie corpses. They might however break on impact Craft, carry and reload from a Bolt Quiver which adds an addtional bag slot Crossbows can break at any time. Your Carpentry and Electrician skill levels determine how likely it is to happen All crossbows support all ammo types Easily switch between ammo types by using the context menu Crossbows Crossbows behave like all existing weapons: Aiming and Reloading will increase your skill level which in turn affects your chance to hit and your reload speed. Wooden Crossbow A simple crossbow Heavy Crossbow Requires Carpentry 3 Strong crossbow that can hit up to two targets Repeater Crossbow Requires Carpentry 5 Powerful crossbow that can fire up to 10 bolts in rapid succession and hit up to two targets per shoot Bolts All bolts can be fired with any crossbow. Just have a crossbow equipped as primary, right click your desired bolt in your inventory load or set as default. Wooden Bolt Simple Bolt with high chance to break Aluminum Bolt Piercing - Allows you to hit one additional target with your crossbow. Fire Bolt Target has a 90% chance to be lit on fire. Most fun but most dangerous bolt with unpredictable outcome especially on IWBUMS branch. Don't use indoors! Requirements 3DModels 32.16 Download latest version Installation Instructions All Items, Recipes and Documentation Known issues: All crossbows use the same 3DModel and Icon Crossbow 3DModel not 100% aligned Planned Test in MP Learn recipes through Books instead of hard skill requirements LOTS of balancing and tuning Better icons/models Attachments More ammunition types Misc stuff around crossbows Feedback If you like this mod (or even if you don't) I'm happy to get your feedback, bug reports and improvement suggestions. I want this to be a balanced mod and I can only get there with the help of you guys Credit to Jab for his import/export script for 3D Models which works flawlessy and his ModelLoader Fuji for his pioneer work on how to get custom 3D Model into the game and basically giving me the chance to write the mod I wanted to write ever since I bought this game WolfClaw for his excellent 3DModel tutorial ORMtnMan and his Real Guns mod gun modding reference Livio Persemprio for testing and feedback which is so important for balancing Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy this mod, many survivors perished and half of Westpoint burned down during its creation
  10. I recently looked into PZ modding, particularly crafting recipes. Being familiar with how this works in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, I realize that the current design in PZ makes the life of modders pretty awkward, and I imagine it's even worse for whoever at Indie Stone that is working on items/recipes. I think it is best explained with an example: The recipe for "Slice Watermelon" is: Watermelon keep HuntingKnife/KitchenKnife/Saw/Axe So whenever another tool that should be able to slice watermelons is added, it has to be added to this recipe (and all other relevant recipes), which is very prone to error and causes a maintenance nightmare. For instance, the Stone axe was recently added to vanilla; perhaps it was intentional to not add it to the "Slice Watermelon" recipe (the stone edge is considered to dull compared to a metal axe edge?) but I still think it demonstrates my point (a decision had to be made for this specific recipe). And as for modding, none of the knives added by Hydrocraft (e.g. the copper knife you can forge yourself) can slice a melon; to make that happen Hydrocraft would have to override the vanilla "Slice watermelon" recipe, and then start tracking when the vanilla game updates that recipe to not lose out on the changes next time something sharp is added in vanilla (e.g. swords). These collisions also occur between mods, often requiring mod compatibility patches between every pair of mods messing with the same recipes. I think a system where tools have capabilities would be much more practical (and intuitive!). For instance we could have the following capabilities for various tools (some new): Kitchen knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Hunting knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Pocket knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Butter knife: Cutting, Drilling Sharp stone: Cutting, Drilling Hand drill: Drilling, Fine drilling, Metal drilling Axe: Cutting, Chopping Stone axe: Cutting, Chopping And then "Slice watermelon" simply requires a tool with "Cutting" and that's it. Next time a tool with Cutting is added, it that tool can slice watermelons. Next time a recipe that requires Cutting is added, the tool is automatically usable in it. Modders and Indie Stone devs, rejoice! To make tools more interesting we could expand this system with modifiers that allow more differentiation: Kitchen knife: Cutting, Fine cutting (Bad), Drilling (Slow) Hunting knife: Cutting, Fine cutting (Slow), Drilling (Slow) Pocket knife: Cutting (Slow), Fine cutting, Drilling (Slow) Butter knife: Cutting (Slow), Drilling (Slow, Bad) Sharp stone: Cutting (Bad), Drilling (Slow, Bad) Hand drill: Drilling, Fine drilling, Metal drilling (Slow) Axe: Cutting (Bad), Chopping trees Stone axe: Cutting (Slow, Bad), Chopping trees (Slow) "Slow" means that if the tool is selected, crafting time is increased (perhaps it should be parameterized, e.g. "(Slow=50)" for "50% slower"), "Bad" means the result is of slightly lower quality (lower starting condition; more waste => less nutrition when preparing food). With the above capabilities slicing a watermelon with a butter knife is slower than when using a kitchen knife, and if we use an axe we'll waste a little bit of melon in the process because the axe head is awkward to cut with.
  11. Hello, I have some troubles finding Hydrocraft trees to cut them down through craft menu. Can anyone tell me where should I try to find them? Thanks.
  12. So, a rant in another post gave me this idea : molding structures to pour more permanent materials into the definitive structure. Essentially : wood rot, metal rust. To a lesser extent concrete delaminate. What if you could make rain collector, composter, and a lot of the other existing crafting recipe out of other materials by molding them, then pouring the definitive material in place (then removing the temp mold gathering part of it's mats back). You could make rain collector out of molten plastics (or concrete), same for composters... but also walls, fences, etc. What need to be added is "blueprint-like molds" you can craft with carpentry/metalworking, then as the multi-stage walls you click on them to add the proper mats (mixed concrete, melted plastics). Melting plastics does not require a very hot forge like some mods do with metals, a small pot over a fire will do (but with a lot of fumes, better make this outdoor like generators). Mixing concrete is not hard, you can even add to the volume with a little gravel (up to a reasonable point where it'll be weaker then pure cement). If we had wheelbarrow, we could mix it in there then use a shovel to pour into the mold. (extra : a wheelbarrow would be extra useful to carry stuff without being encumbered... yet impairing movement slightly).
  13. So I've built for the first time a composter since it's available and I was bewildered by the recipe : planks + nails. When you craft rain collector, you obviously need an impermeable liner so the water does not leak (in theory, I've seen pure wooden barrel hold water in the past). But another obvious reason is that you want to prevent wood decay from all the humidity. Composter should use the same principle to protect against moisture from the decaying food, maybe not as critical as water seeping out, but as necessary for long term preservation. Composter should mimic rain collector, but due to their apparent bigger volume, should require more mats. Current planks and nails are ok, but I suggest we add 5 garbage bags into the recipe.
  14. The Last of Us 1.5 DUE TO A SERVER BUG, TO PLAY IT ON YOUR SERVER YOU HAVE TO DISABLE DoCheckSum under INI! 1.5 Features! Wiki: here is my shitty wiki http://project-zomboid-mod-the-last-of-us.wikia.com/?wiki-welcome=1 Screenshots in Workshop page!!! Workshop Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=869169809 New Clothes New Backpacks New Items/Weapons New Food New High-Quality icons! 3D Models! Clicker rests system that allows you to inspect them for loot! (with proper tools!) A Silent Bow, with 3D Models! New Gear-Crafting-System similar to TLOU One (and Tools LVL 1-2-3) Planned Features: NEW IN GAME TEXTURES! Music More 3D Models Full Necroforge Support (soon) New Zombie Behaviour (i need help for this) A lot of new items every week! Translations Fireflies stuff Please subscribe (on Steam Workshop), favourite and RATE UP! =D Workshop ID: 869169809 Mod ID: TLOU
  15. I've accidently dismantled/disassembled my digital watch far too many times. I think if you have favourited an item, the crafting menu should automatically prevent you from dismantling that item.
  16. Simply i want raincoats in the vanilla game without using an mod some to find and some as an crafting item
  17. Prelude So I'm not the proud owner of 229 stones or more*. Got me thinking there should be more uses for them then making crude stone hammer... especially when I'm the proud owner of 260 hammer (most of them in mint condition). Below you'll see a list of suggestions that I'll try to update with community input to give an ongoing list. List of suggestion for stone use - Crafting Campfire kit Make this an ingredient in the campfire kit as there is already some in the sprite when you place it on the ground. No need to go crazy... just a couple of them as they are fairly easy to get. Failling that, have an heavier version of the campfire kit that requires and offer more resistance to fire spread. Stone wall and stone fences (see post #2 for extra reading) I think there could be 2-3 versions of each full wall and half wall (fences). The first two are my real suggestions. Stacked stones : require quite a lot of stones, long building time, offer slightly more resistance then a log wall (assuming this wall is a feet thick or so and 3 or 6 feet high... that's quite a lot of stone and weight to move around) Mortar (concrete?) and stacked stone : offering a higher degree of sturdiness, require slightly less stones, longer to build and may require to do a multi stage building. Stones in a concrete mix to thin out the mix : lowering the effectiveness of the concrete in some ways (cohesion), less concrete required and some stones needed. Stone pathway (see post #2 for extra reading) Nothing says... I'm an awesome survivor, like being able to make a stone laced pathway to your or around your base. It could require gravel/sand beneath or through it to fill the gaps. List of suggestion for stone use - Weapon Siege like weapon (see post #3 for extra reading) Nothing is easier then dumping a ton of stones on some attacker at the foot of walls. It requires only that the stones are there in a container of sort that can be pivoted to make the stone fall (in some cases they are merely held against a cliff by a support). Some high end version could require very little time and effort to activate (removing or breaking a support so it pivot down... instead of having to pivot up). It's actually easier to do then using burning oil and stuff. Now there is a question of quantity required though, as I understand those stones are fairly small (i.e. not boulders). Sling (not to be confused with slingshot) Stones could be used as ammo for a sling. It would be a cheap, quiet, and early game alternative to firearms. The sling could be made with some twine or rope and a sheet. Remember David? Credit due to @HiveMinder (see post #1). List of suggestion for stone use - Fun stuff Decorative stones This may also be considered crafting. With the soon to come custom logos on T-Shirt, it may expend the possibilities for other objects. You could paint some stones with faces, or anything for that matter, to decorate your base and/or ward-off the loneliness of being a lone(ish) surviver. Kind of like Wilson in Cast Away. Credit due to @SaltandPretzels, see post #3. Skipping stones The sun is setting slowly, frogs and crickets are filling the air with their chants and fishes jump to catch flies. You're leisurly throwing a few Skipping stones accross the Ohio River while you contemplate what nature offers you. For a brief moment you can almost forget you are in a Zombie appocalypse and feel good. Skipping stones could provide a boost to happiness, reduce boredom and stress. It could also serve in contest of who make the most bounces. Credit due to @uberevan, see post #4.
  18. With the advent of the new Nutrition System on Build 34, I was thinking that maybe we should gather our suggestions for this build here rather than on the Food Tracker thread. Feel free to add your own. (Disclaimer, only suggest things RELATED TO THE FOOD SYSTEM, not just some thing you'd rather see added in this build) So, with that said, here come mine: -New Dishes and Recipes 1. Fruit Jams This is something that I'm sure has been suggested before; we should be able to make Jam out of some fruits and berries as a way to preserve the fruits other than the good ol' ''Jars of Pickled Fruit''. Jam wouldn't require Vinegar, but it would require much more sugar, as well as a Pot of Water, some heat source to boil the fruits and the usual Empty Jars and their Lids. Unlike normal fruit preserves, the Jams would be a bit less nutritive, but would also have a very useful Happiness Bonus, as well as the fact a skilled chef could make them using rotten fruit without any complications. Not to mention they could be used as ingredients for all kinds of sandwiches, including THE LEGENDARY PB&J sandwich! Which would give us about two days of immunity to the infection just because of how cool it is! (jk'n) 2. Fruit Juices and Shakes This would be much simpler than the Jams. We'd only need the fruit, some water and the Blender (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils), and maybe give you the option to add Sugar or not. The Shakes would be the same plus the addition of Milk. The biggest advantage of the Juices and Shakes would be that you could fill a bottle with them and use them instead of water (for a few days before they go bad). They would have a lower thirst removal, but would instead have a few advantages, such as a healthy intake of vitamins and such. After all, what's healthiest that the good ol' Carrot and Tomato Juice? 3. The Potatoes: Mashes, French Fries and Chips Seriously, I can't believe this hasn't been added yet; the potatoes is one of the tastiest and most versatile tubers Mother Nature has ever blessed us with, and yet they're only used in soups and stews. That's downright criminal! The first thing to come to mind is the Potato Mash; you just boil some potatoes in a pot of water until they're soft and crush them with a Potato Masher (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and VOILA! You have a tasty mash you can add all sorts of extra ingredients like Bacon, Butter and Cheese for extra tastyness. It'd be quite calorie-heavy, so it'd probably help a lot to gain some weight. Then come the French Fries & Chips. Just grab a Kitchen knife and either slice 'em or dice 'em, and some salt and fry them on a Pan. Still, given how greasy these two are, they wouldn't be as healthy as the as the Mash, but they'd be of help to someone who needed to gain some extra weight. 4. Mincemeat: Patties, Hash and Meatballs Mincemeat isn't only versatile in what you can make with it, but also a skilled chef can cut the best bits of a piece of rotten meat and use them for mincemeat without much of a risk of intoxication. Just imagine if you could make something useful out of all that rotten meat you end up with sooner or later? To make the mincemeat, we would just need the Meat Grinder (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and some effort. Then the result can be modeled into either tasty meatballs for your Spaghetti, Patties for your Hambugers, or eaten just as it is in the shape of Hashed Meat. Or if you're feeling really creative, you could add it to the Potato Mash and make some ''Tambor de Papas''; you don't know how tasty it is until you try it, hehehe... This could help to add the good protein of meat to many dishes. 5. Beans I don't understand why we can only have canned beans and no fresh ones. Beans contain a rather high amount of carbohydrates, making them quite nutritive. And since the uncooked beans often have a very long shelf life, they could be just as useful as their canned variants when it came to hoarding non-perishable food. Plus, you could make bean salads, bean broth, PLATOS DE FRIJOLES, and many other things... -Tools and Utensils 1. The Toaster Well, truth to be told, this one's ALREADY IN GAME, but there's only ONE and it works just like a normal Oven. It'd be great if we could make more use of it (and that were MORE of it), not only to toast our bread slices, but also to to make Cheese Toasts and other similar snacks. 2. The Blender As seen above, it'd be great to make all sorts of juices and shakes. As well as yet another good reason to get a Generator running once the power fails. 3. The Potato Masher Just a simple tool for the aforementioned task, it'd found in kitchens and the like. It should be pretty common as I don't think it can be used for anything other than making Potato Mash. (I just can't imagine being able to kill a Zed with that...) 4. The Meat Grinder It'd be used to grind all of that meat into mincemeat. And maybe once we're capable of cultivating peanuts (see the suggestion on New Crops), we could go use the ol' 19th Century method to make Peanut Butter... -New Crops 1. Peanut Plants Since peanuts already exist in their non-butter shape within the game (Mostly found on the Sunstar Motel, I think), I believe we should be able to grow peanut plants as well. The Peanut plants aren't only hard enough for you to grow them on garden pots, but they also improve the fertility of the soil so maybe they could help to keep other nearby plants healthy. Plus, by having a steady supply of peanuts, we could keep making delicious Peanut Butter, even after the ones found in homes run out. 2. Watermelon Vines Melons come with lots of seeds, don't they? And I'm sure it would be more than possible to plant those seeds to get a good watermelon vine growing. They're a slow-growing plant, and often quite weak to the forces of nature, such as snow, bugs and hordes of stomping Zed, so they'd be rather hard to farm. Nonetheless, the fact that just one Watermelon is enough to make you Very Well Fed should justify this difficulty. 3. Beanstalks Like I'm well sure that Jack knew before he planted them, all you need to grow a beanstalk is just a handful of beans and some patience. The beanstalks are also quite durable as a crop; being rather resilient to many bugs and diseases. However, they are also a summer crop, so it'd be impossible to properly farm them during winter. Also, they're perhaps the easiest to farm grain, unlike with Rice and Wheat, so they make a very good choice of crop for the apocalypse. 4. Grapevines We have grapes already in-game, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to grow grapevines as well. Maybe we could even somehow make Raisins or even brew Wine using them. Or in case that fails, we could learn all sorts of interesting rumors from them That'd be all for now. I'll keep adding more ideas as I think of them. -New Traits 1. Sweet Tooth You just LOVE eating sweet things. ·Increased happiness earned from consuming sweets. ·Decreased Negative effects of SOME junk food (Chocolates, Mint Candies, Lolipops, Jam, anything sugary) ·Easier reduction of Fats when consuming sugary food (sugar makes it easier for the body to process fats)
  19. I have been thinking for a while that the selection of stuff we can paint with the paintbrush is quite limited; just a Skull and some arrows, and nothing else. So, I was thinking that we should have some more stuff we could paint, both on the walls and signs. Here are a few ideas. - LOOT Pretty self-explanatory; this is a place that still has some loot left. It could be used by helpful survivors pointing you to a place that had stuff they didn't need, just as it could be used by some evil ones leading you to a place ridden with traps or with a horde inside. - $$$ Someone inside is willing to trade. Just like the loot sign, this one could be used both for good and evil. This could help the survivors to find those willing to trade stuff more easily, but it would also tell the more thief-minded ones where's a place worth raiding. - Zs! Zeds inside, and in great number. Steer clear of this place. However, just like that it could be used by wary survivors to keep would-be thieves away from their homes, as they would fear the hordes. Those are all I could think of. Feel free to post your own ideas.
  20. TL:DR - In the simplest of terms I'd love to see simple things available from the start (based on your characters previous experience) and the rest should be hidden from sight until unlocked by a book or another player. It's important that obvious things be highlighted and easy to find for the character so they can be created/cooked easily. The purpose of this thread is to address a lack of obviousness. I am trying to bring attention to something which irks me and may irk others too. I'm talking about the inability to do very simple things because of the restrictive nature of crafting and cooking. I'm going to use two examples to try and better explain what I mean. 1. Campfire 2. Cooking a baked potato Campfire. Now making a campfire would certainly not be obvious to everyone. I can understand why the crafting of a campfire would be hidden until it was laid out to you in a book. That to me feels natural. If a player wanted this ability at the game start there should be something they could select to reflect their own personal knowledge. If you have the materials in your inventory, a notched plank, a sturdy stick and some tinder and fuel you're set. This doesn't reflect any knowledge you'd have needed to gain in the first place to start it properly. 2. Potato! I was recently playing a save where I tried to forage at the log cabin (Mul) on insane Z count. The idea was to find out of the Z's eventually found their way to me. I wanted an insane Z count to really imprint on myself the danger of going back into town. It had to feel like almost certain death. In that regard Indie Stone, good job! Because of this I understandably had very little time in the city to collect many things but I did manage to secure a trowel and some potato seeds. Foraging went well and so did the horticulture. I grew some tatties but because I didn't have a pan or bowl I couldn't cook the potato. It should've been possible to forage for a tree branch and simply cook the potato over an open fire. Let me be clear. I'm not suggesting this be added as a recipe. It should be but that's not the point of my post at all. What I'm saying is, there should be a list of things which should be obvious to the player as making a cup of tea. I'd love to see baking a potato on a branch within crafting menu under cooking like Hydrocraft but unlike the campfire it should be nice and clear for the beginner (and not so beginner *cough*) players to find. L
  21. why not crafting gunpowder? And it is technically possible so why not making that option in the game? it is needed 3 fundamentals ingredients, charcoal - potassium nitrate - sulfur. the potassium is found in fertilizes or cold packs by , filtering in water solution, or you could get grass, pee on it, let it dry for 1 week, take all the grass,mix it with hot water, then by boiling the water, you would get the potassium nitrate. the sulfur is more difficult, foraging pyrite(common kind of rock), you would have to heat it in a metal pipe, after burning, you just take the sulfur acid deposited around the interior of the pipe. with the three separated materials, mixing the crushed charcoal with the sulfur and some alcoohol, the potassium with some water in a separate recipient, mix and heat them up in a same recipient, let it dry and it is done! how we could see, it is a challenge, but how much possibilities would we have? a completely different view from an Apocalypse, but i think if that could be done, it would be the first game in the world with realistic perspective from long term survivalness crush charcoal = crushed charcoal make a bale of straw-put on ground - pee ... wait a week. pick it up - craft solution of water and straw - hit it up - potassium nitrate forage - find a pyrite rock - crush rock - put crushed rock in a pipe recipient - hit it up at 800 c (any method u want, as blowtorch or gas(hairspray)) - Sulfur crushed charcoal + Sulfur + any type of alcohol (disinfectant, whiskey,...) = solution 1 potassium nitrate + water = solution 2 solution 1 and solution 2 in a recipient - heat it normally up - dry it(any way u want) - done videos: part 1 part 2 potassim nitrate(in spanish sorry) THINKING BIG, REALLY THANK YOU
  22. Greetings PZ survivors. Alas it's a been a while since I've gotten some good PZ play time in. How long a has the zombie cam been in play when you die(Watching your survivor who just turned go shuffling around was rather interesting). That one was new to me last time I fired up PZ. Anyway, Just wanted to let you know that my company is making a sequel to our original zombie themed game ZPocalypse. You start off on the loan apocalyptic streets having just escaped the recently nuked urban zombie infested wasteland. You’re tired, wounded, and hungry. You need SHELTER, a safe house, where you can lick your wounds and regroup. Not just any house will do though. First you need to make sure it’s safe inside. Clear it out, board up those windows, clean out those beds. Setup guards for early warning systems, and get patrols to go out on scavenging runs, b/c food is in short supply. But they keep coming, every night. What will you do? How long will you last? Is their any end in site for this zombie apocalypse? So much so, have I enjoyed the crafting and base building of PZ that we felt we needed to incorporate some of those aspects into our physical game Zpocalypse 2 which is up on kickstarter right now. ATM we are funded, but we'd really love to open up some , what I feel are vital stretch goals, to really get this game fleshed out and fully specked. (Aka, I'm talking about campaign mode). Campaign mode is going to take alo of time, play testing and play testers to get it so you can play jsut like in PZ to literally see how many days you can survive. So far we've added new foods types (Good Food, Raw food, Rad Food, Coffee, Booze, smokes). You can combine the Raw food and Rad food, using a camp fire upgrade to make various pots of stew which remove the negative status effects that raw and rad food give you if eaten unprepared. Next we got our resources conversion upgrades, such as the Workbench, which lets you build other upgrades, in addition to granting the ability to disassemble armory cards into scrap for you use in building other things. Reload bench lets you craft more ammunition and make improvised bombs. Infirmary lets you remove negative status effects with a night of rest. Beds lets you regain hit points faster overnight, instead of just idly sitting on the ground attracting more zombies to your safe house. You can now build pit traps, upgrade those pesky sandbags with spikes, and maybe even make a propane bomb. The game is being redesigned so you the player have alot more decision and choices for what your survivors do each day. These choices dictate how bad nightly combat will be(if there even is any combat), all the while trying to improve the fortifications’ of your base, feed your survivors, find more survivors, and of course kill as man of those ghoulish zed heads as possible! Anyway, it's up on kickstarter for another 2-3 weeks. Please check it out. There are some areas of the game which are purposely unfinished as we are trying to get community direction on where to take the game. Which new locations, mechanics, and concepts will we put into the game? (I'd personally love to add the cloth part type, and allow hung sheets crafting to block line of sight, just like you can in PZ). Zachary Parkes Vice President of Greenbrier Games Inc. Lead Designer for Zpocalypse 2: Defend of the Burbs https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gbg/zpocalypse-2-defend-the-burbs press pics for Zpocalypse 2 defend the burbs
  23. What: Bags and storage containers specificaly created to store\haul only specific Item categories. Example for bags: Toolbox (tools\nails\screws\electronic scrap\other crafting components) Foodbag (food and water bottles) Log hauling bag (Excellent weight reduction for logs but you can only carry this bag - its like you carrying a generator) suggested by mads232 Suitcase (sheets\pillows\clothes\shoes\hats if ever added etc) Weapon case (firearms\ammo\weapon accessories) doctor bag (meds\bamdages\scalpel\tweezers etc) Should be only hand-held imo Should have better capacity\weight reduction than the bestest bag but for specific items only Example for craftable storage containers: log/plank holder (these take insane amount of space) Garbage can (items disappear after a while - non realistic but still) Gun locker (Should be lockable for MP purpose. Not a 100% safe. Still may be opened with some additional efforts) Suggested by - King jjwpenguin Cupboard (food and kitchenware) Tool drawers Whatever else you may think of WHY: Better dedicated runs for specific loot. You dont just go and grab whatever you find. More comfortable crafting with toolbox. Pick and craft - drop and go. No need to search for all the crates to find that axe,hammer,saw,screwdriver,nails,screws every time. Its all in one place. Much more organised storage for safehouses. More content! Just ignore if you dont like it. Tote bags are still there for you! WHAT SHOULD BE DONE: Bags added as loot Recipes for containers pixelart Code some inventories to hold certain categories only. "Craft from bag" should be available. Maybe with time penalty A bunch of items should be properly categorised. Most of those are just "Items" Something else I am not aware of ty for your attention
  24. Here are three new items with their respective mechanics that would flawlessly fit this game: 1. Ladders Ever seen one of these? These foldable metal ladders (which are rather commonplace in garages, construction sites and tool shops) would make quite a great addition to the game. First, they could be used to access the second-floor window of a house you were trying to get into. The downside would be that the zeds could knock it down as you are climbing and send you to your death (or a lot of fractures if you happen to survive). Also, they could be useful for building roofs to our bases, instead of having to waste wood and nails on building a freaking stair. They should be pretty rare (sorta like Sledges, which are hard to find), but completely indestructible. Another downside would be that you wouldn't be able to put it on your pack; you'd have to carry it in both hands (just like with a corpse) and its great weight (I think 10lbs would be a good weight) would slow you down. 2. Machetes No zombie game or movie is complete without one of these, and the same goes for pretty much every garden shed. Currently, the most practical weapons in PZ are always Blunt weapons (with the sole exception of the Axe, which is pretty uncommon); all Bladed weapons either do too little damage, break too fast or have a range so short you end up getting bitten. The addition of a machete to that list would help to balance against the more advantageous Blunt weapons like the Crowbar and the Baseball Bat (Nailed or not). Because the Axe is on the same level of rarity of the Sledge (which would be its Blunt counterpart) and given its wood-chopping capabilities, most ppl prefer (or at least so I've seen) to use it exclusively for lumberjack'n. Machetes should be the Bladed counterpart of the Crowbars; uncommon but not that rare, weighty but durable, and with a real good damage. They would also be found on the same places as Crowbars (crates, tool sheds, hardware stores, etc) which wouldn't make it to hard for them to be implemented. 3. Fire Extinguishers Technically, these are ALREADY in game, but they serve as much purpose as combs and toothbrushes (according to the Wiki, at least). But, let's be honest, we've all gotten our safehouse consumed by flames at least once. So, at the moment we see the flames emerging, why shouldn't we be able to grab one of these and put them out before they do more damage? It would require the same mechanics of a shotgun; just wear them in both hands aim at the flames and unleash a cone of CO2 upon them. However, they would run out after a few uses, just like a paint can. Not to mention they would be quite noisy and probably attract some zeds. Given they wouldn't have any combat use, they'd probably be pretty common. They could be found at houses' kitchens, offices, shops, schools, storehouses; in fact, they'd be found in lots and lots of places. Thing is, many of them would probably have little charge left or be plain empty. And, you wouldn't be able to refill them in any way; it takes a lot of specific tools and materials to get such task done, and it wouldn't be possible in a post-apoc setting. 3. Nightsticks Commonplace in many zombie games, and some places in real life too. So I was pretty surprised that I didn't found any of these in the police station. They would be a decent Blunt Weapon; less range than the Bat, but with a faster swing and much more durable. (Police Officer and Security Guard Jobs could come with a swing speed bonus to it, kinda like Axe Man does for Firemen and Lumberjacks). As for places to find it, Police Stations or any place that may require a guard (Like Banks, some Offices, Stores and Supermarkets, etc ), and sometimes maybe in the corpse of a zombie. (Zombie Cops should be a thing too) 4. Mops/Brooms Who doesn't have one of these at home or has seen the one the janitor of your office uses? They're not exactly a deadly weapon, tho (Unless you're Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead...). They'd be the shovel's weaker but more commonplace cousin; long range and lightweight but prone to breaking and rather weak. However, they'd be utterly common, and clearly a much better weapon choice than a pencil or your bare hands. 5. Wrench/Spanner Now were's a commonplace favorite I can't believe I forgot about! And although they're not common in people's houses or garden sheds (unless you're the handyman type or the ''Screw mechanics, I'll fix my own car!'' type), they'd be omnipresent on Auto Repairs, Hardware Stores and maybe even the trunks of cars and trucks (when they get added, that is). Combat-wise, they'd be the crowbar's bigger cousin; heavier but deadlier too, yet not as strong as the Sledge. Plus, now that the new Engineer Job that comes on at Build 32, they'd make a fitting weapon for them, or maybe even have some purpose disassembling stuff (it takes more than a Screwdriver to dismantle freezer) . Not to mention that if you're female, you could call yourself a Wrench Wench, one with a mighty Wrench Whack
  25. Please Note: This is not too be confused with bringing back the wheelie bins from previous versions, this suggestion is about having it so we can possibly make a wheelburrow ourselves with the carpentry skill. It is that time of the year now (at least where I live) where you start to put your snow stuff away and start bringing out the lawn mowers, etc. I was kind of thinking what we do not have yet is like a wheelburrow that can be useful for moving wooden logs around and I think that wheelburrows don't seem to be that complicated so I think we should be able to craft our own. I think to make it so it is not too overpowered and easy to get they should make it so that it requires a high carpentry level to make, here is how the recipe should be like below: 1x Small Wheel 16x Planks 32x Nails or Screws 1x Hammer/Screwdriver Here is a real-life image of how it would look if you would have made it yourself.
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