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  1. Hi, I tried on the actual Steam PZ version and all is ok for me. Can you check your [steam folder]\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\mods\CraftHelper\media\ui folder and be sure that book.png and book_grey.png are here ? If not, get them from the CraftHelper archive and put them in this folder. Also, try to click on where the icon is supposed to be and the window will show. It will confirm that 2 png are missing. Hope this will help you.
  2. ^ Sarah Connor ? < Should work on his mods instead of being a big lazy guy v is a huge fan of Imagine video game series, especially "Imagine, Wedding Designer"
  3. Great! That's remind me an old mod I made a long time ago. Due to copyright, I had to change the sound and the name of the mod. And I still don't know if it fits better than the initial "Fus ro dah" sound or not http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c5HaFPwqdVE
  4. peanuts

    Trapping mod

    OMG! We've found the asymptomatic carrier ! He's not affected by the epidemic.
  5. peanuts

    Trapping mod

    Yes it can be done. But first, for now we focus on traps for catching something to eat And finally, on second thought, your idea should be a mod in its own. I mean that a trap is maybe not the best solution. If you want to lure zeds, you probably want to use something that you can activate when you want, and not randomly. The first thing I think about is an alarm clock
  6. peanuts

    Trapping mod

    TRAPPING MOD FOR PZ v2.9.9.17 By Thuztor (sprites & textures), Nelolis (scripting) and Peanuts (code) Well, time to dig out this mod from the old PZ forum! OK. So, you're feeling like a trapper ? Ok let see that...This mod will let you place traps for catching some meaty and delicious preys. DOWNLOAD LINKpz-mods.net : http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Trappingmodxeno-mods.com : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/157/trapping-mod HOW TO USE THIS MOD When installing this mod, you'll have in your inventory a rat trap, a box trap (something like that) and carrots for the bait.What you have to do is right click in some place and choose in hunting menu one of the two options (place rat trap or place box trap). Once done, you'll have to craft some carrots slices (right click on carrots item) to make some baits. Then, right click on the trap you just placed and in the hunting menu, choose the option "load trap with" and carrots slice will appear in the submenu. Once the trap loaded (note that you can unload the trap by right clicking on a loaded trap), you just have to wait if some stupid cute animal will fall into the trap If this is the case (you'll see that the trap's texture has changed), you just have to right click (one more time ) on the trap and then choose the "retrieve" option.Simple ? Yes. But be careful. Choose wisely places for your traps otherwise your chances to catch something will be thin. ACTUAL MOD CONTENTRat trap : this trap can catch rats and chipmunks (don't ask me why I choose chipmunks ). More chance to catch rats in urban zones. Best is in houses (near wall). More chance to catch chipmunks when placed in countryside.Box trap : this trap can catch rabbits and squirrel. For both, placing trap in countryside, far from houses is good idea. Near trees is good choice to catch squirrels.New recipes and items : rabbit, chipmunk, squirrel, carrots slices, cheese slices, apple slices, steak slices for making baits (the 2 last need knife/axe/saw to be crafted).PLANNED CONTENT Preys will disapear (escape or eaten) if not taken earlyTraps will become worn over time and can be damaged (by zeds, predators, etc.)Add field dressing (skinning and gutting)More traps More animals, lures, recipes, items (like fures, etc.)Add trapping and skinning skills and add books/magazines/etc. for learning new trap crafting recipes. Some traps will need a certain level in trapping skill to be crafted.More accurate calculation of chances to catch animals (if needed) As you can see, nothing really new since the last version except the fact that there's now textures for traps items and zeds no more attack traps like if they was doors or windows. Keep in mind that's still WIP. So expect bugs, gameplay balance problems, inconsistency on certain points.Any feedback is welcome
  7. Hi, Yes, I and Thuztor started to make a trap mod for PZ. It's still in WIP state. I'm kind of busy this time so I didn't repost it on new forums. But I can tell there will be some improvments. Nelolis has joinded the "team" and came with cool ideas and a lot of new items and recipes I'm going to create a new topic on WIP mods and give you the link to the alpha version of this mod
  8. It's out ! \o/ I recommend to get Better Menus Mod by Eggplanticus with Spray paint mod. It will be more simple to go through all these context menus
  9. So, if I understand it's not happening all the time ? Hmmm... weird. Any screenshots ? Or the best would be to have your saves. So I can see what happens. Anyone ?
  10. Percee, please, download one more time Craft helper v1.1.1. I corrected the problem and now you will be able to use these 2 mods together
  11. Hi, First, thanks for your kind comments SilverDragon, I can't reproduce your problem. Anyway, I suggest you to download the last version of this mod (v1.1.1) for v2.9.9.17 of PZ.
  12. If you need a helping hand for an inuit translation, give me a sign. In the meantime, I can lend a hand for the french translation
  13. Get bored of pausing game to see if an item is a component of a recipe on your favorite pz wiki site ? This mod is for you. This mod will help you to learn the recipes of Project Zomboid. SCREENSHOTS HOW TO USE IT: CraftHelper offers two ways to learn recipes: See all recipes where an item is usedSee directly the complete list of recipesAll you have to do is : Open your inventoryRight click on an item. If the item is used in or more recipes, the "craft helper" option will appear in the contextual menuClick on the "craft helper" option to see all the recipes where the item is used.Move the mouse over a recipe to see its composition in tooltip boxOr Click on the new available button (to the left of screen, under character info button) to open a window where all recipes (sorted by name) are displayed. Like above, when your mouse is over a recipe, its composition will appear in a tooltip box.NEW In recipes list, recipes shown in green can be crafted. In tooltip box (recipes composition), you'll see [+], [~] or [-] before items name. [+] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory [~] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory but not enough to craft recipe [-] : means that you don't have this item in you inventory FOR MODDERS Modders, you can hide your recipes from craft helper. You'll need to create a module for your recipes. module My_Mod{ recipe Make Foobar Recipe { foo=10, bar, Result: Foobar, Time:80.0, }} Then, you have to put this line in your code: if craftHelper ~= nil then craftHelper.skipModules['My_Mod'] = true;endHOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD: Just extract the media folder and put it in your Project Zomboid game directoryLINKS Available on : Xeno-mods : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/91/craft-helper-modpz-mods : http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/CraftHelperMod/ CHANGELOG v1.1.1 : compatible with new mods loading system of PZ : Show recipes you can craft with what you actually have in your inventory. For each recipes, show in tooltip box what items or not you have in your inventory. For modders, possibility to hide your recipes in Craft Helper (filter by items module name)v1.0.3 : Craft Helper window's background is now opaque (transparent background can make reading difficult recipes when multiple windows are openv1.0.2 : Now that the new PZ version (v2.9.9.10) is released on Desura, hotfix is included in v1.0.2 archiveHotfix : Makes CraftHelper compatible with PZ v2.9.9 (forum test release)v1.0.1 : Now works on Linuxv1.0 : Initial release
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