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  1. Bruh I keep getting email notifications about this post years later
  2. Well, I knew he was gay because of the clothes and the way he walked. And I guess my brain had just made up the plot for the dream already so somehow I was subconsciously aware or something IDK.
  3. Nice to see there's already a thread for this. I rarely (remember my) dream actually. But last night I had a dream like this... It starts with when I see some gay guy walking outside of my house, holding a piece of paper. I assumed he wanted to get me to sign something or a survey or something, I have no idea. After some time has passed and I assume he's not coming to me since I don't hear any ringing on the doorbell or anything, so I just forget about it. So as I am walking around I discover he's inside my house and I say something like "WTF are you doing, how did you get in here?" and as I
  4. ^ I can sometimes resist tempations like that. < Can surf the internet for as long as I want, without ever getting tired of it (there's always something new!). But fortunately I have a little bit of self control. V Can play 1 or more instrument
  5. ^ I've never been particularly fat, not at all. And I try to stay fit so to avoid that. < Is much stupider than what most of his friends and acquaintances think, because amazingly enough he's able to hide that inside of him and occasionally show signs of intelligence V Has either a fear of spiders, being alone, his/her future or all of them combined.
  6. In Singapore. What's something (or some things) that you are bad at memorizing and what are you good at memorizing?
  7. You can't do that to me over the internet, it just doesn't work like that. Sorry for being realistic.
  8. God dammit, Stimixs, your frequent use of Comic Sans (the worst font ever created) and how you're always signing your posts really annoys me. Your username is still forgettable no matter how hard you try. Wait, this post means I have no self-control either.. Noooooooooo
  9. I would teleport to the Grammar Police's headquarters to report you for writing "anyone location". No, they're not "nazis", that's not the official name and it's just like calling the police "pigs". If you could teleport to any location, where would it be?
  10. That's the challenge. Just don't post in this thread and you win. If you still can't resist then that means you have no self-control, and that's why I am making this thread, to see if anyone here is like that.
  11. Well, it's like this.. If a movie or any other type of media has Cola in it then it's just a normal reaction, nothing out of the ordinary, but if it's Pepsi instead then people will be like OMG PRODUCT PLACEMENT
  12. I think if you play as a male the scream won't be all that much feminine.
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