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Found 1 result

  1. kinyoshi

    Kinyoshi Mods

    Current Mod Version: 1.1.0 Current Mod Version Tested with Project Zomboid Version: 32.30 Download and Install Manually (into User/Zomboid/mods/): OR Subscribe in Steam Workshop to Download: (I'm using my brothers steam account to upload the mod..) Download next version for testing here: (some stuff might change on final release) change details in spoiler NecroForge Compatible. ( Coming in 1.1.1 Tiny AVC Compatible. ( (Item list is for mod version 1.0.4, will update soon) Item List: OR Gives you the ability to affix upgrade to the baseball bat, most base vanilla items, some new addons... As well as some other weapons that are vanilla replacements or modified from vanilla and some weapons that are crazy... Adds some new ways to have food stored and some new food items. (currently still working on this) Zombies drop loot to simulate survivors gone zombie during a looting run. Tools can now be scavenged. Adds new Traits "Wiseguy", which gives you 100 points to start with, "Anti-Social", which makes you less bored and sad, "Buff" Starts you with more strength, and "No Sleep", which makes it so you don't need to sleep, ever. Update Log: Thank you JJStorm for making me the transmorphering bats sprites to use and others for various code examples..