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  1. Hello Community Long time i havent posted here, maybe like in 3 or 4 years...anyways I been trying to integrate more zombie skins, but lack information on how to set up the folder and how to properly include them without replacing any skins (if possible). I have a total of 25 skins which add recently deceased, fresh deceased and some im just adding to test the looks ingame. thanks in foward for anyone willing to help. here is the pack of skins if anyone wants to use them https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gf-GXUkFXIE_hhBgshEnv5sC-WzMTjkK/view?usp=sharing
  2. Yes I made them, used gimp for all of the customization and recoloring.
  3. https://ufile.io/hi2ca heres a pak of tiles both custom and re colored
  4. https://ufile.io/f3trb tried to recreate Hilltop location for the Walking Dead' feel free to use it and modify it edit; for some reason the roofs in the barns and storages couldnt be changed. quick image upload
  5. Gracias atox, perdon que me eh desconectado un poco de PZ. Saludos a Venezuela!
  6. Damn, I knew i had several errors to fix, sorry man, like i mentioned this had been abandoned in my computer since june. I had my own map going but gave up on it, I got my platter full right now with becoming first time father....so yeah I have little time to edit them. feel free to do so. Although in some of the buildings, some things were meant to be blocking the player from going in, unless you had a sledge hammer. Capt_Paradox, you mean the bunker (elevated tiles?) set them up as stairs simple as that
  7. 956Texas

    Union City

    yo neutz, I can help you build more stuff in my spare time, I added you in steam, Dark Lord
  8. The mountain with a house on its side, has a grotte inside, and plenty of room. I tried manipulating a water fall as well, and it looks pretty cool.
  9. https://ufile.io/w02uf I added a bunch of my residential and commercial zones aswell.. alot of building variety to be added to a map.. .I hope someone adds them to a map, it be cool to play in those buildings. some buildings might be missing room definitions, dont remember, this pack was abandoned months ago and I believed it was better off if the community had them. ====I strongly advice not to edit the buildings, they are made for the player to struggle to get in, Let the player figure out how to go in, them. some of the buildings blocks are straight puzzels with many dead ends==== ***DONT FORGET TO INSTALL THE CUSTOM WALLS IN YOUR 1X 2X FOLDER!***
  10. Where you able to align the map?
  11. I recommend looking through a website that offers house plans, and apartment plans. Thats how I just began to do my own family homes. I belive also stripmall plans are also out there in websites. http://www.stocktondesign.com/plans.php?ptid=3
  12. So if i want a 12x12 map It would be 3600x3600 to make the image in paint.net? Ringod is there a way to add custom signs and make them appear ingame?
  13. Cool, well i been working on several textures for both F/M with different wound textures and different stages of been dead. Hopefully soon I can integrate them to have a vast type of undead.
  14. So we are stuck with three zombies for female and male?
  15. By any chance can you give me the directions of that folder.
  16. Ok I see that male and female zombies have 3 versions in each. I been working on 6 more versions but dont know how to implement them. Is it even possible to add more variety?
  17. Indoor growing would be nice. Will you ever implement that?
  18. When i first saw the title of the mod, i thought it was about drug dealing.
  19. 956Texas

    Survivors Mod

    Nolan, I want to add preplaced npcs in a specific area, do i need to have the coordinates only? Also is it possible to just copy a pre exististing one and rename it to what i want?
  20. If possible, it be great to have different tones of skin on zombies, from your fresh dead (vanilla zed) to your decomposing brownish green zed. Different body textures for like bites, scratches, open bones (like ribs) or even random dudes with the morgue stitching would make them more unique. I can try making a variety of them for you, but im not sure if its possible to have more variety? Because if its only replaceables I can throw that idea away.
  21. Easy it be nice to have a variety of more TVs (flat screens) and computers wouldnt be a bad idea. If I only knew how to get them in game i wouldnt bother you guys. Electric poles with wires More window types and shapes More door shapes and frames More house decors (like archs) Indoor plants And more wall art paintings Just to name a few. At the moment the tools feel to dull. Any idea if more stuff is coming? Also is it possible add like padlocks within the building ed? Lets say you need to find a paper with the codes to open a specific door. I was wondering if thats possible?
  22. Lego, wheres the vid pass the link. Im really into tilezed right now. I could say my structures are getting better; im helping atox with a section of his map. Awhile back i released a bunch of custom tiles that i was able to port in for tilezed. I also released a bunch of buildings many mine and also some from the community but modified. In the sprite sheets i was able tO do grass walls, rock and caves. Never had the chance to see them ingame though, couldnt figure out how to do that.
  23. I wonder if Indie stone will ever make mountain sprites and if they will ever implement below ground level?
  24. Thet need rock/dirt textures for walls and slopes. That would make it more simple to make hills and even mountains. Although they would look to squarish, but that shouldnt matter.
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