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  1. I had a thought when I saw todays pic for the Mondoid.. Currently zombies bash on doors / windows / fences etc, and each one has a strength which gradually gets whittled away until it's destroyed. Well that's not very realistic tbh, maybe it's even a known placeholder, I'm not sure There's a good example that was tested on Mythbusters some time back, whereby you have a large really strong wooden barn door, heavily reinforced with beams from the inside. A single person or even a handful cannot do any damage what so ever to it, it's just too strong. But they also tested bringing say 50 test zombies to the show, pushing in unison - and you know what? Yes the massively strong wooden beams started to crack and it would have eventually given way if they had kept at it for many hours as real zombies would do if they knew someone was inside. So back to the Mondoid pic, that fence which is usually indestructible should actually be taking damage under the strain of that many zombies - you shouldn't have the comfort of knowing that's never going to break. It would need some visual way of you knowing it's buckling slightly in advance though. Similarly, if you build a strong reinforced wall, you shouldn't have to worry that just a single zombie bashing it for long enough will break it, but more zombies would be a problem. So each material needs an invulnerability threshold, then over that they need to take more damage the more zombies are bashing, exponentially more damage. Also more walls of the same type together should spread that damage out, so when it goes the whole thing goes down, or at least a large section. I don't know how all this would be for gameplay, I was just thinking realistically as that's generally what this game is about
  2. I guess it could work the same as an axe. If it 'crits' then you get the 1 hit kill animation, otherwise you get the normal forward stab animation. But yeah hopefully the animation system update will change the way this kind of thing works. I've been on a break until that hits, can't wait
  3. What would make it more fun that way would be to put zombies on pinpoint hearing / excellent vision in that mode. That way they would hear you in the house and see you through the windows. I tried playing a fair with pinpoint hearing zombies and it was actually pretty good. It felt much more like movies and tv. Adding as a sandbox option would allow the above
  4. I definitely agree there. They shouldn't be attacking windows and doors to get into a house unless they hear or see something inside.
  5. Regarding door noises, I know in my prison I'll often hear a single very loud door bang nearby (same noise as zombies bashing the door). Sometimes it makes me jump it's so loud. I haven't been able to work out what it is other than maybe a sound playing loudly when it shouldn't - I'm pretty sure it only happens when time is accelerated (not 100% on that though).
  6. I did hear the helicopter once in West Point, but that was back at about 33.1 or so. It hovered about the area for ages.
  7. I'm testing at the moment, I set up in the big prison in Bedford, in the NW corner of the map. It's very easy to fortify the central area and is rich with loot, everything from guns, books, medicine, trees etc. I even disabled migration completely, turned respawning down to 0.05 and the timer for unseen repspawning up to 72 hours. What happens as I gradually build my base? That's right I get a constant slow daily stream of zombies coming from the direction of the town. It's all the noise I'm making in cutting down trees and putting up walls, it has to be. This only started happening once I started building stuff. It's working great imo.
  8. I just came to say about house creaks and wind noises too. - Both are waaaay too loud to start with. - House creaks could use a handful more variations. - Wind noises are playing near closed windows. - Ambient sound volume slider appears to do nothing at all
  9. The popping is definitely 'better', but it's not gone for me. It's a little quieter, more towards a sound effect than a pop like you're unplugging an audio cable as it was before. Walking around busy zombie streets it was very apparent - the less zombies around the better it was, down to gone when no zombies were around (I guess the same as before).
  10. Also came to post about the snap crackle and pop issue with the sound. I'm sure someone is on it seeing that everyone seems to have the same problem It would be nice if furniture in the way would delay them at least a little, although I do think the latest Walking Dead episode was well over the top using some super sofa, better than a solid door even!
  11. My first try of 33.3 I had all zombie sounds and sounds of me swinging my crowbarcompletely stop working. It's like I could only hear ambient noises like birds. Reloading my save didn't help - reloading the game from scratch did. There are also some really weird noises when I fast forward time (been there since 33), I can't work out what they are suppose to be. Last thing I tried to move some crates yesterday. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I have all the skills, it let me pick up a crate. But then I didn't have a clue what to do - there was no way to place it down, it wasn't in my inventory - it was just 'gone' from existence. I tried a second crate thinking I'd done something wrong - nope, nothing. Two crates vanished into thin air. Gladly I have another 20 or so crates in my base to test on once I hear about this or it's fixed
  12. I dunno I think it's ok in build 33. I played with pinpoint hearing zombies for quite a while in build 32 (poor sight). That actually made it much tougher. You even push a zombie and watch as they come at you from as far as you can see. So being I got used to that, I feel like they are deaf on Survival mode, I can sneak past everything and even kill a zombie within a screen's distance of another without attracting them Still only lasted 6 days though so far, getting used to the limits not using the Weapon Nerf mod which I only recently removed (I don't think it's needed since Survival got its last buff anyway). Look forward to another go later.
  13. I know bugs like that look bad, but surely they are so big and obvious that they are good bugs easily caught and fixed? Bad bugs that take time are usually hard to reproduced easily or even spot.
  14. I came looking for probelsm with foraging on this map, and glad I found this thread. Just going to try renaming my map_meta.bin. I've set up in the prison, right in the central canteen (using the sofa's next door for sleeping). It's walled it off from the attaching corridors and added a side door for escaping. I must say though, the forest areas in and around that prison have got me killed twice now while chopping wood lol My fault for playing a hard of hearing / short sighted character I don't hear them coming.
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