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  1. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Meat composter

    That's a good idea for getting more fertiliser, and those details you gave are interesting. It could be a way to manage with soil erosion when living for years on a rooftop farm.
  2. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Combat Suggestions

    Number 6 suggests pushing someone away he's close, good against someone trying to hit you with something. I think wrestling over the weapon would make more sense, but I don't know how that could be simulated in PZ. If someone's got the self-defence class trait or maybe even a martial artist trait then he could perform a disarming technique, and maybe throw him or break or dislocate something. Number 2's weapon collisions. Maybe with a martial artist trait you could collide weapons even if it's a big one against a not-so-big one because you'd know how, and have an advantage against a sledge-hammer with any weapon because it's too slow.
  3. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Astonishing inventions

    I think the ideal sound system is one that you don't have to power yourself. It could be something powered by wind that makes a noise when the wind blows. It could attract zombies up onto the top of a building where they fall off and get injured.
  4. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Metalworking and furnaces

    There's no need to worry, Minecraft did not exist in 1993, so no survivor need fear being Minefrafty. I think it's good to have smelting as a separate skill because it makes sense.
  5. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Skill: hand to hand combat

    I think some things should be automatic. If your guy is a trained martial artist and you are looking through some cupboards, and you notice some sound effects and a moodle, and you mouse-over it and see "extreme pain", and you close the cupboards to see that you are on the floor with a zombie ripping you open, then it could be disappointing. A trained martial artist would defend himself by second nature as soon as he felt the zombie's hand upon him. I don't think that too much control should be taken away from the player, just that it may be better if some things be automatic. The controls could get a bit too fiddly.
  6. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Skill: hand to hand combat

    Here's a thought. In training you can't really put a lot of techniques to completion safely, but if your training partner was a zombie you possibly wouldn't care. "Sorry Joe, but you want to hurt me too." After capturing a zombie or two, you could armour up and practice throws and other things on an actual body. If you wanted to get extravagant with your training partners you could master joint destruction techniques. You could wear the armour yourself or otherwise put the muzzles and mittens on the zombie guys. Or both.
  7. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    how deep will the NPC system go?

    He's innocent! He said "Just kidding" afterwards. I am not entirely sure on this, but I seem to remember reading that at least certain sorts of hype can get a bit annoying. I can wait any length of time equal to or shorter than my remaining lifespan!
  8. Gaffa Tape Warrior


    The spoon doesn't look very sturdy bound to the side of the pole like that. It would be good to be able to use some more solid methods of attachment. I don't know if that's already planned or not, but thought I would suggest it anyway. Maybe there could be different sorts of pole you can use. If it's a broomstick that's been sawn slightly against the grain then it could break if put under enough force, whereas if you've cut it from a log yourself you can be sure the grain goes lengthwise. Different woods could be different (I don't know about American trees).
  9. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Skill: hand to hand combat

    I think a hand-to-hand combat skill would be a good idea. You could gain proficiency in it over time, and start with it at different levels depending on profession and perks. With the animation update they could add tackles and throws. You would have to be careful about those fingers and teeth, certainly. Then making them fall by kicking or tackling their legs, or using arm manipulations, might be the safest options. That's where armour comes in. With something like tough leather you would be able to do hip throws without worrying about getting a scratch on the way (Yes, there's heat and weight). Zombies might not be affected by having the solar plexus hit by being thrown on the back, so they could be thrown on their heads instead. In training people learn to throw safely, but the throws can be made dangerous. I don't know if Project Zomboid zombies can get knocked out. If they can, then a good enough fighter, with tough enough gloves, could keep giving them hook punches and knock zombies out all over the place. They seem able to take hammers blows fine, and only sometimes fall over, and not for long, though, so maybe punches won't be enough. Using kicks to get them away from you seems a pretty good idea. This paragraph is about skill. I really don't know how society was in that part of Kentucky in the 1990s (I am British). If there were boys born in 1960 or 1970 who followed the age-old tradition of getting into fights over all sorts of things, then they should really know a bit about fighting, if not a sophisticated wrestling system like Jiu Jitsu. Don't worry, if they didn't do dirty fighting they should still have been fine.
  10. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    we should not need can openers

    I just sharpened a knife up until it could shave my arm and used it to open a can. It was sitting on a tabletop and I stabbed downwards into it. I then twisted the knife to tear open the thin metal to get a nice big hole a spoon would fit through. The knife's edge was curled over. After straightening it with a butterknife it could only just shave my arm. I was planning to use the knife on the other cans, but I didn't want to have to work on the knife's edge too much afterwards I stabbed into another can and then used the back of the blade, not the edge, to tear it open, to save the edge. It can still only just shave my arm. I stabbed into the next one with a butter-knife and tore a hole in it. The next one was opened with a chisel. I tried opening another one with a spoon handle but it was a bit difficult and I gave up after two failed stabs. I didn't try it with a pair of scissors, but that would work fine too. There was no food in them, so I can't say how much food could be wasted. Doing it over a bowl should work fine. In PZ it should blunten a sharp knife a bit, but only a little.
  11. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Martial artist - zombie self defence

    I saw this video of a martial artist showing zombie self-defence. Maybe it could serve as inspiration for actions with the animations update. It could go with the self-defence class trait and the veteran profession. Maybe there could even be a "trained martial artist" trait.
  12. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    New Metalworking (spoiler) from RJ

    When I said that steel was iron, I did not mean it was pure elemental iron. I meant it was what we have called "iron" for (I think) centuries. There's some water on the desk I am at right now it is not 100% pure H2O, there are minerals in it. Even if all impurities were removed, there would be some H3O and OH. It is still called water because it is almost completely H2O. In the same way, many people use the word iron for what is not pure elemental iron, but what is almost completely iron, with impurities and possibly slag deposits. Steel is purer in that there is less slag in it, and less pure in that there is often more carbon added to it, and sometimes other impurities are added too. In that way, steel counts as iron because it is almost completely Fe, but because of the nature of its impurities it is also steel. Because of this, it should be fine for metals that are almost completely Fe to be called iron, but perhaps it could also be realistic and helpful to have clues for what sort of iron. You could distinguish between a spring, and something that bends and stays bent, for instance, and identify what is stainless steel or galvanised, and what is aluminium. Having workable iron may be a justified simplification. There could be hot iron that can be hammered quickly, or otherwise there could be hammer-hardened iron that can be annealed to make it workable again. Although they are quite different things, because a Project Zomboid day only lasts less than an hour, cutting out the cycles of working and annealing may be all right. Hammer:
  13. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    New Metalworking (spoiler) from RJ

    Steel is iron. They had steel pipes on mace handles. Maybe it had something to do with lead not rusting too. Here's an idea of something you could do with metal walls. You don't want zombies near your house, so you go somewhere and build a metal wall. Zombies walk along and bump into it and think "this wall looks player-made, which means I can hit it". Zombies start banging on it making a racket which makes other zombies come along to join in. That way the zombies are kept away from your house.
  14. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    metalworking aesthetics

    Quite a few times I've seen someone say on the Project Zomboid forum something like "Expecting to make things out of cast iron is unrealistic, so this idea is unrealistic". I agree it's true that with the collapse of the economy people would be back to living like they did in the middle ages, and that it would be quite a huge undertaking to do that cast iron business, but melting iron down and pouring it into a mould is not the only way to make a fence. I don't know whether some people on this forum have unfortunately never heard of wrought iron, or think there would be a problem with it. It is possible for a blacksmith to make a wrought iron fence. He could even find metal bars in a shop or warehouse. It need not be cast to be black. I only objected to the thing about cast iron, so please do not start arguing against me as though I am saying things I am not.
  15. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Metalworking *spoilers*

    If you wanted a ball-peen hammer but only had claw hammers and didn't want to forge a new hammerhead, you could grind one of the claw hammers so that it had a ball, and then polish it if you wanted. For a heavier hammer, you could use one of those really heavy iron hammers. This is basically me suggesting converting one sort of hammer into one of others.