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  1. Hi all, Is it somehow possible to hide the admin character on the admin's screen as well? Not just talking about /invisible here: this hides my character from other players, but I'm searching for a way to actually "not" see my character at all anymore in my own view as well, so that it looks like I'm sort of hovering over the field instead. Thx in advance for any help Greetz, Tybs
  2. Hi, This one might be a bit hard to reproduce, since I don't know how to... but I'll drop it off anyway. Sometimes a filled gas can shows the wrong weight. It does not influence gameplay, the actual weight is still 5.00 and the remaining gas seems to be normal: but the shown value is wrong. See the screenshot below: This only happens for specific cans. It may have something to do with filling them up when their initial gas remaining is not zero, but I'm not sure there. Most cans show normal values after filling them up: Not much of a game breaker or something, but a fix eventually would be nice. Thx in advance! Greetz, Tybs
  3. Hi all, Perhaps this should go in the "small suggestions" topic, not sure how small this is... feel free to move it there if necessary. I find it a bit limiting in how the admin of a server (being the person to maintain order, among other things) still has a cone of vision when all the admin powers are active, thereby easily losing sight of other players after teleporting towards them. Would it be reasonable to request an option where he can see all the angles, so 360 degrees around him?
  4. IWBUMS version 41.33. When any player "inspects" an item in splitscreen, it always uses the same window (of player 1). We also can't seem to close the window unless the item is transferred into storage, upon which the window auto-closes. For an impression, see time 9:05 and further in the video below. Example:
  5. Tybs


    Off topic: I just noticed that I apparently never finished writing the topic title. Is there a way for me to correct this?
  6. Tybs


    It is what the game tells me, can't make much more of it...
  7. Tybs


    Playing with gamepad, IWBUMS version 41.33. In previous builds, when trying to open the menu for character information (and skills, health, etc), normally you follow this procedure: 1. Hold the SELECT button to make the radial menu show. 2. Use the right stick to select the required option. 3. Release SELECT to open the selected option. However, the radial menu currently disappears within half a second, despite holding SELECT. To select the requested option you need to respond quite fast, usually it fails. You can see this effect for player 2 in the video sample below at time 3:04. This also happens while playing solo, btw... quite harsh when you're bleeding out quickly and try to patch up your neck If behavior could be reverted to the previous situation, that would be much appreciated! Example:
  8. Playing with a PS4 controller. Whenever I open the new foraging UI, there is no way to navigate to a button that would close the foraging window. This worked correctly in the previous build. None of the other controls have the desired effect either, I'm stuck with the window until I close the game process by force. I suppose the keyboard might work as well, but I don't have one in my living room, so I couldn't check. Things like opening doors or fighting are also not possible when the window is open, so I guess I'm lucky I didn't get ambushed yet
  9. Maybe it's just my run, but all of a sudden the zeds appear to have eagle vision of some sort. They all see me from twice the usual range, and occasionally one starts running towards me even before I get it in vision myself. Is this intended behavior? Perhaps I missed it in the patch notes... My current run is a few weeks old, and vision definitely worked different before this patch.
  10. Could the mouse be permanently hidden when using a controller? When streaming from another device, I don't have the option of moving it. Currently using an autohide tool for it, but for some reason it pops up once in a while. Would make sense to just have an option to disable the mouse when a controller is in use.
  11. Apologies: yes, I'm talking about the controller here
  12. Small but important gamepad suggestion: it would be nice if holding the trigger was sufficient to keep stomping on a zombie, just like when holding space with a keyboard. Right now I kinda get click crazy when trying to take one out, to the point of minor RSI complaints... Guess I could try calming down a bit, but the tension gets me every time
  13. Good to hear, I look forward to no more spawn deaths!
  14. Copied the log below, just in case the attachment wasn't working properly. Sorry about the layout, pasting apparently does not work as expected [27-10-19 15:23:50.173] reason = RBSafehouse x,y,z = 5836,5279,0 room = kitchen. [27-10-19 15:23:50.178] reason = RBSafehouse x,y,z = 5837,5283,0 room = hall. [27-10-19 15:23:50.183] reason = RBSafehouse x,y,z = 5835,5284,0 room = livingroom. [27-10-19 15:23:50.400] reason = createEatingZombies x,y,z = 5824,5276,0. [27-10-19 15:23:50.720] reason = RDSBedroomZed x,y,z = 5772,5246,0 room = bedroom. [27-10-19 15:23:50.727] reason = RDSBedroomZed x,y,z = 5771,5244,0 room = bedroom. [27-10-19 15:26:41.234] reason = roomSpotted x,y,z = 5802,5283,0 room = bathroom. [27-10-19 15:26:41.238] reason = roomSpotted x,y,z = 5804,5281,0 room = bedroom. [27-10-19 15:30:15.882] reason = roomSpotted x,y,z = 5737,5254,0 room = bathroom. [27-10-19 15:30:15.886] reason = roomSpotted x,y,z = 5738,5256,0 room = bathroom. [27-10-19 15:30:15.890] reason = roomSpotted x,y,z = 5738,5255,0 room = bathroom. [27-10-19 15:30:15.893] reason = roomSpotted x,y,z = 5738,5254,0 room = bathroom. [27-10-19 15:30:15.896] reason = roomSpotted x,y,z = 5737,5255,0 room = bathroom.
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