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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, Is it somehow possible to hide the admin character on the admin's screen as well? Not just talking about /invisible here: this hides my character from other players, but I'm searching for a way to actually "not" see my character at all anymore in my own view as well, so that it looks like I'm sort of hovering over the field instead. Thx in advance for any help 😀 Greetz, Tybs
  2. Hi all, Perhaps this should go in the "small suggestions" topic, not sure how small this is... feel free to move it there if necessary. I find it a bit limiting in how the admin of a server (being the person to maintain order, among other things) still has a cone of vision when all the admin powers are active, thereby easily losing sight of other players after teleporting towards them. Would it be reasonable to request an option where he can see all the angles, so 360 degrees around him?
  3. Cory

    Dupeitem report

    Would anyone have more information on the 'Dupeitem' log - The only reference I could find was back in 2016 build 35 (The mega Test), when it was mentioned that we would have access to the log, but nothing came of it. Has anyone been able to access these logs and willing to pass on the how to. All I can see via the admin panel - database - userlog is that a player has 4000+ Dupeitem reports.
  4. For those that don’t know, there are currently 5 server mod rolls. (Observer, GM, Overseer, Moderator, Admin) The Observer roll (lowest) has the following permissions: Toggle invisible (on himself only) Toggle god mod (on himself only) See players connected (/players) Teleport to a player (can't teleport a player elsewhere) Can toggle noclip (on himself only) Teleport to coordinates See server options Can open locked doors Can go insid
  5. I am starting a server and am wondering if it is possible to set zones for specific things, like pvp, no building, admin only, no looting, periodic reset, etc. Is there an existing way to do this, or would it require custom modding? I have seen similar features in some of the servers I joined and would like to add it to my own. Thanks
  6. Good day. I am new to the Project Zomboid game and on your forum. I apologize if there are problems with my English. Recently, I was given admin rights. But I can not use the skill of gathering. Please correct this problem, its impossible to fully play and use administrator rights. For all questions to the main administrator of our server, you can contact here. https://discordapp.com/invite/3hF5СБЕ I hope this will not be a violation of forum rules.
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------Let Me Speak!-------------------------------------------------------- Note: Svarog and Aricane (owner of PZ-Mods) both had an unaltered copy of V1.2, the latest version before I had a PC failure that effectively erased this mod. If you like this mod, you have them to thank for its continued existence. This mod has something for just about everybody. Whether it be roleplay, immersion, Lua, singleplayer admin, etc, this mod has it all. What stemmed from a suggestion from here has become much, much more. Press T to open up the
  8. PERMANENT INVITE SERVER DISCORD: https://discord.gg/z9Et3J3 Element Gaming, the Biggest Italian Multigaming community, presents: THE WALKING DEAD PROJECT: The Era of Evil The Walking Dead Project is a game server for Project Zomboid focused on the famous tv show. Peculiarity and exclusivity of this server will be the locations, reproduced with the Editor Map of Project Zomboid, in a exclusive pack that you can find on the Steam Workshop: In this new season named: The Era of Evil, there will be serveral news that you will find on our server , as the exclus
  9. Greetings, another little mod from me and again, only useful in multiplayer. What does Coxis ServerMessage do? With Coxis ServerMessage (short: CSM) you, as in the serveradmin can display any text-information for your players that you want. This text will be displayed for every connecting player in a modal window. The player can still play the game, but the window will stay atop. If the player clicks the OK-button the window will close. How do I (=Serveradmin) edit the text? That's pretty simple: With the mod ships a CSMrules.txt, you can add your
  10. Hey there! I've started a Multiplayer Dedicated server on Project Zomboid for playing with my friends without requirement of inviting them, so they can get in, but when I give myself admin from console, I have infinite carryweight and I can easily move very fast Items on my inventory and I don't want to have it. I have limited carryweight on backpacks, but I have infinite carryweight on normal Inventory. Is there any way, or command to stop having this Infinite Carryweight?
  11. this is a menu based Admin Control Tool. it allows you to just click a menu button instead of typing the admin commands into the chat bar it also gives a number of other handy admining tools. so far it has 5 different sections, Admin Hacks - addxp to admin,unlimited build, fast destroy,invisibility,god mode and a warp. Admin Controls - Gunshot,Chopper launcher, random item spawn on ground, start/stop rain, and thunder. Zambie Spawner - spawn hordes in 20,50,200,500,700 and 900 groups. Teleporter - gives you the ability to spawn in 27 different areas across 3 different citys. Item Spaw
  12. I'm a moderator of a Project Zomboid server. We used to be a whitelist server, but decided to drop the whitelist to get more players. This has lead to a large amount of people using Alt-Characters for griefing purposes. We are not exposing the Steam Accounts of the players, as they'd prefer not to have the Accounts public. This means people are griefing on Alt-Characters, without anyone knowing who's behind the character. While discussing this issue with a fellow moderator, we came up with the following idea: A server setting/configuration option, that would only allow 1 character per Steam
  13. Hi, my suggestion today would be adding some more admin command like /additem "XXX" "XXX" "and a multiplier to give more than one item) A Corpse cleaner to reduce lagging Claiming tool so admin can manage claimed buildings and maybe remove the possibility to claim a house. Freezing command Teleport to us command instead of only teleport to players. I might add more if i get more ideas
  14. Haptic

    IP Config Help

    Hi, I just had a few questions regarding the running of a server on my own computer. My first question is this : Is it possible to maintain a server with a dynamic external IP with or without the use of additional software such as Hamachi, etc, etc? If not, how does one get around the limitations of IPv4 without purchasing a static IP adress? The main thing I want to do is simply host a server that runs 24/7 and works. My external IP likes to change 2-3 times a day, I assume that when your external IP changes it makes the saved server unavailable due to the change in IP. How can I h
  15. So I created a server for me and my friends, and I need access to admin rights. First of all, I created my server and started running it, and I used the command /adduser "abop" "password" and i'm not even sure what that does. Next, I used the grantadmin "abop" and it says admin is granted. When I use commands, none of it work, how am I supposed to login as admin and where? I created a password as well. Ps: When I use grantadmin do I refer to my in game name such as the one I log into the server with, or Something else??
  16. Hi all, I have recently started up a server for my friends and I to play on. Everything works fine except for the fact that whenever I try to enter commands into the console like 'grantadmin' or 'additem' is does not work. I am very confused as to why is is not working and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hobbes

    Admin issues

    So has anyone else dealt with a situation where admin status has been granted to a player, the player is capable of logging on as a proper admin (with the [admin] brackets and coordinates in the bottom left). For a while all was working well; AdminTools window is available as well as ExtendedBuildings. I teleported to the mall, then was no longer capable of dropping items or even transferring from any container to another (incl. back bag). The char comes back in with admin status [but not in brackets on global chat] and was and i don't know why but loot can be moved normally again, though A
  18. Can I delete zombies as admin? Or do I have to kill each of them with an axe? I spawned 100 zombies... now how to get rid of them again?
  19. I´m currently trying to enhance the performance of my server and therefore need some help. With build28 we can directly manage the server with console-commands, so it should be possible to do a grace restart. Some time ago I used a script which will simply kill the process and restart the sh-script, but I deactivated it because of potential damage to the map/save. I have decent linux skills but I´m kinda stuck here. What I would like to achieve with the restart-script: 5min before restart send a message to all playerssend the "quit"-command to the serverwait a couple of minutesrestart th
  20. Hello. I just wish to play in single player, but with Admin ability with the tools just like these. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8149-server-admin-toolsv2/ That admin mod won't work in single player, yet I wish to be able to use the abilities of the mod just to build some stuff for fun. Just to make The Sandbox, More Sandboxy.
  21. - IP addresses connecting to a server get an unique ID: The main idea behind this being to minimize or limit how many accounts an user has in a whitelist server. This is useful to know how many unique users you actually have in your server. And because making multiple accounts is an exploit most players will find sooner or later (depending on server: e.g. a server with a starter kit). - cool-down after dying for re-spawning: for the most part when players die in a server they'll quickly re-spawn to go loot their bodies. I think there should be a server option to have a cool-down before a playe
  22. J0R3N

    Log in as admin

    I've just made a server for me and my friend. I clicked the .bat file, made a password and portforwarded. But when i get on there i'm just a normal player a can only do one command, where or how can i log in as an administrator?
  23. Allow the server console to receive commands especially in linux enviroments, this would help with scripting start/shutdown/save/status scripts. Specific commands I would like to see; save, quit [time*], say [msg], kick [user], kickall, ban [user], unban [user], whitelist [add/remove/on**/off**] [user] [password] *Assumes now if no time given (e.g. quit 30, stops the server in 30 seconds) **Also opens or closes the server to new users For example My friend and I were designing a script to warn players of an impending server save and restart... but we learned that we could not issue commands
  24. Staff may have had this question before, but I could not find any answers.. I start my server with 25 beta but do not get prompted to create admin log in details. Any help? Suggestions? Any help is much appreciated and thank you for your time.
  25. I'm hosting a small whitelisted PZ Server for just me and some friends. While so far it's been a huge amount of fun with few issues, the occasional, multiplayer-specific issue has made me wish I could modify the data for my users' characters. For example one user was mobbed and infected due to latency making his client unresponsive. After some digging I notice that the character data seems to be stored client-side in <USER_FOLDER>/Zomboid/Sandbox/<IP>_<USERNAME>/map_p.bin, and not on the server itself. Having looked at the file in a hex editor it seems fairly easy to modify e
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