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  1. yes you can hide yourself in the existing map, but it needs a bit of building (woodworking). i'll try to get a you a picture soon.
  2. yes it is, at least the last compiled one. still working on it.
  3. it's not dead, as doublebrain said, i'm still working on it, mostly furnishing which takes alot of time, also, computer is overheating (it's summer in africa! 35 to 47°c). so it will take a while. help wanted! i'm also woking on custom tiles as it's possible to add them now.
  4. anarchiste! it's not haussman who's the rich in the story, those are the Perreire brothers.
  5. first of all thanks to all of you for your cheering at my work! to DrWong: yes it's terrible: you can imagine a wine that grew in the pollution all year. they make only a few bottle the the prestige (one of them is given to the presidential wine cellar every year. it's is never consumed by anyone and it's only sold for the benefit of retirement homes.
  6. well that was fixed really quick for africa. i'm back and here's some stuff i've been working on lately: lower class building near a park: the elevated park is progressing (i also thought about barricading some streets as requested) some military took over the parking: haussmanian buildings (note the ground floor across the street are furniture shops): one of the rare bars in paris where they make their own (discusting) wine: church "our lady of hope" and surroundings: (notre dame d'espérance, rue de la roquette -for those who want to take a look at the real one-)
  7. hello everyone, i'll be off for a while, an antenna giving me access to broadband was broken sometime yesterday so i only have 56k connection until it's fixed, so there'll be no updates until then. don't be affraid i'm still working on the map as you could see i've included a body of water to the map so people can go fish. right now i'm working on one of the two operas in the city (opera bastille) and it's surroundings. more info as soon as the antenna is back up.
  8. take your google map and look for "place de la nation paris" or "place de la bastille paris" then you'll manage to find where those places are.
  9. hello everyone! the map has been updated and is available using the same link than before. i've also expanded the map further towards place de la Nation and place de la Bastille: general situation: colonne de juillet 1790: coulée verte, garden placed on old elevated railways: colonnes de Ledoux (Nation): i have also worked on extra shading of existing buildings: also i've added a middleclass block: enjoy and please comment! criticism is always welcome.
  10. well it's a bit complicated but let's try: for a slope to reach level 2 (level beeing street level) it could be divided in thirds of wall height so you would need 3 sprites to reach level 2 (like stairs) but those slopes could also be "navigated" through their sides unlike a stair. making a full slope 3 tiles long also for vehicle slopes, the slopes would need to be 3 times longer so the vehicles can climb them so a full slope would be 9 tiles long. also it would be good is we had floors for those "third of wall height" so we could make railways platform or loading docks (would also help t
  11. i'll +1 on this topic, i even have ideas as how slopes should work but if it's postponed... then i'll wait until it's not.
  12. been quiet i've released the alpha version, i've been working on furnishing buildings. here's some examples: high density appartment building with supermarket. medium density residential building with general store, office and small traiteur. also features a big industrial building. low class building with pharmacy, grocery store and a clinic.
  13. nice work in here. i liked the flash game of the same name.
  14. La Nation c'est pour bientot, y'aura aussi la Bastoche. i think i'll put spiffos because i don't want to make publicity for those guys who don't need it. here's a taster for those who want to try the map ( tested on build 25) https://www.dropbox.com/s/lqmqxrf1e97qhm7/onze%20alpha%20v0.05.rar beware! it's an alpha version, contains bug!
  15. it's not a race buddy, the more variations, the better!
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