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  1. Amurayi

    Nerf the player.

    I agree: If you add more things which help us survive also add things which make it more difficult. Add Dogs! (can be zombie dogs or not). They smell your location, bark and attract zombies!
  2. Amurayi

    Can I delete zombies as admin?

    Admins / Mods need some kind of "Ghostbusters"-Zapper to destroy them...
  3. Amurayi

    Can I delete zombies as admin?

    Can I delete zombies as admin? Or do I have to kill each of them with an axe? I spawned 100 zombies... now how to get rid of them again?
  4. Amurayi

    How to change zombie settings on a server?

    Also: HoursForLootRespawn=24... would these be real hours or ingame hours?
  5. Heya, just rented my private server on NITRADO. I have access to the *_SandboxVars.lua file. SandboxVars ={ Speed = 3, Zombies = 3, Distribution = 1, Survivors = 1, DayLength = 2, StartMonth = 7, StartTime = 2,-- the number of day before water shut off (-1 mean instant)WaterShutModifier = 14,-- the number of day before elec shut off (-1 mean instant)ElecShutModifier = 14, FoodLoot = 2, WeaponLoot = 2, OtherLoot = 2,Temperature = 3,Rain = 3,-- Erosion = 2,ErosionSpeed = 3, XpMultiplier = 1.0, StatsDecrease = 3, NatureAbundance = 3, Alarm = 4, LockedHouses = 6, FoodRotSpeed = 3, FridgeFactor = 3, Farming = 3, ZombiesRespawn = 2, LootRespawn = 1, StarterKit = false, TimeSinceApo = 1, PlantResilience = 3, PlantAbundance = 3, EndRegen = 3, ZombieLore = { Speed = 2, Strength = 2, Toughness = 2, Transmission = 1, Mortality = 5, Reanimate = 3, Cognition = 3, Memory = 2, Decomp = 1, Sight = 2, Hearing = 2, Smell = 2, }}Is their a link to an explantion which number does what somewhere?
  6. Amurayi

    "Ice Skate Axe" as seen in "Cast away"

    The Kentucky Icehockey players insist.
  7. Amurayi

    Rope-and-Can Warning System

    Basically we are talking about Zombie traps here. This could be as simple as an alarm wire, up to a trip wire or even a lighter the zombie activates to ignite gas or a (forthcoming) molotov cocktail. +1 It's also a great way to defend yourself against players breaking into your safehouse on MP servers.
  8. Amurayi

    Who Has Been Bitten and Survived

    It would be more movielike if we could get infected by bites only. (at least in Sandbox)
  9. 1. Occasional Zombie wave attacking the safehouse. WIthout it the whole (fun) safehouse building part doesn't make any sense 2. See 1. 3. Dragons
  10. Amurayi

    "Ice Skate Axe" as seen in "Cast away"

    We need more movie references. Would also love to see "Twinkies" added ("Zombieland")
  11. Amurayi

    Zombies falling in water.

    Nice one!
  13. Heya devs, once you introduce NPCs I am sure we will be able to set how many other NPC survivors other than you are in the area. There should be a setting like "Last survivor" where there are zero NPCs. However there should also be a setting where you don't know if there are other survivors: "Possibly last survivor". They may be very rare or they may be none at all. This way sandbox keeps its suspense like in "I am Legend".
  14. Amurayi

    Characters get bored/depressed too easily

    ADHD ain't real as the scientist who "discovered" it admitted on his death bed. Please don't teach a generation of gamers that it would be.