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  1. OMMFG!!!!!! sooooooooooooo much new stuff to play with on PZ } may have to get hammered and see what i can do with it alll tonight lol
  2. if you go to the files for the mod youll see a section containing the location names and coords, with teleporting, if you happen to teleport off the map you cant ever get back in lol. so take a look for the admintools2.lua fila and scroll to the bottom to find a section that is like this...... --Muldraugh Teleporterfunction Sunstar() getPlayer():setY(9814); getPlayer():setX(10622);endfunction Offices() getPlayer():setY(10338); getPlayer():setX(10698);endfunction Railyard() getPlayer():setX(11623); getPlayer():setY(9850);endfunction LMill() getPlayer():setX(10340); getPlayer():setY(9649
  3. oi, hi guys been kinda busy and everytime i think life is going to let me have a little fun i get bitch slapped back lol. if anyone wants to do some work on tjis mod just message me and ill try to help. i hope to get back into PZ soon but iv been saying that for months. i am really sorry i havent been keeping the admin tools active, i havnt exactly been home to be on the pc lol. i hope to be more active now tho........ hopefully.
  4. hopefully we'll be back up and running with both the admin tools and the server soon admin tools are first on my priorities list tho....
  5. as far as i know if you have admin control you bypass the lua checksum. so it only needs to be added to your client files, but i was gone for along time and haven't updated my client i files since the original build 28 came out i think.just getting back into where i was when i left off, trying to remember what it was i was doing and all.
  6. sorry been "away" , gunna try to get back into all this asap and get it updated to work with the latest build.
  7. weird maybe my files are fucked up then.
  8. i gotta update it, the lines for the map and file browser error so it wont launch the admin tools. ill try to get a copy up asap.
  9. yeah it is gunna be one of those things thatll have to get changed once we got a group active on here.
  10. PVP=truePauseEmpty=trueGlobalChat=trueOpen=trueServerWelcomeMessage= <RGB:1,0,0> Welcome to The Brutal Monster Vanilla MP Server ! to chat locally press "t", to global chat press "y" or add "/all" <LINE> before chatting. Type "/help" to have a list of server commands. <LINE> <RGB:255,0,255> Map was started on 8/04/2014. <LINE> <RGB:1,1,1> LogLocalChat=trueAutoCreateUserInWhiteList=trueDisplayUserName=trueSpawnPoint=0,0,0SafetySystem=trueShowSafety=trueSafetyToggleTimer=100SafetyCooldownTimer=120SpawnItems=Base.Ramen,Base.Ramen,Base.KitchenKnife,Base.Bandaid
  11. aright the server is now build 28,should be no nead for soft resets or hard resets now, so giver hell.
  12. alright guys looks like build 28 is out on the IWBUMS branch in steam im gunna change to that and hopefully fix all these issues itll still be a vanilla server to start also.
  13. there is a lua file named adminwindow.lua, at the bottom is a chunk that says function KeyListener(key) if key == 199 and admin.isAdmin then adminwindowopen();endendchange the 199 to any key number in this list http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/index.php?title=Key_Codes/Keyboard1&action=render
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