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  1. And now we NEED a Kentucky Simulator... But ok for salmon in soup, bear in mind the system is still in test, so don't hesitate to tell me that kind of thing, as a French i'll NEVER put a salmon in my soup... (neither in my pie... You weird UK people.) But... will you put FRENCH FRIES in your soup... or a baguette?... or french toast?... OR PANCAKES?
  2. Nice job on the tilesets dude!, how's the progress?
  3. Well, shit. I can't even force myself to puke... which means i'd just die a slow death.
  4. Hm, gives me an idea. Just bandage none-wounded parts of your body and you're officially immune from the dead!
  5. Doc, you make good work aswell. update! here are the upcoming buildings: a church not far from the cemetery. -snip- a block with 1970's appartments ​-snip- the block on the other side of the street (above the previous one) 1970's appartment, a greasy hotel and an industrial building. (WIP) ​-snip- avenue block with corner café (so french) and fuel station under a building. ​-snip- hope you enjoy! That Church is looking fine!, good work!
  6. Well...looks like my furnishing skills aren't as great as 2Brain... *takes out phone* ... we have a problem. >:@
  7. B-but, you said pancakes!, not waffles! You have betrayed us Mash.
  8. Wondering if the wiki's gonna get updated soon with the new info and such. Still attempting to find a Hunting Knife.
  9. Bad dad, bad! Overall, good suggestion. Might prove useful for parents who don't want to let their children experience violence(which they shall unfortunately experience in the future... or witness), and people with hemophobia(fear of blood)!
  10. I have never seen a Motorola in my entire life. (dunjudgemeh) Ever wanted to break your own tablet due to it always freezing because of high RAM usage?, hit the tablet on my own leg due to my hotheaded personality(in real life, not normally seen in the forums) (oh, and this photo is from a Last of Us Parody called Last of Shivs in youtube, got other avatar pics that you guys could use for the lols)
  11. In due time. There are more important tasks so weapons are not much of a priority.Rest assured there will be more weapons. Good to hear!, bet there'll be other types of pistols. Can't wait to see those new features get ingame. Also, cake! This photo'll get me banned for sure!
  12. Dat Cubicle. *Looks left and right* ... *Steals*
  13. Hola amigo! ... i'm unfortunately not fluent in Spanish. Welcome to the forums!
  14. No. And don't you even think about suggesting some inhumane act... or you may end up like that one guy who was the FIRST-EVER banned person(AND HE HOLDS THAT TROPHY IN PRIDE!). Not to mention kids getting killed in a video game will be taken as an offense... and may get on the news and become one of the controversial games(and that is a bad thing. ). Read this: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/
  15. Hey guys!, just a quick update and it's an unfortunate one. I'll have to delay the building and my map building project due to spacing issues. But i'll be back!
  16. Don't even have the intelligence to spell breach but expecting people to deal with the fact that you're too lazy and rude to do any real PR. Okayyyyyyy. Moderator WarningTake a 14 days break to make yourself familiar with our rules: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/108-forum-rules/ Should be plenty of time for you to read it. We're a lenient bunch, but you have no reason to go and insult anyone like that. -nsK Damn, that's pretty rude. Also, I won't talk about cookies anymore. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! Back on topic, wouldn't you have to put a link to the fishing topic now that it is released in the recent mondoid? Whoopsies!
  17. Amazing architecture dude! Though, in the last image. The building as shown is just half of it. And in the first photo(Showing the whole situation, it's still in half). Was it meant to be like that, or is it just part of your plan?
  18. No problem, but please use english. Google translate isn't always correct. So... i can't be fully sure what you said. There's a chance that he doesn't know English that much, so let's just cut him some slack. Seeing as how English isn't really his first language as far as we can tell.
  19. My main problem was always that turn-based sounded odd for zombies because they don't use strategy. Didn't really mind that(though, it is true that turn-based with zombies make 0 sense as they really don't have strategy). The graphics are great and all, but really felt the story was... boring.
  20. Never had high hopes for this game, it just felt bland to me. I mean, I LOVE real-time strategies(like X-COM) but this just didn't interest me as much as others. Just my humble opinion.
  21. Yup, working for TIS. Damn government stooges! D:<
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