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Found 3 results

  1. Knowing the tone of the game and its current update 41. Where for the most part many items that are crafted are nothing more than placeholders until you will find actual tools. With the advent of crafting makes the search for necessary things quite useless as you can safely start developing from scratch as in Minecraft. Which in a way - sort of destroys the need to take risks for rewards. Of course you could live as a nomad before, but for the most part you will get bored very quickly after 3 in-game weeks. No argument about it being realistic, and very good for balance in multiplayer. But is it good for single-player? For the most part, Project Zomboid is fundamentally designed for single-player, which creates its original atmosphere of ruthlessness. And if you look from the single-player side, the player for the most part does not need to remember the roads, in which corners of Kentucky you can loot, create plans in urban places. And trivialize adventures for loot or experience for skills. For the most part, the game will just be another wilderness survival simulator (but you can of course play standard as before). And to argue that "if you don't like it, don't use it" is wrong. Because with the addition of such a thing, the game "from the single-player side" feels completely different with only one innovation. The game forces you to play by its rules. And face zombies side by side. If you want things, you MUST fight for them. And I see the addition of advanced crafting as killing the original purpose of the game - To test the player's endurance and ingenuity. With the addition of crafting, even though the player may choose to play this style of game, will the game be considered original to canon? I don't think so. It's Phill. He loves adventure. He has a base in Louisville and is not afraid of hordes of zombies because he knows where he's come. And what his reward will be. He'll think twice about using wood glue for his hatchet. He knows his car is about to break. But he can't let it go because it's got all his savings in it. So he has a goal for this week. It's Jack. He's cautious, and he stays out of the zombie fight. He'll think three times about looting his neighbor's house. Or whether it's better to spend the night away from here. He believes in his own strength because he can do anything. And he can resurrect civilization from scratch because the scriptwriter said so. Any tool or weapon that a player finds becomes very valuable for the simple reason that he can't find the same unless he goes to specific locations for that item. The exclusivity of an item and spending resources to fix it is one of the main elements of Project Zomboid. And with the reduced item spawn rate, it becomes a very important thing. With the advent of crafting, finding this loot becomes laughable. Banal because the player at leveling crafting will be able to create the same item (with probably worse stats) but will fulfill the same purpose as its pre-apocalyptic counterparts. I really enjoy playing a game with critically low loot because the game doesn't provide the tools to craft or repair them. Which is why Project Zomboid. Oddly enough, it plays like Project Zomboid. In my opinion with the addition of advanced crafting this will obviously conflict with the current mechanics of the game which will change the perception of the game starting with Build 42
  2. My first suggestion so please be kind lol Knowing that wildlife will be added to the game in build 42 is super exciting, and its got me thinking a lot. I typically stick to the city life and hunker down somewhere, but never do I stay long or venture at all in the forest/farm areas (even though they have the best atmosphere imo) Sometimes I'm pretty sure you can hear a distant roar of a bear (unless its the survivors guilt praying on my sanity) which has given me so many ideas. Bears If bears were added to the game, or any aggressive wildlife I seriously feel like more people would consider a playthrough living off the land in the woods. I've never tried it myself as it seems it would grow tiring after a while, foraging and scavenging just to keep yourself alive almost uncontended. If animals like bears or wolves were added then things could get spicy. Walking through the woods, on your way back to your quaint cabin when all of a sudden a bear appears, finishing its meal perhaps, only to notice you. The feeling of being faced with a black bear (which are abundant in Kentucky) would truly strike fear in me and certainly pose a challenge apart from the lone zombie or two staggering past. They could be strong and take multiple direct hits from a shotgun, certainly not going down without a fight. This would seriously bring some challenge to the forestry life and give a valid reason to fortify your home. They could steal your crops like a racoon would, prompting you to bear proof your garden and keep you on your toes when checking those traps/hunting the new animals. Better yet, just when you thought you were safe a pack of wolves waits eagerly outside your door (maybe a sadistic director type event if you stay inside too long) waiting to feed (i.e. on you). Having a real challenge to face in the woods other than food and water would honestly bring so many opportunities. You could setup an extermination business in a mp server, helping other camps with their bear/wolf problems, building expansive log walls to keep the animals out, maybe the pelts could be used as protection against the cold, or maybe just a cool rug. The challenge alone would be entertaining to say the least. Dogs/Hunting All this talk of animals brings me to my second and final suggestion, using dogs to assist in hunting. Having a companion to help in putting food on the table would be super immersive and fun.(While also giving you a sense of responsibility as you now have another mouth to feed) You could teach your furry friend how to take down animals, or zeds. You could learn how to train your dog by reading a dog book/magazines/vhs tapes. Each level would learn a new skill (or trick) to teach your dog, such as stealthful animal take downs, item retrieval, recall, sit, stay, you name it. I think the same mechanics could be used on zombies aswell, you could sneak up on one or two zeds and allow your pup to takedown the one on the right while you take the left (xp could be earned with each successful attack/kill). All of that would seriously I think change the way I play and encourage others to play in ways they haven't before. I've always liked the idea of living off the land but the monotony of nothing but fishing and foraging weighs down my motivation. I'm excited for all the new animals and ways to change up the standard way we play. Having these new additions would truly enhance not only my gameplay but lots of others. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  3. Build 42 is coming, and at the time of writing the latest Thurstoid, Snack Attack has opened our eyes to some exciting new possibilities that will come with the Crafting Overhaul. So I would like us to have this space to discuss how the modding scene could implement the so called "Machine Scripting System" in ways that stray away from traditional crafting stations. Like the Vending Machines that are coming to the vanilla game. I would like to number some characteristics that the machines seem will able to get with the information we've been given. The machines can be multiple tiles in size They can make the character perform different animations depending of the process taking place Could make your character execute an animation by pressing a button, or successfully achieving something when using them Transformation/Interchange of an Item for a different one Buttons and input of codes to get the desired outcome Storing items inside of them (an inventory) Processing a transaction over a lapse of time Having different pieces than can be taken out of them, repaired, or upgraded Being able to navigate through different sections, and display custom pictures and animations Having designated slots for items We can interact with them using specific Keys to unlock certain sections The machines will be able to connect with one another in some way Probably will have the capacity to play specific sounds upon completion of something or when pressing a button The Machine Interface will likely be able to be used by Items as well I will now mention some general ideas of ways to use the system based of what we know of it so far: Keypads and anything that uses a numerical combination to produce an outcome. Containers with a limited amount of slots for placing items in then. Tiles from which you can take pieces without dissembling them. Segmented Containers, a single container being able to have different inventories, each of which could be individually locked by a key or other item. Containers that display a special graphical theme. Navigation inside containers, they could have a welcome screen, and submenus. Containers with hidden compartments, only accesible by placing a specific item in a slot, or by pushing a secret button. Puzzles that require you to find a certain item or to press buttons in a specific order, with different outcomes. Interactive displays, (rearrange the order of pictures in a board, or change the priority of a list written in wooden planks perhaps?) Tiles than can show pictures, not unlike the way items can at the moment, but also animations. Minigames perhaps? (I'm sure they have been contemplated). Does anything in particular come to your mind now?
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